how long you guys exercise?

Alison P.
8 minutes as I get out of bed, right away, first thing. Then I try to get to the gym in the morning or after work. If I get to the gym, I do’s t least 30 minutes. If it’s something in the afternoon or weekend, I try to get my heart elevated for at least 12 minutes. That’s the sweet spot target: 12 min minimum
Gundi F.
Exercise is personally designed to fit your own needs. You don’t have to necessarily have a long workout in order to “exercise.” Find a workout that you like and that will help with your target areas such as your arms or thighs. I personally lift 5 pound dumbbells six days out of the week, power walk 3 days out of the week, and do a small abs workout twice a week. Remember to stay positive and to believe in yourself as you go through your fitness journey.
Ricardo P.
Any amount of exercise is good! We are conditioned to think exercise has to be a certain amount of time I order to “count,” but I think we need to challenge that notion. Some days, I do a 15-minute walk at lunch if that’s all I have time for. Some days I can get in an hour-long yoga class. Over winter vacation, I’ll snowshoe for hours at a time. The important thing is to move in a way that makes you joyful.
Rosa U.
I exercise 3 times per week for about 2-3 hours. I would like to increase the quantity of my workouts by adding some dances and running maybe
Maya X.
I exercise for about 20-35 minutes in the morning and then walk for 30 minutes at night.

My morning exercise is DVD based, either hip hop abs by Shaun t and or Jillian Michael's body revolution.

While walking I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

Hope this helps!

Zaido P.
Depending on the day it can be between 10 and 30 minutes. I change up routines every day. Yoga, weights, biking, walking, boxing.
Joanne N.
I excersise twice daily, minimum 20 minutes to a maximum 4 hours each. Sitting at a computer, messing with your phone, listening to music, and watching TV are never considered excercise. There will be times when the dailies cannot be achieved. This is expected. It is more important to establish goals and habits. Tai Chi and Yoga are low impact exercises but I do not consider Meditation as such. Your first Goal is to start today. Your second Goal is to do it again tomorrow. Your third Goal is to repeat Goal 1, Goal 2, and Goal 3.

When you shop for groceries, you will walk at least 0.25 Miles distance gathering AND pushing a cart. That’s exercise!

Congrats, you’ve just conquered your first Goal!

