How do I lose weight without doing exercise?

Sean U.
Increase the amount of water you drink everyday. Decrease the amount of soft drink, caffeinated drinks and alcohol you have and replace with healthier options. Gradually cut out processed sugar, carbs, processed foods, and unhealthy snacks (like cakes, biscuits and chips). Reduce the size of your meals and increase the amount of vegetables and salads you eat.

Exercise doesn't have to be at a gym. A stroll around your local park or neighborhood, gardening or dancing to music are all better than no exercise. If you are unable to do these start small. Walk 5 minutes up the road and back. Do some gentle stretches at home or in a pool for 5-10 minutes. Ask your Doctor or Physiotherapist what they recommend.

Antonio T.
100% diet. I lost 10kg by changing my diet with zero exercise!

Gabriel S.
Simple answer: water. Everytime you drink, decide that you will choose water over soda or caffeine or any sugary beverages. Take even a few moments to enjoy the water, even if to help you relax your mind and make mindful decisions later. Think about your next drink while you're drinking this water, and make it a habit to drink one full glass of water before you have a meal or snack to feel fuller. If you can't stand water, add a bit of fruit or flavour. If you must have soda, or can't go cold turkey on it, think of it like a dessert (like a cup of ice cream after a nice dinner) than a regular beverage. Drink water when you get the urge to have an unhealthy snack if soda is not your thing to really reinforce this mindfulness of what you are putting in your body. Not only is water good for you, it can be ritualistic.

Clara P.
Making some regular movement apart of your daily routine is not only important for weight loss, but for mental clarity and mental well being. Start small such as getting 2 min of walking in per hour and gradually build up. Regardless think simple, whole, nourishing, nutritious, foods when it comes to food choices and you will see your body change.

Margie O.
Eat less! Or more specifically, eat fewer calories than you burn. You can get a rough estimate of the number of calories your burn from the Internet- just look up “TDEE Calculator”. TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and it’s the number of calories you burn each day. If you consume fewer calories each day than you burn, your body will start to use the fat stored in your body as energy to make up for the calories that aren’t coming in from food, and you’ll start to lose weight. If you eat more than this number, it will convert what it doesn’t use to fat.

Ugo G.
I don't have to lose weight, I schould actually gain some. Since when I have a busy period or stress I lose about 5kg in a week easily. I should keep eating healthy and do some exercise or meditation to get rid of stress. Otherwise I will loose the weight I can't permit to lose.

Darrell E.
There are two ways that I know. There is the obvious answer of reducing the amount of calories you take in. This can be very effective, but it requires a level of discipline to accurately track your calories and to follow through eating limited calories. The other method, which I actually think is better and easier, is to cut your eating window down to 8-12 hours. That is make sure the time in between your first and last meal of the day is no more than 12 hours (ex: 8am to 8 pm). The smaller a window you can achieve the more benefits you will experience. This form of time restricted eating has been shown recently through various studies (many of which can be found be researching Dr. Longo and time restricted eating) to have profound benefits on your bodies ability to metabolise fat and build muscle better without any additional change in diet or exercise. Along with general metobolism benefits it has been shown to increase health span (portion of your life you will be healthy/able bodied) and can improve endurance for aerobic activities such as running. Overall is a healthy change to pursue as it works with your circadian rhythm and gives your body time to process food properly and is beneficial for your gut microbiome which has been shown more and more recently to have a profound effect on our health.

Ivan O.
Keeping caloric intake below your basal requirements is one way to go about it but starvation is not a healthy approach. Would consider a balanced diet paired with exercise.

Egas N.
Taking a spoon of chia seed soaked in a glass of water in the morning with empty stomach daily help loosing weight (but not more than one spoon a day)
And one or two cups of green tea before sleeping( better to squeeze half a lemon in it )helps reducing belly fat.

Jonathan G.
You eat properly. Fill your body with nutrients, not junk.

