How many days a week should you exercise?

Lara X.
Well the ideal situation would be to exercise every day as nowadays our poor everyday habits cause illness. Exercise boosts imunity as well as mental health. Try to at least five minutes whenever possible. Remember! Exercise can be fun. You can turn on your favourite playlist at full volume and just dance your socks off…
Folarin C.
7 days. After various readings, I realize that 7 days is the required time for exercise. Personally for me to be healthy & fit as I want.
Daria N.
I think everyone must exercise everyday. Exercices are one of the best things you can do on the way to a healthyer life, and that is why I think you should never skip a day of exercice.
Tathiana Z.
I think it should be the amount that makes you feel good. I exercise every day, but intercalating between cardio (running), strength (with body weight exercises at home) and yoga/stretching. This way I don't feel exhausted as if I ran every day and each type of exercise completes the other.