How do I keep a routine if I’m working in shifts?

Dharmesh F.
I faced a similar challenge and for years I was not able to set a routine. I was trying to completely change all my tasks to create a new routine. I’d suggest start with a pair of small routines that can easily fit into your schedule for a fortnight. Let these 1 or 2 small habits settle in and you will realize when it’s time to add a new habit in your routine. I strongly recommend to stay away from trying to change too many things at the same time especially since your time to act on the new habits will vary. Start small and build one habit at a time. Hope this helps. All the best. 👍🏼👍🏼
Tina N.
I live in the Southwest, where the weather dictates your day. I get up late but to me mom is "morning". I just concentrate on making it a priority to accomplish my morning habits within 15 mins of when I get up 5 hours later is afternoon. Nights are from 10-5 am. Then I sleep. I guess if u sum it up, your habits and routines are based on your life. Make them fit. Stick to it. It does all become second nature. If u miss a day, do right the next day. 8t all really helps. You do You and the world will fall into place.
Vito N.
That’s a good question. Personally I would probably try and mould the routine around the shift work. So no matter what time of day I’d do the ‘morning routine’ even if I’d woken up for an evening shift. Would still need to drink water, eat and exercise. Whenever I can find time to fit it in. Good luck.
Rebecca O.
Remember that life is not all about work, it doesn't matter what kind of work you do, make sure you take the time to look after YOU
Sophie T.
My best bet for that would be to schedule in your time with your shifts, so that you make time for your important habits and all the work you've put in. Whether this be before your shift starts or after, always make time for yourself
Rachel Q.
Start in the morning/when you wake up!! If "waking up" is the most consistency you can count on with your schedule – commit to good habits as soon as you wake up! Water, workout, read etc. Also a great read and motivator is "The Miracle Morning", check it out!
Lesley Z.
Make it a priority to work out for 30mins every morning without fail. Then incorporate other stuff through the day , only take the stairs and walk each night for 30mins after dinner.
Nid Lia A.
I would try to micromanage the routines by minutes. Placing them threw out the day where they fit. Each day may be diffrent but that's ok. Because ultimately the goal is to just stay consistent on a day to day bases
Vanessa J.
Make your routine flexible according to your shift. So you can follow your routine. Or Find a easy to do routine which work for you.
Gavin Y.
Just keep up with the small and easy things. Like drinking water, tea, meds, vitamins… if work overlaps those things. But just keeping to small but important things can help keep your mind in routine.
Glenda P.
Good question. I would try to do the same routines before and after work. Otherwise, you could just try to fit the same routines into the same part of the day, everyday. But on second thought, it depends on the length of these shifts, as well as shift rotation scheme.
Sahar N.
maybe if you could get the actions separated from the time, I mean maybe you can call it my wakeup routine not a morning routine and do it whenever you wake up to go to work .. I hope this or any other idea could work for you . All the best
Becky E.
I work all over the place too. I try to set all my stuff I need up no matter what shift I am working. So if you are supposed to drink water first thing and you get up at midnight, have your water there next to you. Then you still have the habit going of when I wake up there it is.
Hans Georg U.
Try to find a middle ground. Always X time after dinner/lunch or as soon as you get out of WORK. A routine isn't set by a clock, but by repetition.
B Rbaro Q.
Try your best to make a routine that works with all shifts. Proper wake up food, go to work then anything special you can do or spend time with for the family…. plan ahead. Big thing- don’t beat yourself up for not having a “normal” 9-5. I don’t have that either, but I can tell you I may have a better family connection bc we choose to be flexible. Good luck!
Osohai E.
It's hard to keep a routine during working on shifts. Rather you can make your own routine! I guess it will be more helpful. And if you can, take the "log your time" challenge. That helped me a lot and from then I have made my own routine. Best wishes!