Mae F.
Though it is possible by reducing the number of calories that you consume below the total number of calories that your body needs, most people call this dieting. It is not necessary to make major changes to the food you eat, sometimes simple changes are all that is required, for example, you could start by removing high calorie, high sugar, low nutrient foods first, like soda or sugar. It is important to not swap sugar soda for artificial sugar soda or candy, as this can trick your body and may not cause you to lose weight. When that change plateaus, you can look at other foods, switching the high fat foods for lower fat, more nutrient rich foods, like whole foods (for example vegetables, and whole grains). In the long run, however, the most efficient way to lose weight is by building muscle (that doesn't mean bulking up like a body builder), because muscle requires more calories (specifically protein which can come from vegan sources) to maintain. In summary, it is possible by reducing your calorie intake below your body's calorie need (calorie deficit) but building muscle can be easier because it can put you in a calorie deficit without any dietary changes (though transitioning to whole foods is a healthy lifestyle).

H Lo Se O.
Start by cutting down one aspect of your diet. I started with replacing fast food with a local cafe or simply brought my own food going out.

Try to replace aspects of your life with alternatives. They don't have to be super big but they can allow you to readjust your mindset and priorities. You could take the flight of stairs rather than the elevator or you could stop somewhere a little further than your work so you can walk to make up that distance and maybe even become familiar with the surroundings outside your work.

Clara W.
Losing weight is not easy. I alsp am having difficulty losing weight even while doing excercise. But I noticed that changing our diet helps. All natural food is good for the body, so no to instant food.
Drinking water also helps. Water is good for the metabolism and also good for oxidation.
But still, we need to sweat a little. If you are not into extreme excercise, them maybe you can try yoga. It has less movement but helps you sweat a lot.

Soan Z.
Drink plenty of water. Have low fat food. Walk a lot; use stairs, cycle instead of car, etc.

Elisabete P.
To lose weight we have to reduce the daily intake of calories. That does not necessarily involve exercise, just using a smaller plate for our food.

Kelly Z.
Being mindful of what you eat is very important. If you can't exercise, try to add in more steps a day. While working, maybe stand a bit, walk while reading or on a call.

Curtis C.
You can lose weight without exercising simply by eating less. But you lose it faster and have a better chance of keeping it off if you incorporate exercise. I never thought I’d say this but exercise can be addictive.

Jocilene E.
Although exercise is an important part of our daily routines. I suppose you could also lose weight but eating less and more balanced meals.

Noah Z.
I had a trainer last year who told me “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.” And it’s totally true. Managing your calorie intake will help you lose weight and focusing on eating nutrient-dense foods (like nuts, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens) will help keep you fuller longer in smaller quantities. I have started replacing my lunch at least 3 days a week with a filling, delicious salad. Sunday night I prep 3 containers with fresh baby spinach, onion shreds, carrot slices, black or kidney beans, any other fresh veggies I want or frozen corn, and place a can of tuna on top of the lid. So I have three prepacked salads with protein and vitamins ready to go. I usually take a jar of homemade vinaigrette at the beginning of the week (olive oil, Apple cider vinegar, salt pepper and other herbs). Portion sizes can also really help you watch calorie intake. Try asking for lunch size portions when eating out for dinner. Or asking for a takeaway box when you place your order so you can put half of it on the side for the next day.

Hugh U.
I lost 20 lbs in 3 months by changing my diet. I cut out breads, rice, and pasta. I always allowed myself good food though… I just made it without the three items above. One thing I never gave up was my chimichangas chips and salsa. That was my MUST have.

Ritthy Z.
You might be able to by cutting calories, but without exercise I think it is only half a plan and less likely to succeed.

Marin Z.
Eat healthy foods. Beans, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats like nuts. Avoid white flour, sugar, and processed food.

Terezinha Q.
A way to lose weight without working out is drinking enough water everyday. Combine it with a healthy diet and you will drop a few pounds without taking pills.

David S.
Eat healthier. By being mindful of what you eat, especially the added sugars which often contribute to weight gain, weight loss naturally occur because you are using up your body’s stored fat and making sure that what you eat is being converted into useable, nutritious fuel for your daily activities.

