How do you treat the days that you miss your goals?

Jill A.
This is the same question I was going to ask ….so suppose I haven't done the task today ..I'll adjust it with the task of next day and accomplish it the very next day .
Spencer I.
Those days are usually very busy stressful days and I just end up forgetting and then beating myself up for it. Which I shouldn’t do but I feel bad because I really truly am trying to become a better person.
Alireza X.
I usually put small habits in the routines. So even if i know i can't complete my routine and achive my daily goal, i always do even 1 or 2 of my habits. Then i know i haven't broken the chain of my daily goals. Because doing somethig even small, is better than nothing.
Chrissy L.
Missing goals is something everyone does so don’t be ashamed
But when I miss my goals I tell my self it’s alright cause I have tomorrow but having tomorrow doesn’t mean to keep missing it having tomorrow is another chance
If I can do the goal I will but if I can’t ITS OK
Lisa E.
𝑊ℎ𝑒𝑛 𝑖 𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑠 𝑚𝑦 𝑔𝑜𝑎𝑙𝑠 𝐼 𝑢𝑠𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑡𝑟𝑦 𝑡𝑜 𝑝𝑢𝑠ℎ 𝑚𝑦𝑠𝑤𝑙𝑓 ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑑𝑒𝑒 𝑎𝑚𝑠 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑤 𝑢𝑝 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑚 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 𝑑𝑎𝑦 🙂
Bahar E.
Hmm. I think I set some time aside to "debug" and reflect on why I didn't follow through the goals. But I also forgive myself. I'm a human. And I could do better and should do better but still, I'm a human.
Gen N.
Even though I can't revive the time I miss that goal on a specific day I can double the goal’s time to make me feel like I haven't missed a day. Like for example, if I didn't drink today I’ll do it twice tomorrow.
Charity P.
I get lazy. Yes, I kind of just give up. I do something else like eat bad food and go on social media for hours. It's not healthy.
Ben P.
A day of pause. Rome was not built in a day. I will no longer beat myself up over the things I do not do, rather reflect on why it happened and be viciously positive to the best of my ability to keep moving forward. There is always tomorrow
Abbey N.
My rowing coach advised us in 9th grade to not adopt the all or nothing mindset. This is when you create a strict schedule, and after the first day you miss you give up because you think you have failed. Instead, get up the next day, acknowledge that you faced an obstacle, then go out and try again—giving your best that you have that day (not all days will be equal).
Claudio N.
it is important not to be discouraged, to be understanding with yourself. Failure creates an opportunity to train our ability to react. How could a boxer learn to win without ever getting punched by his sparring partner? When we fail we can ask ourselves what we could have done better, without labeling ourselves as losers. You can't make a cake without breaking a few eggs
Cay Q.
I feel bad about it at first. Sometimes I feel like I'll never be able to change my habits. But I try to forgive myself because punishing myself won't help me improve. I think about the goals that I did achieve and remind myself that making new habits takes time, and I congratulate myself on what I did accomplish and tell myself I will work to achieve one of the goals I missed today, tomorrow.
Quirino Q.
Very bad. It is old habit to feel guilt, to blame myself, to feel bad and like it is over, no came back. And I now that it is bad habit I often do that. But now I try to replace that. To be patient, to love myself, to forgive myself etc. That's the habit I would like to have deep inside me with routs.
Thies X.
Okay so, this might sound weird. But we all have those days where we contemplate life. On those days, I try not to get any work done. If we do any important work when our minds are not in the mood, things can go wrong. So, I usually take time away and relax on those days. Playing video games, drawing, reading, or even watching Telly for sometime can help you. Use this time as time to reflect🥰🦋
Lilou T.
I feel disappointed in myself, but I know I won't be able to reach them every day. Sometimes I might wake up late and be in a rush, or feel too tired to exercise, but I know I'll do it next time.
Sonu P.
