How do you improve your concentration?

Michelle E.
For me I always get distracted by my phone so I end up spending hours on Netflix or instagram. But recently I downloaded an app call Flipd that has the option of full lock mode where all ur apps disappear (like insta, Snapchat, Netflix etc.) but keeps ur essentials (message, calls, calculator, calendar etc) and I do a challenge with a friend to see how’s often we can turn off our distractions! Hope that helps! Good luck and keep persevering
Eleanor U.
Be curious about the object you are trying to focus on. Be interested in it. Ask yourself how you can make work nicer/more enjoyable. You don't have to make any effort to concentrate on a movie you like, but the mind wanders a lot when it's something you don't like.
C Lestin S.
Excercise, diet, and sleep are the easiest external ways to improve concentration. Start there and it will open doors within you.
Francisco Z.
I try to spend more time for something that need concentration. Also, I try to avoid unnecessary things that can make some difficults with concentration
Jordan Z.
Actually I have concentrate on my solutions which are to do the exercise to take a healthy breakfast and to drink water and I have to be a successful person so so I just concentrate on my success
Jamie N.
I Concentrate more when I am in working environment or alone work in a quiet space. I turn on music that won't take me away from my focus.
Isaiah F.
I have been trying to improve my concentration for a while now, and what I found is this. There are no shortcuts. You need to do the grunt work and it will be tough sometimes. Concentration is a quality that can't be forced. It has to come by itself, which it will if you give it the right circumstanses, that is: keep your phone quiet and unreachable when you are going to work. Set a time that you completely dedicate yourself to the task at hand. On days when I have trouble to concentrate I either go for a run/other kind of exercise, or I do the pomodoro method. It means work 25 minutes, and take a break for 5. It always works, so when I find I can't do what I need to do naturally I go for those timers (google pomodoro method if you want to find out more). And one thing that is absolutely cruiciable for me to be able to concentrate is to have a note book at my side. When a though appears that requires my attention, I write it down so I know I will not forget it later, but keep dedicating myself to the task I have decided upon. Practicing meditation for 5 minutes a day also helps a lot. Good luck 🙂
Isabel E.
I improve my concentration by getting rid of distractions like my phone and I move to a quiet place where there are no loud noises. I will also put in some ear buds and listen to music to help me focus more.
Thibault N.
Have water, have nicotine lozenges, use the 20, 20, 20 rule for eye strain, be in a comfortable environment, keep my phone at a distance.
Friedbert O.
Everyday is a mission I swear, I get up and set my intentions to have a great day no matter what. No matter what it is I give myself a short pep talk before everything just to remind myself I am an awesome guy capable of doing awesome things as long as I give 100%
Justin O.
The way I improved my concentration is I sit in a room just me and it’s quite I have my phone and then I have an assignment and I do all my assignments and I make sure I have my phone on airplane mode and donot disturb so I don’t touch it or any electronics
Os Rio A.
When I used to write essays in college, I had a song I would play in the background as white noise. Something without lyrics and without a heavy beat so it wouldn't distract me. It helped me stay alert but not get distracted by anything around me. Find that source of white noise for yourself! (:
Isa As S.
What we eat (and don't) is very important when it comes to mental clarity and focus. To this end I have been doing 2 things: Intermittent fasting, and Keto. Forcing the body to use fat as a fuel source fuels the brain. Fasting also produces ketones which improve focus.
Meinhard J.
I developed a perception of myself during work or other activities, so when I perceive some irritability or "listen too much" to the environment, then I make a break…
Christine X.
By choosing to do the most difficult task in the beginning of the day.
Taking breaks.
Hydrate .
Time keeping and striking off the tasks.
Rosemary Z.
Meditation and exercise helps a lot. I noticed that after doing a half hour of exercise I had a lot more energy and concentration for the next 2 days. It's like charging yourself. Then I will have to exercise again for a half hour a make my heart pump and I'm good to go again. I do struggle with keeping this habit, though. But, hey, this is the reason why we are here after all hehe
Sammy E.
I have always had the opposite problem, you can't drag me away from something I'm doing. One of the best answers I've heard: when you're feeling distracted, write the distraction down, you can return to it later. Then it's off your mind for a bit. Also, give yourself a time limit for concentration, so that when it becomes difficult, you remember it's not that long until you're done.
Heinz Joachim A.
Practice it like a sport and build endurance. I do the Pomodoro method: 25 minutes in one specific task with no interruptions, 5 minute break and the do that cycle three times and then do a 15 minute break. It helps build that endurance and practice.