What excersise do you use to ease yourself in when feeling lazy?

Noah F.
I do 10 jumping jacks, but if that doesn't work for you, try starting out with 5 and working your way up. Jumping jacks make you feel energized and aren't that hard to do. I also stretch and that really helps me get ready for a big workout.

Chynna Y.
Yoga because it never makes me feel bad or sick after. It gives me a feeling of being connected to my body and dropped back into my mortal vessal.

Alicja Y.
Jumping jacks! Running on the spot, squats, wall push-ups – something that doesn't require equipment and can be done anywhere

Timmothy J.
I usually do some light yoga and stretches until I feel warm and start sweating a little. This can be coupled with meditation, which helps me to return to a headspace in which I feel good about working my body out. I also love to start off with a few hits to the punching bag. Using the punching bag makes me feel powerful, confident, and in control of my body.

Debra E.
I have an exercise trampoline,the little kind. It was only $30 & I don'thave to go anywhere – my kids like to watch so it's easy to get done. I do different moves on it and it feels silly & fun.

Catarina O.
Usually I'll do running in a treadmill. Easy to set up and I think myself "will be only few minutes. I will do stretching if I'm really lazy wich will help me with the muscles fatigue and will provide me some vitality. I always do it for making me felling good.

Christine N.
Planks! Full body workout that requires minimal effort. A 2-minute plank will Get the blood pumping, can be done basically anywhere in (almost) whatever you’re wearing and once the two minutes are over maybe you’ll want to do more!

Lonnie J.
I usually do yoga; if I'm not feeling it, I roll out my mat and just settle into child's pose and breath. Usually after a few breaths here, I feel ready to ease into a cobra or cat/cow. Once I've reached this point, it's easier to stand up and keep moving, keep flowing, thank starting with a particular posture/flow in mind.

Sandra S.
I take walks around my neighborhood. I force myself to get out of bed and go, I tell myself “okay, just the 8 minutes, and then I can go home and rest”, and sometime happens when I’m walking that makes me more motivated, and that 8 minutes turns to 10, 15, 20, etc. But I’m not forcing myself to go longer than 8 minutes.

Valeska C.
Yoga. It can be done at home, seared, lying on the floor …. there’s really no excuse when your feeling lazy to do a couple of passive stretches. Once you’ve done a couple And your feeling good and open, I find it easier to motivate myself into some of the harder more strengthening postures. Before you know it you’ve done a full series and you haven’t left the comfort of your house.

Douglas G.
I like to do squats because it's the best bang for your energy bucks. It stretches you out, doesn't require special clothing and builds your strength

Unicornfan M.
You can do a stretch exercises to help you sleep at night. That way if you feel lazy you can go to sleep easily afterwards or later in the day.

Daisi P.
A walk is a great way for me to rid the feeling of laziness. It gets me out of my room, into the sunlight, and it doesn't require much effort. I just put on my shoes, throw a song or video on, and head out the door. When I think about how much better I feel just from walking, it makes me think I'm like a living solar powered battery.