If I exercise in the morning I need to shower, and wash and dry my hair before I get ready for work. This adds a good 2 hours to the start of my day. I already have 30 minutes of exercise built into my day, at the end of my work day. I do this 5 days out of 7. Could that replace my morning exercise? If I have to add 2 hours to my already full morning, I don’t think I will do it more than once or twice.

Ivan O.
Good question.
It is Indeed one of the other not both, but it also depends on your intensity of the workout.
If you do a full body strength workout in the morning and a 30 min yoga in the afternoon you can do both.
But if it's the same intensity of a workout than choose one.
I like to do it on the morning.
It gets me in reversed and feel ready for the rest of the day.
Vernon S.
In my opinion you already excersice. So to me i think that is already an excersice for the day. Although a morningroutine is to energise yourself so you can start the day vivid. Maybe you cam try to do at least some stretching which also is an excersice i think. That way you will start your day with a stretch that might make a difference with little effort and no extra 2 hours.
Stella F.
The key is to be consistent. If you already have 30 minutes of exercise built at the end of the day. I say it counts as part of your routine already. Or if you still like movement as part of a morning ritual. Then maybe do a 5 minute stretch. At the end of the day it your routine make it enjoyable and sustainable for your goals and needs
Sheldon Z.
Yes, you don't need to add exercise into your morning if you are already completing it at night. You've got 3 options, as I see it. Either do 5min of exercise in the morning maybe just some stretching to move your body. Then mark it off. Or mark it complete because you will exercise later. Or leave it until you exercise in the evening. Then go back to the morning routine and Mark it complete.
All of them are okay. The idea is to get you moving your body.
Vickie P.
I think the point of the morning exercise is to kickstart your body for the day and act as a bit of a physical and mental wake up. For this purpose you could incorporate some gentle yoga and simple stretching rather than any vigorous exercise that requires you to shower etc. A little goes a long way!
Tracey O.
Those 30 minutes of exercise at the end of your work day count as exercise! You could always challenge yourself to do them a little harder if it feels too little. Leave the hardcore exercising to the weekends.
Phoebe U.
Honestly my morning workout is just a slow and low yoga flow. (Ignore the rhyming lol) it's about ten minutes long and it's just to help awaken my muscles. It may cause a slight sheen of sweet but nothing you can't freshen up with a morning facewash and a little bit of spray. I also workout at the end of my day which is when i do my more intensive workout.
Katie S.
you can go to sleep and wake up earlier, it can make you more time to exercise and start your morning. You won't be tired if you go to sleep about 10 p.m. and wake up about 5.30 a.m.
Zoey N.
It doesn’t need to be a full body workout. Maybe walk a few more blocks on your way to work or dance to a few of your favorite songs.
Oleta J.
If you already have 30 minutes of built in exercise time after work I'd say just keep that. If you can, work up to an hour after work. That way you can reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning.
Charlie E.
I think you should not exercise in the morning if it stresses you out or makes you late, you don’t want to tire yourself. Maybe add some yoga or stretching to your morning instead. At the weekend is when u should do your exercise! Hope this helps
Liva X.
I have thought of the same problem! In the end, I decided to stay in only 7 mins workout in the morning, so I don't have to take a shower because the sweat is not that much.