I just give myself the permission to be inadequate. It's okay. This is life, sometimes you won't be able to or feel like doing things and you should allow yourself for that.
Kevin X.
I try to remind myself that it will be okay, as everything works out. Nothing has to come straight away, rather with small steps.
Stacey E.
It's okay if it's not going the way you wanted it to. Remember those days you did achieve those goals? You did that!! If today didn't work for you. Maybe tomorrow will. Or you can switch it around and still try to accomplish at least one thing on your goal list.
Eliza Y.
I look back and I ask myself why did I miss this today? What made me not complete this goal? Then I take my answer to that question and then ask myself, Is there anything that I can do to make it easier tomorrow?
Implement that answer and promise myself that I can do it tomorrow.
Dora P.
Sometimes, it's okay to take a rest. You should take a rest, or else you'll go crazy. So don't guilt trip yourself about getting some time for yourself to relax. But, you shouldn't relax too much. Get back in track as fast as possible. Missing your goals one day is alright, but don't do it 2 days in a row.
Mariam A.
I don't get upset or sad i just say it's okay goals take time to achieve and you don't have to achieve the goals u wanted to achieve everyday but u might someday.
Jiho U.
I try to make sure I'll do them before it's over due, I'm sorry I missed them 😔, just busy with life…but I'll try to complete them 🥰
I Am A Dangerous N.
I perceive them as a chance to work on myself and get better. I know that if I am having a hard day, tomorrow might be a productive one.
Mo Z.
At this point I have developed the habits I’ve wanted over all. We went on vacation so I decided to put a few things on hold for the convenience of my group. I just got back to it the next day.
Froggo M.
I think not accomplishing all your goals every day is completely understandable. Nobody is perfect. I just remind myself that if I didn’t accomplish what I needed to it’s because I didn’t need to and tomorrow is a new day.
Ugo S.
I ask my self why did i missed it, was/is it important to me that i missed it, and if so, whay can i do so it wont happen again
Merjen U.
Following a condition depression begins tv serials are watched and i look for everything to eat and nights without having sleep
Sam Y.
Quite often it is a day wasted but that is the story of my life. It does bother me but it doesn't spur me on to do better like it should. One of the reasons why I'm doing this. It's one of my lifelong habits I need to break and turn things around.
Lizzie A.
Particularmente, trato de hacerlo Al dia siguiente. Aunque siempre he luchaso con las distracciones y prioridades qué tengo qué hacer. Me gustaria poder cumplir todas mis metals y habitos Pero aveces la rutina del día, o las distracciones son dificiles.
Terri G.
By not feeling bad about missing the goals. Rather than thinking that it's a new day and start fresh. What has been missed is gone. You can control the present and your planning for future. 🙂
Shayan O.
Yeah that happens simply I remind my self that how brave I was to start such a challenge and look back to proud of myself for the long way I have come so far
L Ccio S.
as opportunities versus failures…you know that a habit or two didn't happen naturally so you can now think about how to make it easier for yourself next time (ie: did you set out a glass of water next to bed? or workout clothes on your bedside table?)
H N.
Get back on track the next. Failure happens all the time and we fall, but if we don’t get back up and continue we will just lay there. Sometimes it takes strength to stand up and you need to rest and be down for a moment or two, which happens. But the goal is to stand up eventually or make an attempt to keep going. Success isn’t linear, it’s a trial and error
I Am A Dangerous N.
I always treat the days that I miss my routine like a chance to get better, or if I'm only down in the dumps for a day, I know that tomorrow is just another day, and I can always be productive tomorrow, but remember, your days do not have to be productive to mean something.
Sara N.
I remind myself I am human and give myself more compassion than self defeating personal commentary. Those days aren’t an end just another day to reflect on my goals and get motivated again. Compassion for yourself is gonna be more beneficial than anything self deprecating.
Awura N.
