Finding extra time in my morning is difficult because I enjoy sleep a lot; will exercising after work benefit me just as much as it would in the morning?

Rasmus W.
I think that it doesn’t matter when u exercise just as long as you do it and if you do it after work just make sure that your doing it for the same period of time that you would have done it in the morning.
Byron S.
Morning exercise will get to energized and stimulated. It will stretch your body and eliminate any aches and pain you might have. Evening exercise might get you too excited , so might have a difficulty fallen a sleep.
Ademir S.
Yes any exercise is better than no exercise. It’s nice to work out it the morning to get it out of the way. Instead work out right after work to get it out of the way. No excuses, I’m too busy has to be the lamest excuse there is. Working out is a privilege not a burden. Make it happen. It’s worth it. Health is Wealth.
Evel Cio N.
If you’re consistent, then exercise has an equally big benefit either before or after work. On the other hand, if you exercise too late at night, you might have trouble winding down to sleep. Or something might come up during the day preventing you from getting around to it at all.
Josefine A.
If your goal is weight loss or fitness related it should be about the same, but excercise in the morning gives you an opportunity to wake up and be more efficient during your work day. If you're tired, you can try going to bed earlier or cutting out caffiene.
Violetta F.
Hi! In my opinion, it's better if you can do same thing in morning. I fully understand how you are feeling. I was a very serious long-sleeper. I can enjoy sleeping 12hours or more. But, I can now wake up at 6 o'clock everyday. Use rituals as your everyday's treat. I never felt those rituals like running as "obligation". I actually regard them as my rewards. I think about next morning in the night, I feel excited to do ritual tomorrow. "I just can't wait!" This feeling motives you a lot. I think it's easier to feel this way, if you do exercise in morning.
Eleanor B.
Yes. It can have the same benefits. People often recommend that you exercise in the morning because it puts it at the beginning of your day before something can go wrong and keep you from doing it. The health benefits don’t go away later in the day. I workout in the afternoon because it’s more doable for me with 4 kids who like to wake up early.
Mathis O.
Remember to exercise is better than not exercising. So no matter day or night. Don’t let that be the excuse for not exercising.
Milton J.
Since the whole point is to get you energised, the answer is “no”. You will see training benefits but not the desired morning energy. But ask yourself – can you manage 5 minutes every morning? Because that’s all it takes. Don’t force a full, hour long workout. 5 minutes, or the mythical 7min workout is all it takes; you can do it! (I love sleeping long too and sometimes I have to shorten my workout, but even if it’s only a few exercises, do them!)
Katrine Z.
I believe that exercising after work would have the same overall effect on your body as it would in the morning, although you wouldn’t feel the same impact on your mindset. Doing such in the morning would let your brain start to get ready for the day.
Alexis E.
Yes, exercising after work will benefit you for the day ahead. It is great to exercise in the morning too but I understand your love of sleep. I have fibromyalgia which can mean I am very tired in the morning. What I do in the morning is some simple stretches that are either for a minute, 5 or ten depending on how long I have in the morning. Why not do that? Exercise in the night after work, and then in the morning just stretch for a minute or two. It’ll still get the blood pumping and wake you up.
Tom S.
Different ppl follows different schedule, it is more important to find the time, consistently, to exercise. Like myself, I work at random hours, so instead of sticking to a fix schedule, I just have a goal to exercise for at least 30 mins no matter what hour I can squeeze it in, and it fits me well. Good luck!
Barcino Q.
At first, it wS hard for me to get up in the morning and i always snoozed but then after a couple of times of getting up and doing light fo moderate exercise. I feel like i have an easier time getting ready and starting my day. I also sleep better at night.
Frankie T.
I used to sleep in to indulge myself. To treat myself. Exercising in the morning is a great way to get started for the day, and exercising after work has allowed me even better quality sleep. I found that going for a half hour, hour walk in the evenings allowed me to clear my head, treat my body to some exercise, and tire myself out a bit. I thought I would be exhausted. But it allowed me to get better quality sleep. Doing so with the assistance of simple tips to improve sleep has made mornings more time to myself than time dedicated to solely sleeping in. Sleeping with a fan for white noise and for temperature reasons. Sleeping in darkness. They allowed me to sleep better and require less sleep to feel pampered. It’s a liberating feeling.
Robim Y.
Guess it’s up to you weither you excercise mornings or evenings. I’m more a morning person myself and I find it very relaxing to have it done first thing in the morning. I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day and when I do think of it, it makes me feel good. Cause I can stripe that one of my list.

