Any simple and quick exercises for the morning?

Leontina T.
I usually use either the "home workout: app or the "lose weight" app as they are easy to work with and i can control the difficulty and lenght of exercises. You can find many more apps or routines online that will suit your goal.
Saratu W.
Well it depends on how much time you have, I would usually start with a stretch, then do a bit of cardio like 20 reps each of jumping jacks, burpees or skipping
Adam Z.
yoga morning routine: 5 minutes meditation, 20s child pose, 20s cat/cow, 20s down dog, 20s three-legged dog, 20s high lunge, 20s warrior two, 20s plank, 20s down dog
Henrie F.
I prefer some form of cardio in the morning to really wake me up and energize me, jumping jacks or jumping rope are perfect for it. If you have downstairs neighbors a quick walk around the neighborhood might be better