I end up feeling regret and blaming myself, the people and things that caused me to not achieve my goal. My day was going well yesterday and my sister told me I have to help with the cleaning meanwhile I have exams on Wednesday and an assignment to submit on Friday. If I was to do the cleaning in the house, I would have done it alone but she came and spoilt my whole day. Today has got to be better.
Rachel R.
If there's anyway I miss my goal for that day, I make sure I don't miss it the next day. There are circumstances beyond my control that can make me miss a goal for a day but I try to make up for it the next day and subsequent days.
Arban F.
it depends to be honest, if the goal was really important to me i usually feel down a lot, i kinda start to hate myself for not doing it and/or succeeding in it, i talk bad to myself but at the end of the day i usually get back, i guess i just release those bad emotions and thoughts and then i feel kinda free, grateful and faithful that it will be alright and i will succeed.
Rose X.
I write the goals that I missed on a piece of paper and make a list of them. During the rest of the week I do those tasks/ goals and tick them off.
Roy J.
I tell myself it’s ok. Sometimes we don’t have the energy to stick to the same routine everyday and it’s fine that we aren’t always motivated. Don’t be to hard on yourself and continue to pursue your goals when your ready to get back into your routine
Megan E.
The days I miss my goals I get sad and oftentimes disappointed or frustrated with myself. However, I have learned that, even if I did not accomplish what I needed to or maybe I made a poor choice, I still am on the road to being better. Yes I stumbled. Yes I fell. But I am still on the right path. It can feel like all your hard work doesn’t measure to a single instance of laziness, but that is not true. The only thing that can truly rip you from the path is the negative thoughts you get, but only when you allow them to move you from your goals. It is important to feel how you feel in response to the situation. Feel sad, feel frustrated, let yourself know how you feel, but do not soak it in as it is. Don’t take it in as negativity, take it in as a token of your reflection. Progress is never linear, and acknowledging those feelings proves that to you. These feelings you are choosing to recognize will be remembered later on, when you have progressed farther than where you are, and will be a testament to your growth. You will thank your past self, and learn to love it, because later you’ll see yourself from a new perspective and you will appreciate all your hardship, all the times you faltered. and all the times you got back up.
Victor U.
It's fine to miss a goal once, no need to stress about it. But I'll try to get back on the road as soon as possible. I also try to figure out why I missed a goal. Was I distracted, tired, or something else?
Stella I.
I do the opposite of what I'm suppose to do when I miss my goals, I don't go on the app, I feel bad about not doing my goals every day
Melvin B.
We’re not always going to be able to do everything we want to do every single day. There are times we’re extremely motivated but other factors like our bodies or minds require rest. Even if we feel great but we feel lazy, it’s okay to have those days. Life is about balance. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in constantly doing something. Resting and recovering are just as important.
Samantha Z.
Honestly…not so well. It’s like “I already fail this day what’s another day…” but I will change that to day, tomorrow is a new and exciting day!
Oscar W.
"Bang-ups and hang-ups will happen to you…" I view it as a mistake but not a devastation. I can make better choices yet today (if the day has not ended) as well as tomorrow.
Quinnie Y.
Goals should not decide your day. If I were to miss a goal, I would still contibue may day as usual. As I reflect upon my day, I will think if how can I better improve to achieve the goals set
Erik C.
I feel bad when I miss a day..cause if i continuously do something I feel more in control of myself..if i don't infear i would stop the habit and never do it again..if i were to miss a day, it won't be bad since I consider it not as important, i don't expect myself to do it everyday and rather do it regularly.
Med N.
Very badly. I don't feel proud of myself. I try do do more the next day, but most of the time i get overwhelmed. Maybe that is normal. I think i shouldn't be hard on myself…life goes on anyway. Try to get back to it as soon as you can
Ellen P.
So far I haven't missed any goals but if I do I plan to add a habit that I've been dreading to my daily routine such as exercising longer as punishment
Lucile E.
