Is it okay that I am only doing 1 minute a day?I’m on day 3

Step N.
yes ofc, you do not have to do everything perfect rn, you are only getting started; if 1 minute its what fits you best then you are doing a great job, never doubt that. Every progress is good, even the little ones.
Kayla B.
Good for you for starting and continuing! Nothing is too little. But maybe consider increasing a minute every other day.
Catarina E.
Of course it's ok. You have to take it at your own pace, even if it seems slow compared to everyone else's. Cause if you try too hard you will stop at some point, it will get really difficult to complete that habit and you will get more reasons to give up. That's why you shouldn't push yourself too much and instead start small. That way it will be so easy to do you won't have any possible reason not to and once the behavior is set in stone you can make it more challenging. But it takes time for that to happen, so be patient and enjoy that one minute as much as you can.
Julio P.
I started with 5 minutes and now I have worked my way up to 20 or 30 minutes of exercise; but if your feel the need to start with 1 minute and then work your way up that’s good to. Do what your feel comfortable with and start there. Especially if your just starting exercising and it’s only your third day. As long as your getting what your need and pushing yourself each day to do a little more then soon you’ll be at 5 or 10 minutes of exercise. The only problem with doing only 1 minute is that your might start to get lazy with your exercises and not grow. It all depends on yourself. I hope this helped.
Vesa F.
It’s totally fine, good habits are not something that happen overnight pal, it might even take a week or a month, progress is still progress no matter how slow it is (Btw I’m proud of you, keep going).