What do you prefer at home exercise or gym exercise?

Elliotte R.
I like both, it really depends on what I’m up to and what my goals are. If I want a more intense workout to build strength around others, I’ll go to the gym. If I want to just move for a few minutes, at home is great! I love doing stretches before bed to get all my tension out!
Tomasz M.
Home because it’s better to hold my self accountable and especially I can’t drive my own self to the gyms I still have to get fit in some ways. But I do like the gym because of the space and I can get a little bit more help on things but you can practice at home so although both are good and you should balance both home and gym
Jordan O.
Personaly, i prefer a home workout, because then you arent forced to do a long workout to make the best of your spent money
Jay G.
At home exercise might give you more freedom about time and what to do, while gym exercise could make you do more and focus on exercising. I personally prefer exercising at home because I consider exercising a very intimate moment and don't like to be surrounded by other people when I exercise.