How much time should your morning routine take?

H Lo Se F.
I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer for this question. A morning routine changes depending on the work schedule, sleep schedule, and the amount of things you need for do in the morning (shower, face wash, breakfast, etc). A good morning routine should probably be about two hours (for a longer schedule) and a minimum of one hour (a shorter schedule). Taking the time to properly get ready in the morning is very important, so I usually opt for the longer morning routine. But sometimes we have things to take care of that can’t be avoided in the mornings. Just remember to take care of yourself!
Liliosa C.
I think that I need a 2 hour for to do my routine better than I was doing. I enjoy the moment to do workout. Is my best moment in the day
Shaunna G.
I like to give my morning routine about one hour. I read the miracle morning, and I incorporated that concept into my morning. I like to spend 10 minute intervals reading, journaling, exercising, positive affirmations, etc.
Cristina I.
from 3 to 10 minutes (waking up and exercise).
for breakfast it depends on what you prepare and how much time you have to enjoy it. I'd say from 5 minutes to 1 hour. it doesn't have to be the same every day – you might have a different schedule for weekends and holidays. and then for a shower and dressing whatever it takes you (10 to 20 mins)
Indiara Q.
I don t know honestly i mean, i eat, i brush my face and teeth, and i lay in bed, sooo, like, 30 min. I think. Thanks for asking
Jaelyn U.
Around 10-15 minutes to eat breakfast depending on what it is and drinking water throughout breakfast and stretching for about 5 minutes so around 20 minutes every morning