What are the best exercises for women which just maintains her good health but not to extreme like abs/muscles?

Marius Z.
jumping jacks for 30 sec then a pause for 10 sec then again and again, and a lot of others, but you could try an app, i personally use burn belly fat-30 days, but you could use an app that is more eficient for you. Or search on YouTube. Hope i helped you! Have a nice day! 🙂
Noah B.
I highly suggest checking out Jung Da-yeon. Shes a Korean fitness guru so if you don't mind subtitles or even just put your own playlist on. She has a series of workouts that aren't too intense and help keep you strong and lean.
Karen T.
I prefer walking for general health as well as martial arts 3-4 times a week. Use resistance bands or light free weights and high reps for toning, since toning is good for bone health. Perhaps some yoga for flexibility.
Gerald J.
I use Fiz'Up, an exercise app that baesd on your gender, needs, goals and capability provides you a full range of exercises that really help shape.
Abi T.
I can answer this by saying the best equipment to use. Resistance bands! Then any exercises you can find on YouTube. Not too extreme but great for muscle toning.