What kind of exercise do you actually look forward to?

Florence U.
I really look forward to long walks with one of my dogs. I feel like my healthiest self when I consistently take one long walk everyday. My weight stays where I want it to, my mind has time to reflect, and it gives me a break from being indoors. I especially apreciate all of this because with a one year old baby boy its hard to set aside time for myself inside of the house. I always feel guilty that I could be doing something else. When walking outside I'm removed from that frame of mind. 🥰💓
Jessica Y.
Try FitOn app. It’s free. It’s customizable. It’s tailored to what you like, strength and weaknesses. I also like to do classical stretch (I look up the free videos). It’s really easy on your body, adds a little workout for your mind and you learn about muscles and whatnot.
Jen N.
I take a walk through the neighborhood cemetery each morning while it's still cool. It's peaceful, I can social distance, and it's a reminder that life's short and each day is an opportunity, a gift. My head is clearer, and I'm ready to tackle the day ahead.
Osohai E.
I usually do the 7 minutes exercises. It’s less time consuming and keep me fit also. I also do yoga for 1 hour in the evening to keep myself flexible.
Hans Ludwig X.
I like to stretch my whole body when I get out of bed. I walk up and down the stairs a few times to warm up and jog on the spot then I do a 7 minute cardio and tone that targets the waistline
Bob P.
None! Its hard and I don't enjoy it but I know its necessary so I have programed my mind to like it. I know that sounds weird but I look at it like a 9 to 5 job most people don't go because they love their job or because they look forward to going to work.. they go because the have to and so they have trained themselves to wakeup every day and go no matter what. So that's what I do with exercise.
Bebiano F.
Now I'm doing light exercise as a warming up for my body after months of no exercises. But I look forward a highly active exercise.
Urias E.
Mediation, squats, push up, planks and anything that will keep me moving so I can stay productive. But if your new or starting off try for something slow or easy to get you started. Best of luck.