In what ways can you tell you`re getting stronger?

Alexia Lucas
Look in the mirror and just see it! I mean, when you see your muscles get bigger, and more defined, you know you’re increasing strength.

Mildred Smith
Using Fitbod to track increase in strength

Nina Bonnet
I’m no expert, but if you can do even a little more each week I would say that means you’re getting stronger

Enora Dupuis
My more consistent effort at my daily routine is giving me a better happier mood,& my weight loss is starting to increase! Yay 😀!

Marcus Christensen
When I go down stairs without severe pain, I know. I am lucky to have good health except burgeoning arthritis. Believe me, I was shocked to have knee problems at 45. Seriously, it slapped me into exercising.

Harry Hicks
I think mindset has been my ultimate strength right now. There's been such a shift in thinking differently about life and habits and food and it's slowly taking effect.

Elsbeth Bell
Check how many consecutive exercises you can do before you feel too tired to continue. If this number increases over time, you are getting stronger. You can also lift a heavy item and over time it will become easier to lift that same and heavier items. Off course this is common sense but if you feel stronger, you're likely getting stronger, even if it doesn't show visually.

Charlene Gutierrez
The same exercises you do every day get a little easier and even start to become enjoyable. You begin savoring your progress and striving to set new records instead of feeling incapable. Remember, mental and emotional strength goes a long way towards your journey to complete your goals

Leon Hamilton
I was surprised that I was able to finish the whole 19 minutes. That is a good indicator that I am getting stronger and more fit.

Louella Wilson
I can do more sit ups than I use to be able to.

Ivan White
When I first started doing my sun salutations, I used to struggle with the basic chaturanga movement, but now my arms feel able to do this movement better rather than shaking. Slowly, I will be able to do the more advanced chaturanga movement as my strength increases.

Anita Rocha
I was able to increase my exercises today and did all of my morning routines in a row!

Rosvita Dias
I think better of myself. Drinking water is making my mind clearer and my sugar cravings lessen. I have less expectations of others.

Tracey Cole
I definitely feel I have more willpower to do what I set out for myself to do. Every morning when I get up, I think to myself that I can do it – surely, that exercise is only a few minutes and I feel so pumped when I finish.
That small annoying voice saying 'you can skip once' is getting fainter and fainter and I finish the morning routine even when I'm tired and didn't really sleep well.

Verilândia Martins
I have a fitness watch. A Tomtom sports watch with heart rate monitor. The watch gives me fitness points when I exercise. It is getting more challenging to reach my goal. As I get fitter I have to go further or faster. In the beginning I used to walk. But now I have to jog or run a bit to get the same results in the same time. Also, when I started to exercise a few years ago, a 5km walk was a challenge. Now I can happily walk 20+ km and enjoy it, when time allows.

Laura Christiansen
I look at how I am functioning. My exercise sessions get easier, I can go upstairs more easily and with less shortness of breath and I can walk more quickly.

Francis Barnes
You find, over time, that you can do more. It's nice to take some data so you can keep track. But even if you start small – at first, I could only walk fifteen minutes. But after a while, I wasn't so tired after that fifteen minutes. So I walked more. You add weights, or you add poses, or you add new exercises. Don't be in a hurry, that's how you get hurt. Just advance gently.

Connie Olson
I keep going. That’s something I never really did before so it’s a sign of my own resilience growing bit by bit every time I continue on my journey.

Marie-luise Kayser
When going up the stairs feels like piece of cake. You no longer feel like your dying after your done going up the stairs.

Cassiano Souza
When you exercise to you feel fatigue becomes extended. When you notice you are less tired and able to accomplish more during the day. When housework becomes easier!!!