Silje A.
I usually exercise at 10 min. Streatching and squart for 30 times. Today I added a walk for 30 min. It was nice and easy. Therefore, the longest total is 40 min!
Kyle Z.
most of the time I don't track the time. I just try to keep going for as many songs as I can before I give up. I'm mostly just happy I did some excercises at all, since I never did any before. I try to get to around 8mins as the app tells me and then I just stop whenever I feel like it. I can take the win & most of the time I push myself just a little further so I can be proud that I did more than "required"… hope this answer helps! good luck!
Arthur T.
Today I went rock climbing, so I was exercising for about 2 hours. Normally though I struggle to make myself do 30 minutes – it all depends on the activity.
William Y.
I usually exercise every day. But the time I take depends on the day I had or what my body needs. For example, yesterday I jump roped for 10 mins because I was late, some days I do light yoga, others I do intense yoga. Or usually I do some cardio and then strength that might take up to 30min to 1hr. It all depends! 🙂
Senta Y.
I do this series of online video exercise program every morning that takes me around 50 minutes. It really doesn't steal you that much time if you really want to and it gave me satisfying results. But I first started with only de 9 minutes exercise from Fabulous everyday. It wasn't as quick as the program I'm doing now but in a few months, I already started to notice some big differences. So start small and after a while and, only when you're ready and had proven to yourself that you can compromise to do it everyday for weeks, do a update on your exercise.
Noe N.
To me, exercising isn’t about losing weight, it’s about being healthy, so instead of doing long workouts like every day, i prefer to do 30 minutes-1 hour of working out. it usually depends on the amount of time i can spare but i think it’s more important to be consistent than to be intense. It also just depends on your time space and goals. If your goal isn’t to lose weight, than try to get in 15 minutes of at least some physical exercise like biking or jump rope basically anything you enjoy, if your workout doesn’t make you happy it isn’t worth it
Alexsandra A.
In the morning I exercise just to get moving a bit so five to eight minutes. Otherwise at gym (or sometimes home) it’s about forty minutes
Joann U.
I don't exercise long but I still get results. How? I've discovered the 7 minute HICT apps. I do only 7 minutes of strenuous strength building exercises 6 days a week. Plus, on about 4 of those days, I add a second round of the 7 minutes. Shower. Done. And I feel energized and am getting stronger and healthier.
Clara B.
I have been doing a series of yoga movement every morning before I leave out of the house. I have not yet timed myself but plan on going into something more strict in May. Spiritual reasons for this route.
Edward U.
7 mins high intensity circuit training plus breathing exercises, and because it’s only 15mins per day I always get it done. Progress is better than perfection.
Angie P.
Depends on the day. Three days a week, I swim between 1 and 1.5 hours. A couple times a week, I work on my running routine and light strength exercises.
Cassandra E.
Whatever time I have, from 1 minute to 1 hour. For me, the goal is more about forming the habit of MOVING regularly, even when I’m busy.
Ruby O.
I travel a ton so my workouts vary. The important thing is to do something, every day. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day here and there. The goal is to change the mindset of working out. When I’m home I get into a good groove.
Lily Z.
I usually walk for about 10-15 minutes, or dance for that amount of time when the weather's bad. Doing yoga for an hour 2-3 times a week also.
Vivaldo E.
9 minutes max. Anything longer and I definitely will not do it. But I can cope with 2-4 sessions per day of 5-9 minutes
Adelina Z.
It depends on what I do. Sometimes I don’t have time and I just do rigorous exercise for 5 minutes or just run with my dogs when I take them out. If I do 14 min yoga I will run for 15 min or bike for 20-30 mins. If I do yoga for 30 mins I just run for 5 minutes. If I am tired I just walk for 15 mins.
Ir Nia Y.
I exercise 1 or 2 times a week. That is not enough. With fabuloso I have increased to 3. That is good. I have planed exercise every day and do more vigorous on the weekend. I has gave me more energy, positive and relax.
Karl Heinz N.
70-90 minutes, or whatever gets me the closest to 500 active calories on my watch. Working out in the morning, although painful really helps me stay focused throughout the day.
Ellen U.
I have been doing yoga & walking on & off for at least 4 years, however not consistently because I have gone long periods of no excessive at all. Not good. So far I have been walking now for almost a solid week every morning to take my dog for a walk & I have been doing yoga for about 2 months almost every day before I started Fabulous. I just need to stay motivated because I feel so much better before work when I do it. I feel like I miss something if I don't excessive at all.
Claudia C.
Recently I started exercising for about an hour each morning however when I barely started it was just a few minutes each morning. The short exercise options provided in the app are great if you don't have a lot of time in the mornings. After a while of doing that, I decided to make it a priority to make more time for exercise in the morning if it means having more energy throughout the day and feeling less stressed out. Not to mention that my clothes are are starting to fit better and my muscles feel more toned.