Diane O.
Exercise isn't the best way to weight loss, eating a nutritious, balanced meals is. You can start by learning to understand macronutrients (carbs, fat, proteins) and learning to identify the caloric amount of each meal. I recommend to use an app for macro counting and/or calorie counting.

Gisela Q.
Eat clean and in a deficit but calculate your TDEE and subtract between 300-400 cals a day

Anthony C.
This is a difficult one because to lose weight you also need to burn calories. However I find the best way is to reduce carbohydrate intake both starch and sugars to a minimum and reduce portion size of your meal to start with and eat at regular mealtimes. Cut out snacking or rather eat low calorie things for snacks. Finally make sure you are moving more this could mean walking more regularly or incorporating some exercise in your daily routine. Don’t forget to drink water! Hope this helps and good luck.

Aida P.
Although I believe you should incorporate both exercise and eating well you can still have success without exercising by cutting out a big amount of processed food sugary starchy even foods like bread and can you believe ketchup has sugar in it?! eat more fruits and veggies and apple cider vinegar with the "mother" In it is very good for your weight and it has other benefits as well like keeping a Normal blood pressure number hope this helps!

Brent S.
There is a plethora of diets to try out! So long as you don’t go with “fad diet”. These are false promises to help you lose weight fast without much scientific research to back it up. I would say make sure you balance out your food portions, eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 average ones. Additionally, try to get all food groups on your plate, mainly fruits and vegetables. I’ve heard tea with lemon can detoxify your liver and speed up your metabolism. And although you’ve said withou exercise, going on a quick 5-10 minute walk daily could be good first steps to clearing your mind and burning a few extra calories. Good luck!

Arianna J.
By change habit of eat and do not overeating
If you want lose weight without eercice is all point to chang your eating habit!

Johnny E.
While I would strongly recommend doing exercise as a part of your daily routine, the key in my opinion to losing weight is to put yourself in a 200-300 caloric deficit below your maitenence calories. Losing weight and revolutionizing your body is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise

Brennan S.
eat less and more healthy , cut out sugars from my diet and fast food. no more mac Donalds , drink more water with meals

Yanis Y.
By changing your diet – low fat, low carbs and more protein. I would suggest exercising a little bit, though, even if it's just walking for a few minutes.

Kenneth Q.
Time restricted eating and intermittent fasting both have some preliminary research showing that by changing when we eat we may stabilize or lose weight without changing what we we eat. The time restricted eating research links this to liver function and that anything that is not water (including tea and coffee) starts the production of liver enzymes. The longer these enzymes are produced over a day the less effective they seem to be. It appears that eating in window between 8 and 12 hrs can have weight reducing effects. Further if it's high quality food, not starchy junk you may also gain muscle mass.

Hannelore U.
By eating right, but if your physically able, exercise is the best way to loose weight. I personally find it harder to stick to a diet, than it is to establish an exercise routine. I just love sweets too much! But moderation is key.

Joel T.
This isn't the answer you want to hear, but you need both diet and exercise to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off. Fad diets and calorie restriction will work in the short term but you'll eventually go back to your old ways and gain it back.

Walking is a great form of low impact exercise. You can break it into 10 minute intervals but should aim for 30 minutes total a day. Also, weight training is important.

If you are medically restricted from exercise, talk too your doctor about what you can do.

Ma Lys C.
Don't comfort eat, amidst stressors of daily life. Be mindful, stay composed, organised and always hold love for one another. (Put your focus on others than ruminating about yourself). Overall, you will feel more motivated, and in control of yourself and your life.
Always think- what is the me I want to be?

Dale O.
Exercise is an important part of being healthy, but losing weight is all about the food you eat. I lost 100 pounds without exercising.

Bruce E.
For weight loss what you eat is much more important than exercise. Make sure you are eating nutrious plant based foods that are low in calories. Track your intake with an app like MyFitnessPal. You can't exercise away a bad diet

Graciano S.
Stop eating sugar, drink more water and do breathing exercises such as the Wim Hof method which saturates the body with oxygen which burns fat.