Good question because I just started on ,,my journey" so Idk I guess I try my best to reflect on that and why didn't I do it yesterdat
Nicole O.
I’m pretty good I think. I really try not miss my goals as I love feeling on top of things and like I’m bettering myself. But when it doesn’t go to plan, I’m pretty good at dating tomorrow is a new day. I can’t miss 2 days in a row though. That’s when I feel like a failure
Lucy C.
I just treat them the same as any other day. You have made an achievement just by getting up today, and you should be proud of yourself for that.
Charlize N.
i feel disappointed at myself but i try to remember that this is part of the journey: the guilt, the fear, the struggle, all of it for triumph.
Teodora T.
Usually, I feel terrible, but I think that nothing is impossible, so even if it is not 9 am, I get out of bed and do something with the time i have
Noah F.
I try not to have such days, but even when they do,i think it's okay because it's something natural that just happens in life
Grete N.
When I miss a morning goal for example, I do all the other necessary things for a morning and the missing thing comes during the day and I do it more intensely
Aubree U.
When i miss a day i still do my goals no matter what. I go to the pool to exercise and take jogs when I’m doing those things i drink what but sometimes treat myself to some juice. I eat breakfast ofc always eggs,bacon,fruits, and some orange juice. It’s really fun
Antoinette N.
I treat them like they are rest days and try not beat myself up too much. Once I get back into my rhythm I go an extra mile to make myself feel more complete.
Amathyst F.
I go on. I don’t like to dwell on things I didn’t do but the things I do. I tell myself there’s always tomorrow and room for improvement
Grace O.
I reflect on my missed goals and mediate on what I can do better to ensure that I meet my future goals with intentional planning.
Beverly U.
Well I am usually tired wanting to sleep and lazy and i wake up late and also sleep late which is not good because it keeps happening when I sleep late and wake up late
Allison T.
Personally I just skip them entirely or get to them later. I made a promise that I’d exercise every day I didn’t have work, but I think that I’m going to go back on that and make a goal to exercise every day. The work excuse was only there because I easily do ~10k steps whilst I’m at work, but I don’t think that’s a big enough excuse granted that my work is much slower now.
Vernon Z.
I just try to do it the next day and get my streak back again. I don’t have a punishment. But I do feel a sense of achievement when I tick of my reward so just feel proud when you achieve something so it will make you want to achieve it more.
Chey P.
Used to I would get upset and make myself feel bad about it, like shame myself for not helping myself? But lately I've been trying to just love myself and if it doesn't happen then it wasn't going to help me to over push myself. I've gotta do whatever it is to make the situation better at the time and going forward because there's no way to change what's happened, only what's happening.
Jacqueline Q.
I mean I don’t like missing goals in any way shape or form but I’ve learned to go slightly easier on myself and not let missing one goal become a long term thing. I simply knowledge and accept that I missed the goal and move on. I then reset my goals and get ready to smash them the next day.
Luc Nio S.
The days that I miss my goals I feel a bit sad but otherwise I am just glad that I fulfilled some and tried for others. We will not always achieve everything but small steps will eventually get you closer at a more comfortable pace. As long as you’re trying and changing slowly that’s all that matters. 🙂
Bankrole N.
whenever i miss my goals, i feel guilty and just think that i messed up, tomorrow is never promised so i keep retrying and never give up, just got to keep going and reminding myself the target of reward i want
Victoria U.
I treat them as a minor setback. An it's OK you're human kind of day. But the important thing is I always restart. It doesn't matter if you miss a day or even two. What does matter is you get back on track as soon as possible. As long as I do that, I consider it an achievement.
Marie B.
I treat them like they didn’t happen. I have a difficult time acknowledging things they may make me feel guilty, like I need to fix it, angry with myself or like a failure.
Emmanuella B.
It goes downhill. I lose motivation to do anything for a few days. But I get myself out of the rut. I am constantly working on limiting the amount of time I spend in a rut so that I can get back to being myself and achieving my goals
Felicia O.
