How do you decide if a goal is right for you?

Cenira E.
First of all you need to ask yourself what you really want to do. If that aligns with the goal then it is the right goal.
If not then come up with a new goal
Blaz O.
Think about what i want to learn in life, if the goal brings me closer to one of the things i would like to learn, its the right one
Moln R T.
When I set up a goal I usually split it into smaller steps so I can keep focus and have minor successes that give me more power to do the next. At first I give a trial period for the goal. It can be a few days or weeks or more. I always take a look on my feelings that the journey towards the goal and passing smaller stages awaken in me. I ask questions. Does It make me feel good? Is it good for my soul? Is there any bad feeling in the background? If There is any I decide to stop. If it makes me happy and there are no second thaughts and bad feelings behind it I go on.
Κωνσταντινα Μι. N.
Every person has different point of view in life. That's why everyone have different likes and dislikes, fails and goals. For most people the goal is to be millionaires or famous. For others is to live the moment every day. For others is to have experiences to tell their grandchildren and for others to create a big family or even not to have a family and have a big career. There is no rule for goals, it all depends on your preferences and what made you happy in the past. For example if you really like to hangout with people then do so. But if you have a job to do and you procrastinate you think that you like procrastination but in reality you feel guilt. You have to listen to your inner self and realize what you are feeling after doing something you like or you think you like. They say the road is hard and of course it is but that doesn't mean you go in the opposite direction your gut said. You can feel it if you are at the wrong path. Subconscious mind is bigger than the conscious and it always works for your best. So just trust your guts and try to realize what you feel after every action.
Angel J.
I think just think of the things you always wanted to be!
You always want to be fit, more energetic and more successful …
Sidney U.
Well I look at my daily life and figure out what NEEDS to be done. Whether I don’t want to do it or not, if it’s going to benefit my everyday life somehow then I know it’s something I need to add. If I feel better about myself and how the daily task makes me feel then that’s how I decide if it’s right for me. I want to start slow so that way I am not overwhelming myself with changes at one time. Once I have a goal completed and continue to act on it then I will add something else.