What exercises could I do at home for the legs during my morning workout session?

Elli S.
I do squats. 4 series, each serie is of 20 seconds of squatting and 10 seconds of resting. It seems too easy, but it's not – if I feel it is "only" 20 seconds of exercise, I try to do as many squats as possible and in the end I work out a lot.
Austin T.
I recommend you to check blogilates on youtube! She makes amazing workout rutines and it is super fun 🙂 you can find plenty workout for legs too and it doesnt even take long to complete the workout! Hope it will be helpful 🙂 goodluck
Lina X.
Squats are good. Just make sure you knees stay over your toes, not in front of them. keep your feet flat on the floor. And do not bend you knees more then 90 degrees unless you are sure you form is perfect.
Diana P.
YouTube has a wide variety of videos that can help you work on a specific part of your body. You can do a different workout every day and never get bored.
Levi O.
Leg extensions can be done by the edge of the bed. Calf raises can be done while brushing your teeth. Jump squats and star jumps are good for waking you up.
Vanessa O.
Squats, wall squats (lean against a wall and hold a seated position, or put an exercise ball between your back and the wall and squat), calf raises (stand with your toes on the edge of a step, tip toe all the way to the tallest you can, and then stretch your heels as low as you can, repeat ×20)
Eleanor E.
I would do some stretching first.
Lying on your back and doing the bicycle, like yoga poses known as the triangle and similar postures.