Rosa E.
Well its all about metabolism after you eat diner drink some apple vinager or lemon,drink more water in the morning eat like a king , in the after noon eat normally, and in the evening eat little . But most importantly bolive in ypur self . close your eyes and think as you already have lost weight . And how you whould look if you have lost weight how you would feel adn feel like that every day . Hope this helps 😁

Matt U.
Hello there!
Losing weight without doing any sort of excercise is a little bit tough. You should follow a very strict diet, personally costumized by an expert. But you will get better results doing excercise alongside your diet, even it is very simple and short.
Be safe.

Alma P.
Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but the answer is dieting. Exercise can help, but by itself does little fo weight loss. Try to eat more fruit and vegetables, and less processed foods or foods with added sugar. Don't deprive yourself completely of anything. You can have accasional treats. Finally, every time you fall off the diet wagon, just climb back on again and keep trying.

Signe P.
You can lose weight eating healthly too, some experts says that the fat belly it is becouse you have some fears. You can detoxicate your self and loose weight very quickli if you star eating more vegetables and less proces food

Heinz Gerd U.
You can try drinking Apple cider vinegar with mother(1 tbps) along with half a lemon in one glass of water on empty stomach, 1st thing in the morning.

Gordon O.
You have to cut down on calories but really exercise and food work hand in hand

Gregory O.
Change ones diet. Cut out processed sugars, carbs. Try the keto diet?

Fulg Ncio W.
Adjust your eating habits! Start your day with a filling breakfast, never eat cereal in the morning, it is full of empty calories and you'll be hungry in an hour and then might eat something unhealthy. Have dinner 4 hours before your bedtime. Eat at regular times every day so your tummy never feels like it is starving, but knows exact times it will get food, therefore it won't store fat but use it as energy instead.

Kaylee U.
Change food habits by cutting down junk foods. Eat small and frequent meals, drink more water.

Fabio Q.
I would highly recommend you to do some physical activity to loose weight, but none the less, if you wish to loose weight without any exercise, strictly control what you put inside your body i.e. Follow a strictly crated diet.
Hope that's helpful!

Gustav C.
Eat healthier, and less. Move around more even if it's not technically exercise.

Jayden E.
A lifestyle change of eliminating sugar, alcohol, grains and processed food while adding an enormous amount of vegetables into your food routine. Give your body time to adjust to the changes and lose weight while training your taste buds to be ok without sugar. Once you are ready you can add small amounts of whole grains back in so you can create a food routine that works for you.
Inspiration: The French Diet

Gerhardt Z.
Actually to be honest, exercise is really important..Let it be for losing weight or just for physical strength… Without exercise losing weight wouldn't be easy… But you don't have to do heavy exercise to lose weight.. If you have the proper diet then simple things the yoga, stretching and regular walking is enough… And no by diey I'm not talking about starving yourself.. That's not healthy.. You have to prepare your diet according to your BMI…And of course eat healthy… A lot of vegetables and fruits…Put a limitation on your fat consumption… Avoid junk food…Drink a lot of water… And eat cucumbers..They are healthy and good for reducing fat .. And do a bit of exercise if course… Even if it's for 5 min… Just move your body…Be active…This way your body will shape up and also you'll lose wait.. And of course your skin will glow too ..
I hope this helped.. I'm no professional but these things do work .

T Lia W.
The absolutely best way to lose weight without exercise is FASTING! You will heal your body inside out and feel better than ever and the plus is losing the weight. Start out slow with intermittent fasting like 16 hours fasting 8 hours eating window. Then work your way up to 18/6, 20/4 and even 23/1. OMAD is eating only once a day and I love it! Not eating all day then one big delicious meal for dinner! Eating keto or high fat low carb will help a lot with the fasting and making you feel alive and full of energy. Then work your way up to a few prolong fasting. Like 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 3 weeks, and even a month. Your body will thank you! Your body will not have to focus so hard with all the food you keep putting in your mouth and can focus on healing and cleaning out the bad. Sugar is horrible for you body you should try to cut that out of your diet and with fasting it will definitely help you beat your sugar addiction. I have done a bunch or 24s and a couple of 48s. I have also done 72 and 115 hours fasting. And I am in the middle of a 21 day fast right now and feeling so wonderful and the weight is just falling off! But make sure you do you research! And always make sure when you are doing a water fast that you get your electrolytes also, especially sodium and potassium! Check out Dr. Jason Fung, Eric Berg, and the Snake Diet just to name a few, there is a bunch. Do you research, start fasting, feeling great and the weight will fall off!