A friend of mine likes to excercise in the evening, it takes her mind of of things and she is so tired afterwards that she sleeps like a rose. Guess it’s what ever you prefere: as long as the long sleeping isn’t escaping excersice. Maybe getting clear with yourself if thats the case, is step 1. Step 2. is listnen to Nike’s campaign slogan: Just do it!

Good luck and greetings from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mary F.
I think the key thing is to fit exercise into your life whenever you can. If it works better at night and you can stick to it, then it will benefit you. If you find after a few days that you aren’t exercising maybe try something different (eg walk at lunch, parking further away from the office, etc).
Marian O.
I think the reason waiting to exercise in the evening is risky is that things come up and often it's easy to do something more fun or come up with an excuse not to exercise. The important thing is to find a space to exercise and if you can do that in the evening, then why not?
Victor W.
Yes, definitely. Exercising will help with regaining your metabolism at anytime. Also, you will find yourself to get a good night sleep with exercising in the evening.
Allen T.
It’s maybe easier to workout after work. However, morning workouts helps to improvement your mental capacity during the day and you’ll see better results from your workouts. Try it out and see.
Margaretha F.
I would say yes. If you enjoy it…. I am not an expert and it all depends in the way you choose to spend your time. For me life is to be enjoyed, not to suffer or be stressed just because it is supposed things to be done in s certain way. We are unique, do if your uniqueness calls for an after work exercise, go for it and enjoy it!!
Brandon T.
I think so. Some say it will prevent you from sleeping well but now there is research that this may not actually be the case. Another thought: Could you move your sleep up so that you still get the same amount of sleep but earlier?
Jucielen C.
Run after work is effective to reduce the stress of the day, but if you want to start a day, full of energy, feeling strong, and confident, start to run in the morning. It seems hard to start to wake up sooner, but there is no need to wake up a lot earlier, you can start to wake up 5 minutes earlier and start running in your room for just 5 minutes. Then you feel the joy, and day by day you want to have a longer run, like 10 minutes, or maybe out of home. Let the joy of morning run push you to wake up sooner
Rebeca C.
Exercising any amount of time is better than no exercise at all. I find that when I do a little bit, I just want to do more so that I don’t get bored of it. More than a little to make it worthwhile, less than a lot to keep me challenged. Everyone is different so you have to find your happy medium.
Julie Z.
Yes, of course!!! What matters is that you find that time to dedicate to yourself, it doesn’t matter at what time of the day 🙂
Dean E.
Sport activity = andorphine= happiness hormones=Strating the day with it is benefic
But particle when you can.
Instead of sleeping late get up bit earlier and practice
Evita Q.
As long as you get exercise in, you can consider that a win. You have taken time to take care of your body, whether that is first thing in the morning, or last thing of the day.
Ang Le A.
I think that no matter what time of day you exercise you will feel better afterwards. Exercising is a great way to end your day.
Alfred E.
I would say that exercising after work will benefit your body just as much as exercising in the morning, BUT:
a.) It likely benefits your MIND more to exercise in the morning, setting you up with energy, alertness and motivation to help shape your day… and
b.) It's much easier to talk yourself out of exercising after a long day of work, when you likely just want to plop down and relax.
Miuke F.
Getting enough sleep is the first most important step in having a fab day. If you have to be at work super-early in the morning, it would be better to get all your sleep and exercise after work.
Benedikt J.
Exercising any time of day is beneficial. When you exercise in the morning, You get it done for the day. If you wait till evening it is easy to change your mind And not do the exercise.
Erhard F.
I personally prefer working out in the morning as it sets the tone for the whole day. There will be no excuse that you are tired after work or that you have to leave home early.
Frederikke W.
I’m not a dr but I believe exercise anytime of day is better than no exercise at all. With my schedule I’ve even done it right before bed.
In S O.
Exercising on the afternoon might be a good way to fall asleep quickly and sleep well at night. Maybe, that will help you feel more energized in the morning for a short walk or 10 min exercise routine.