I‘m trying to find out why I missed it, and when I found the reason, I try to avoid it tomorrow. But I never guiltrip myself, because everyone has their boundaries, weaknesses and rough days. It‘s normal to miss out a goal.
Corey Z.
The days that I miss my goals are either really busy days, depression days or I simply forget to put them in so I just go about my day as usual afterwards
Laureano C.
I treat the days the same as would if I done my goal but no everyday you want to do your goals so don’t over push yourself to do it
R Mi O.
Well first I accept that I didn't complete my goal and move on with my day. Then the next day, I try and complete my goal again. I find that the easiest way to complete your goal on your second chance is to reflect back and see what you did or didn't do that stopped you from completing your goal, so then you don't make the same mistake again when trying to complete your goal again.
Potato C.
Lately I've been trying to complete my goals even if they're late or haven't gone completely to plan. If I don't have time to make a breakfast I'll grab a snack, or if I have to drink water in the morning during a meeting
Letitia E.
With kindness. I forgive myself and endeavor to hit them the next day. The most important part of this journey is realizing that you are so much more than what you’ve been up to this point, and that you hold more power in the flow of your days than you realized. The fact that you even took the first step by taking action on wanting healthier habits is a HUGE accomplishment! Celebrate yourself, recognize that you still have work to do, and treat missed days as opportunities to do better the next day. Also, make sure that you’re not trying to fill your days (Morning, Noon, & Evening) with all of the activities available. Fit your healthier habits into your life, not the other way around.
Simon C.
It obviously sucks, but I try to forget what I did not succeed in and focus on what I did succeed in, or I choose to sit back and try to improve on what I did not succeed in.
Natalia Q.
To be honest, when I miss them it is because I have not set boundaries, or allowed myself time to prioritise or take decisive action at all throughout the day. They are days where the panic, catastrophe standardised mind, mum guilt and ADHD have taken the wheel.

So in essence, I don’t treat these days at all at the time. I’ve completely ignored myself and my goals and it’s as though they never existed.

It is only in the anxiety filled melancholy before another night of not enough sleep, that I recall my missed goals and torture myself over them rather than forgive myself and promise myself I will care for me, tomorrow.

I want to move forward and give myself more kindness.

Short answer, I don’t. I forget them until it’s too late to forgive myself for forgetting them to begin with.

Hugo F.
I treat my faults calmly, what I didn't do today I can always do tomorrow. After all, changing habits is not a sprint but a marathon
Tanushree F.
When i miss ny goals i feel bad but i made my mind that to complete it by tommorow or in coming days… Some goals are made so that it become easy for us in future self but everytime missing goals and keep on pushing it is not good. Goals meant to improve yourself and made us indulge into a task. So if i get time also i try to do it in a short period.
Gerhild U.
I feel uncomfortable and irritated. I'll be in subconscious mind, feels sleepy and use the phone always. Will lose interest to do any work.
Allie C.
On the days I miss my goals, I remind myself to speak kindly to myself. I try to do baby steps to make up for the goals I missed and still feel accomplished or find other ways to feel accomplished in the day and prepare for not missing goals the next day
Scarlett E.
I give myself space, I probably missed goals because something was off, and I let it go and remember it for the next time. No one is perfect, and giving yourself space for improvement is important. I wouldn't expect someone else to be perfect all the time, so why should I? As long as I learn something from it, we good.
Rui T.
i treat them as things happen sometimes and sometimes it’s a hard day and you just need to focus on being kind to yourself
Patsy R.
Yesterday was one such day. I found drinking water and a great breakfast were routine enough that I just did them, but I couldn't find it in me to get some exercise in because I was already mentally exhausted. And that's okay. I made a choice and it had consequences. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that this is a journey. No journey is perfect. I am going to fail a couple of times, probably more than I would like to. But that is a part of the learning. Let it happen. Learn from what deterred you and reflect on how you can prevent that from happening again. If you cannot prevent it, how could you work with it?