Patrick Z.
I'm doing keto right now. I eat lots of fat, moderate protein, and minimal carbs. I don't do any structured exercise, but I get about 8,000 steps per day.

Rose Marie C.
With food, ya
Choose food that’s has low calories and u have to know which calories ur body need exactly and depends male or female, mom or ms, ur efforts and works u did.. just know ur body and learn what it needs..
oil free, leave cheese, and choose dark brown breads that made wiz whole wheat. Drink natural juice and I used to drink ginsbill wiz cinnamon and cummins and mix of honey..
also drink one cup of warm water in the morning its helpful of cleanse my body by flushing out..

Argemira P.
Hi there!! It's always good to try to get a bit of exercise in your day (even if it's a 15 minute walk around the block with your dog).
However, you don't need to have a huge exercise regime to lose weight.
I use a food log to track my food intake so I'm accountable. I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and another snack. I eat a lot of high fiber foods and protein rich foods with some fruit/veggies every meal. I try to eat whole foods and avoid processed and packaged foods. I avoid eating out if I can, but if I do need to grab a quick bite, I gravitate towards a high fiber option like a protein bar. I try to make my meals at home, so I know what goes in them. And I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This week I lost 4lbs! You got this!

Susan Y.
It’s definitely hard to do. Simple things that involve everyday exercise such as taking stairs or squatting to pick something up helps. But to fully not exercise make sure you drink tons of water. Watch what you eat ex avoid fried or processed foods and avoid soda at all costs yes even diet. However the most important is how much you eat there is a way to figure out how much calories you can intake for your body mass. My biggest problem was ordering a larger portion or size because I thought I was getting a deal on food, drinks count too!!!! Come to find out I was ordering large and medium sized drinks when I should have been ordering smaller drinks. After implementing this I could my body definitely got more toned and had more energy

Philip X.
There's no shortcut to losing weight in a healthy manner. So no, you can't. It's the same as asking how to become an artist without actually drawing.
If you dread exercising then you probably don't want that toned, fit body enough. Make exercise fun and exciting, but start easy and build your strength up.

Nandielly P.
Starvation. Loosing weight is all about calories. You have to burn off more thsn you eat. Starvation is definitely not the right thing to do. Very bad for your health. Eat right and exercise. Do this every day and you will be fine. Simple right? Most of us have trouble with this simple answer. So much so that we've built a multi billion dollar industry for it. Documentary shows have spent phenomenal amounts of money and time. Colleges Universities Doctors all spend lifetimes looking for the answer. Eat right, exercise.

Nuri S.
Eating bettet, more fruits and vegetables and avoiding caloric drinks. Walking a lot instead of using the bus or car helps too.

Eleanor O.
You must eat healthier foods, low carbohydrates. You should try a diet and follow its instructions. But exercise is very important. Not only for losing weight. Its an investment for your body, for your future

Marius S.
Take care of your diet, depends if you do a physical job or not, but with just making some habits of eating healthy you're gonna lose weight, I've lost 6 kilos in 3 months regularly eating 5 meals a day and not doing any exercises, just working at the job.

Ronald W.
The only way you can make that happen is by reducing your caloric intake. Remember you are what you eat! Eat healthier: drink more water, consume foods that provide longer lasting energy, reduce sugar and fats, and eliminate empty calorie snacks, such as cookies or chips. I once read that coffee early in the day is correlated with productivity and a slight increase in metabolism.

Emily B.
Start giving gratitude towards your body and feel it that yes, your body fats are reducing.. set a goal by this date my weight is so much kg. Note it down read it visualise it. Along with it start lil diet add lime shots after every meal.

