What stretches will wake me up in the morning?

Dylan F.
Mostly in the morning I feel "not so energetic" so I usually start small like an upper back stretch & a Hamstring stretch.
Then i go with upper body stretches, for example, neck stretches maybe Some shoulder stretches.
And that's basically it. I like to keep it simple, so I can actually stick with it.some days I focus on lower body stretches and other days I focus on upper body stretches, or maybe both if i have the time. Usually, for a maximum of 15 mins.
Kathryn J.
Hello! I like yoga and a good sequence is 'sun salutation'. I personally do the 5 mins morning yoga video from the channel 'yoga with Adrienne', but there are many others on YouTube and social media.
Liza B.
I don't stretch in the morning. I really don't have the time because I don't roll out of bed until the last possible minute then I rush out the door.
Micaela Z.
Actually I don't really make a stretches or anything. The point is just I need to motivate myself before sleep and wake up in tha morning with spiritly. And second point is after I wake up, I read dua' and feel greatfully to live this day. And third point is I hear a japanese songs that would give me motivation. That's all.