Rocxer C.
I tend to not be so hard on myself, i look back at all the wins i had and remember why i started in the first place. That should motivate me to come back stronger & ready to tackle the next day!
Ari N.
I think of them as ‘rest days’ where I think about why I couldn’t complete my goals and try to figure out how to fix it.
Rylee T.
The days I don’t complete my goals I am usually sick or sad. And I mainly think that people miss goals because they are sad so to help that, focus on yourself that day, so you can accomplish your goals the next day!
Monique X.
I used to feel annoyed at myself for it, but now I remind myself that there is another day so we can start over and try again tomorrow
Claire E.
I just treat it like a normal day you shouldn’t beat yourself up too much because e just the fact that you are trying to improve is enough and if you just need a day to relax or you are just busy and can’t find the time then that’s fine too
Maria Theresia O.
I'm still struggling with this one, but when my inner voice is on point I tell myself "progress comes in small steps" I then think of at least 1 thing that when "right" that day. No matter how small its a step in the right direction!
Kshitij F.
I reflect upon the task which I did instead of my Goal..And most of the times it's some important task which results in missing the goal so i plan for the next day to compensate my previous days goal
Vanda Y.
I avoid having those days. When I have them, I simply remind myself I am imperfect like every single human being on earth. It is normal to miss my goals, sometimes, otherwise I would be perfect.
Paula Z.
If I realize I missed my goals, and I’m still on time for at least some of them, then I go for what I CAN do instead of tormenting myself with, whatever the reason, i didn’t do before. If that’s not possible then I remember myself that every step is valuable, even the short ones, even the pauses!!! We need pauses to rest and we can’t do it ALL at once. I forgive myself and Compromise to keep choosing what’s best for me, one step at a time. 🌈
Sao Y.
Just try again the day after. There are many reasons we miss our goals. No need to beat ourselves up over it. Just start again
Brayden E.
I tried to write it down. But I am just learning how to work this app. And it doesn't say what day it is. So I don't know what day I am feeling it out for
Nicolas E.
My goal is to eat a good breakfast well due to school and my lack of sleep I’m getting out of bed and it 10 minutes before I need to leave the house
Sara E.
Personally, I found that it's best to move on and just start again the next day. Dwelling on it or trying to complete those goals in addition to the new goals the next day makes it overwhelming, and I end up completing neither the previous day's nor the following day's goals. Just focus on one day at a time, and it's okay even if you weren't able to complete your goals that day. Just restart the next day, and your goals will feel less like chores but more like a little activity that you can do whenever you want–every day preferably, but not mandatory. Good luck! You're doing great 🙂
Lisa B.
I replicate what I've already learned. Also, at times, forget to log on that doesn't mean I'm not completing my assignments.
Trinity T.
Disappointed because I could have pushed myself more and work hard to achieve but some things take time and go slower than others so not rushing but also not trying to slack either
Lorenz C.
When I miss a goal then I prefer to do that goal for first at that time only. Even of it is afternoon or night just do it and the next day keep a reminder in your head that you need to do your missed goal now without loss.
Zoe E.
If I miss a goal by mistake, I don’t dwell in the past. I move forward as if nothing was different. The next day, I make sure that I achieve that goal and I celebrate the fact that I did it. If you don’t achieve something right away, it’s not the end of the world. Instead of it being a catastrophe, use it as motivation to move forward.
L Nio Q.
I always think in life that you should never have regrets from any experiences. So from missing out on a goal you should learn from your mistake and grow more as a person asking why you failed or what can you do better because to be successful you have to have unsuccessful events, which are a test in life to show if you are mentally ready for those tasks
Aly O.
Sometimes I feel bad and others I tell myself I need a break. I might think I didn’t try hard enough but others I tell myself I'm human and I’m bound to make mistakes.