Suse N.
Now that I am with fabulous, I try quick morning exercise, and I left my longer workouts three times a week.
Mornings I do up to 10 mins, and the longer ones are around 30 mins now
Soon I want to go back to running too
Paul Y.
I try to do 20 minutes (of yoga) a day minimum and when I have more time I give it forty. My thought is that a little bit of exercise every single day is better than a giant work out once a week because you’re building good habits and you feel good on a daily basis but it’s not a huge commitment. You can always find 20 minutes.
Jamie U.
I am trying to exercise every day for about 20 minutes- just something. I have recently started doing a interval workout for 1 hour 3 days a week as well.
Silje Z.
At first, it just took me 3 mins because of busy schedule but as time went by i manage to make it 10-20 mins of exercise.
Victor B.
It depends on the day. When it is really focused on training muscle, I go for the 8 minute minimum. When I dance instead, I just collect 3 songs and get moving to them without focusing on time at all.
Mille U.
i sometimes do
simple 10 min yoga, today i went to the park and tried running, so i stayed there one hour 🙂 depends upon a day
Martha T.
Each day for exactly 10 minutes, everything longer starts to get skipped once the life gets in a way. Be honest with yourself, you do have 10 minutes each day. Don’t even try to find an excuse.
Alexa Z.
On the days, when I feel I don't have time for exercise, I try to do something, even if it is just a minute. Enough to raise my heart rate. Because, if I don't. I am breaking my pattern. I don't want to do that. Once broken, it is Harder to start again.
Richard U.
It depends on how much time I have. Sometimes I do just 5 minutes and other times I do 1 hour and a half. Just start small and build. Don’t make it too hard for yourself, because then you won’t be able to keep on going.
Jeanne O.
5 minutes! I guess that’s not much, but doing it daily for the last year or so has had a profound impact on my physical health and mental well-being I feel.
Luis Z.
I workout for one hour at the gym, four days a week. Then I do one hour of low intensity activity two days a week. And I have a day of rest to wrap it all up.
Otniel Z.
It depends of the day. I love to exercise for 7 minutes, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy and do it just for 4-5 minutes. When I don’t have time I just move like crazy for 1 minute. The important thing is to move everyday: no matter for how long, even for a minute, but do it every day.
Ramon E.
Depends on how much time I have. On weekends, I tend to exercise between 45 minutes to an hour. On weekdays, my workouts last between 20-45 minutes. What I am doing also determines the length of the exercise.
Louis O.
Depends on the type of exercise. Intense cardio 15-20 minutes. Weights 15 minutes. Light cardio 30 to 60 minutes. If I'm busy I break it up into tiny exercises. 2 minutes of high knees in the morning, planking for 60 seconds later, squats randomly throughout the day.
Heidemarie X.
I use workout apps that give me a variety of routines. I started with the shorter ones and then progress to longer ones little by little. Currently I am using the the “Workout for Women” that have a section of 7min routines. I finished those and then move to the beginner section where you find 8min workouts and so on. Just start small and then increase as you feel you need to be more challenged.
Mads Z.
I personally normally exercise for about a half hour to an hour every day, but I also don’t take rest days which I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be doing so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me lol
Ewen S.
In the morning? 15 minutes. Any longer and I give up doing it because it stresses me out that I’ll be late for work. Even though it’s only short, it still makes a huge difference to my day.
Constance Y.
i usually exercise for 15 – 30 minutes depending on the day. sometimes , when i don't have time, i'll just put on music and dance around my house while getting ready 🙂
Sindulfo B.
It depends of the day and what I have to do. I change my workout every day so I don’t get bored. Some days it’s just a 10 mins HIIT workout if I’m a rush, other days it’s a 40 mins run outside, or I do a 15 mins workout in the morning and a 20 mins yoga in the evening…
Jeremiah E.
Depends. I have a 20 minute strength training and working on a 5k, so slowly increasing my running time. Currently working on time, then distance. Then there's a once a week class (yoga) that's an hour.
Adam P.
Normally, I exercise for about an hour. I exercise on a track and alternate between speed walking and lightly jogging for three miles. Other days, I use a 20-minute workout video or resistance training for about 30 or 45 minutes.
Hugh Z.
Usually around 15-20 mins if I’m “working out” but often for an hour or two if I can find something fun to do like tennis, basketball or soccer.
Gwendolyn O.
I am new to the healthy life style and exercising so my exercise is walking I started last month. Now, I am walk abit more than 4 miles during one hour. Just a simple easy way to build my fitness so I can start doing more.
Vitus E.
Well today I did about 10 minutes before work then walked my dog after work, about half an hour. Tomorrow I will
Walk/run for about half an hour. Building it up gradually
Ma Va Z.
Literally only as long as the app tells me to right now… It’s only my first week so I want to start small. From next week I’m going to aim for 20-30 mins running.