If you use an app when you exercise, which app do you use?

Pedrino Q.
I use Spotify because they have a bunch of different playlists that are great for cardio or weights or really any workout. The only downside is that without premium you can only skip 6 times but you have access to all songs so you can make your own playlist where you don’t need to skip any of the songs
Evaldo F.
usually, it's YouTube, i just find videos and follow them, but also i have an app called down dog I've been using for yoga when my connection was bad
F Lvia N.
I don't use apps instead I use YouTube to work out, check out Lucy windham-Read or MRLONDON's chanels on YouTube, they're really cool.
Alberte Y.
Normally fabulous or you tube is good l use you tube for 10-20 min workouts and fabulous when l want to do a bigger workout and stretches
Nayeli S F.
The only app I use is on my Apple Watch ind and it’s the workouts app that comes on the watch. It times my workouts and tracks my bpm, the calories burned!