Nils Z.
Learn to cultivate Self-Love, & practice Feeling & Releasing Emotions as they come up. Our emotional baggage & low self-worth have a FAR greater impact on our body weight & physical health than food or movement have.

Argemiro Z.
Caloric deficit and intermittent fasting

Cl O T.
Eat food in chunks that will reduce the taking of extra food. Avoid junk and fat foods.

Tyrone U.
Eat consciously: cook one meal a day from scratch, don't buy processed foods, watch your nutrients intake, identify what made you put on weight and eliminate it from your diet/life. Seriously though: exercising is important for your energy level.

Gerard Z.
Burn more calories than you consume. If you're not going to the gym this burning will come from your daily activities. Find the average daily calories you need and then eat accordingly. My fitness Pal app is a good way to figure this number out and record your daily intake. Remember that exercise is good for you too. It doesn't have to be a crazy gym session. Just small everyday things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking a stroll on your lunch break.

Andrei F.
It's gonna be extremely difficult because exercise increases your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. However, as long as you eat less than you burn, you'll lose weight. So, you should keep track of your food and stick to your plan. You should also have a very strong motivation or belief in yourself and accept that if you sometimes let it slide, it doesn't mean that you aren't able to continue. I wish you Good luck, my friend.

Fabien I.
Clean eating. I did a30 day challenge from cleanfoodcrush and lost 14 lbs in a month. It's hard, but worth it and i no longer crave sugary foods.

Anton Q.
Count calories and reduce them. Run a calorie deficits

Alo S Y.
The food that goes into your body is the most important part of weight loss. Put bad foods in and no amount of exercise will help. Build a positive relationship with food and you can begin to see positive change in your body.

Belina Q.
Exercise is always a good and necessary part of staying healthy overall. But to lose weight without exercising, you must adjust your eating habits. You need to cut sugar out of your diet completely, definitely no added sugar. So no sugar in your tea or coffee or cereal or anything. You should cut out sodas and juices completely, and only drink water, or water with fruits but no added sugar, and tea with no added sugar, and if you do coffee no added sugar. Cutting back on carbs, and if not cutting out carbs completely, trying to do whole grain gluten free grains when needed. Also cutting out dairy completely, and as much meat as possible, or only doing seafood. And then eating large, healthy doses of FRESH fruits and vegetables, preferably raw – that can be in unlimited supply.

Universina Z.
I’m not sure. No shortcuts that I know of. Short of the horrible ways. Anorexia, bulimia, lap band, or illegal means. If you find out any answer be sure to let me know the billion dollar secret. We can make some money on that idea if you ever can think of one. I cannot other than actually working out. At least not safely. Hope this answer helps.

Wilma P.
What a golden question! If I had the answer to this, I’d be a supermodel! Honestly, weight loss generally boils down to burning off more calories/kilojoules that you are eating. The exciting part is that your body burns calories/kilojoules naturally just by keeping itself alive.
Plus, exercise doesn’t have to be running on a treadmill. You are exercising when you clean the house, wash the dog, take the bins out, weed the garden, pack up after your kids, etc etc.
The real trick to exercise is to find something you like doing that involves you moving.

Noelle F.
Eat less sugar or cut some animal products out of your diet.

Milan O.
Consume fewer calories than you burn. Substitute fruits and vegetables for other snack foods. Eliminate added sugar and alcohol. Keep a food log to identify triggers and mindless eating. Remove foods that are not nutritionally rich from your environment. Drink plenty of water. Identify why you want to loose weight versus improving tone. Get up and move regularly. Take more steps each day.

Mary Q.
Get a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor so you can estimate your calories burned even when not exercising. Track everything you eat. Make sure your calories in are less than your calories out. If you follow that, then thermodynamics dictates you will eventually lose weight.

Nikolaj G.
Less calorie intake. Probably not the best approach to lose weight, but the only two proven scientific ways of losing weight is to consume less calories and/or by burning more. There's really no short cut around this.

