What are the benefits of cardio? Should I count tennis workouts as cardio? Should I incorporate high intensity intervals in the stair climbing?

Luke U.
Cardio is great for your heart! Helps you lose fat and tone muscle. It’s important to have one form of cardio in your life!
Albano Q.
Cardio is especially good for heart health, which allows you to stay off heart drugs like stations. Those drugs harm your liver and affect your life. Cardio also helps you to go longer at any activity you like making your life more full. Tennis is always cardio for me. If you are breathing hard, it's cardio. Plus it's fun so it's easier to go longer.
Victoria W.
Cardio is good for conditioning your heart, body and mind. It works your heart and cardiovascular system so that you can increase your energy and stamina. It also works your brain and body to use energy and get outside of its regular routine. This can help you sleep better also.

Tennis can be good cardio depending on how intense you train and what your body can handle. If you're just starting, 30-45 min of light cardio might be enough, and increasing intensity or length will be in order. Hight intensity workouts are great. Stairs are great also. Depends on what your goals are

Tammy P.
Cardio helps you burn calories as well as stress. Yes, tennis would be considered cardio since you are running around quite a bit and raising your heart rate. Yes, HIIT can be very good and effective if you are ready for the challenge.
Hjalmar O.
CARDIO is a very healthy solutiin to increase the hearts functionality and to improve the metabolism. It will show its results in increased endurance, lower overall pulse and higher muscle awareness or readiness. Each tissue of the body is positively influenced by it. Now, it does certainly make sense to be conscious of the way of doing it in regard to your experience with it. Start small, measure, increase, perfect. As long as you do not strive for being a professional athlete you should better keep a balance in doing cardio. But in the end the sky is the limit ☺️
Amara A.
Cardio help you to lose weigh increasing your metabolism and also gives you a rush of energy. I think tennis also count as cardio workout. I think high intensity intervals at the stair are good too… "be carefully not to fall down😋