Sophie E.
You can do that by having a hypocalorique diet for a while. Sure it will help you lose weight but you might not look as good as you want to if you don't add exercise to tone your body

Ella C.
You have to cut out the number of calories you are eating everyday. Eat more more food that keep you fuller for longer and are not high in calories. With every meal you eat try to include some veggies. Veggies are very filling and low in calories. Also you can snack on fruit when you feel hungry instead of eating chocolate or chips. Drink plenty of water because you can confuse thirst to hunger. Try to have your coffee without adding sugar.

Dwayne E.
I believe losing weight without any exercise is not healthy?! Exercise is not only for losing weight but also for mental health, better psychological state which eventually support you on the way to reach your goals…

Derek T.
Restrict the amount of calories you take in and make sure you're eating healthy foods–complex carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and good sources of protein. Without exercise, you will have to cut back a bit, but it can be done.

Phillip F.
Eat a lot less. It takes about a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose a pound of fat. So, you can safely and easily lose a pound or two per week simply with eating less.
However, don't neglect a healthy, active lifestyle. You won't feel good. You won't have good muscle tone, so your looks will suffer. You won't build strong bones, core strength, and grip strength, so you will deteriorate faster in old age. Even just going for walks and some light bodyweight exercises are so much better than no exercise. Not to mention, you can lose another pound per week with exercise.

Elya O.
Wether you can or cannot exercise, the best option is to be aware of the type and amount of food you eat. It's a hard but necessary process to put back food where it belongs aka awesome fuel for your body. It's also great to limit processed food, sodas, fat free, sugar free and all kinds of too modified food. Choosing the best to fuel your body doesn't mean all organic only, it means all food groups and listening to your body. Are you hungry, bored, stressed out, happy, sad ? Have you eaten enough, too much, fast, slowly? Eating mindfully instead of as automatic gesture as most of us tend to will make a great difference in your weight loss journey!

Amauri F.
Just follow a balanced meal plan and don't cheat.. I personally lost about 20kg with no exercise, not even taking a walk, just by following a meal plan

Birgid Z.
All weight loss first begins in the mind. Changing your mind about food and exercise is the first step. Food is what you think about firstly. Do you assign foods as bad or good? Reevaluating how you decide can help to reduce inner resistance. Try thinking of it more like what works and what doesn't work for your body. Eat and observe how you feel.

Once you do this, you will notice something interesting. In addition to the thoughts you have about the food you eat, you will also notice you have feelings related to the food you eat as well. Shame and guilt are common. That's what gives what you eat a charge. That is when the real work and the opportunity to change your weight begins.

The second major change factor to losing weight begins when you then note the timing of when you eat. If you notice guilt and shame are frequent and then you look at when you choose the foods linked to those emotions, you may also become aware that there are common factors in what is happening in your life and what foods you are choosing. In other words, emotions are triggered by events or thoughts and are linked to how you look at food and what you choose.

I have lost weight without exercising just by becoming aware. Even if I choose foods one may consider "bad.". My guess is that this has to do the chemicals that are released in your body when you experience shame and guilt or anger or other low-level feelings.

Taking these initials steps will build the foundation for the next step: exercise. You then will take the same step of changing your mind about how you view exercise.

Last thing, fighting against the self just creates resistance. Take your time. Allow yourself space. Do small, incremental steps. One action, one step is a victory. Good luck!

Gimeno P.
One's diet is actually a bigger contributor to weight management than exercise. Now the importance of exercise and I wouldn't recommend losing weight with diet alone (if you hate going to the gym try finding an activity you enjoy like dancing or racquetball). But back to diet, I've seen people lose weight just by cutting out soda or fast-food. I hate keeping a food journal but I recommend doing it for at least one week out of the month. I take pictures of my plate and handful of snacks because it's easier than jotting everything down. Keeping a journal allows you to see what you're eating and make modifications.

I'd wish you good luck, but you don't need luck. You got this!

Sara I.
Eating a well balance diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein and healthy fats. But exercise will improve bone density, maintain muscle, balance mood, keep a strong heart and give you BDNF ( brain derived neurotrophic factor)