I do my actual workouts in the afternoons so starting my day with a morning workout is hard for me. What’s something simple I could do to get moving?

Isabella N.
You can do some stretch on YouTube. You just need to get your body moving so some stretch in the morning will do. Wish you luck!!

Sadie Z.
I start off by getting myself out of bed and opening my blinds. I’ll then set up a comfortable, loving space for myself with either a candle, incense or infuser for triggering my senses. This small process helps me to get out of bed, look forward to my space and have a routine. I’ll slowly start with stretches such as softly rolling your neck, back twists, etc to help wake my body further into preparation for a workout. I personally do yoga at home as it is extremely beneficial and a great way to ease into exercise rather than dreading going to a gym or worrying about what I’m going to do next for the exercise. Yoga with Adriene has saved me in the past year and I highly recommend.

Severin F.
– Dance through a fast song.
– Do jumping jacks for 1 minute
– walk your driveway/stairs a few times (great for trash days)
– Find a 5-10 minute exercise video on YouTube
– Pinterest has lots of 2-3 minute workouts to do during a song. Pick one or make one up to your favorite tune.

Jaz N.
If your afternoon workouts are working for you, no need to change. To each his own pace. But if you really want to do morning workouts, what worked for me is the pride you get when you’re on a streak, plus the little dance celebration I do after my workout, it’s very important to celebrate and strike a pose of victory!

Kristian V.
I would day eating a good breakfeast takeing a bit of time to digest like reading or journaling. Then doing a short work out and fallow a guild online helps me m. Now I am doing more tageted working out but they are still short. I usually do a set of 3 excurses then rest then do the same excuses. Also looking at your self after the work out in the morning makes me feel good and keeo want to do it

Sara P.
If you don’t feel like doing actual exercise why not start with some stretches to get the blood flowing.
You can do them while still in bed, like a small child or pets would do!
Good luck 😉

Claus Peter F.
What worked for me was (1) doing my morning workout in the same clothes I slept in, and (2) having a step and hand weights in the bedroom, and (3) a good consistent bpm workout playlist that I can start with a simple tap or voice command.
i.e. Next to zero friction between me sitting on the side of my bed drinking my water, and the next thing being unambiguously step up step down step up step down… And once that is happening, well, might as well get into it…

Christie X.
I find a morning “stroll” just around the block to practice some meditation really helps to clear my mind and get me set for a good day. If there is poor weather, I will pull up YouTube and do a 10 min yoga or stretching session. I find as long as I drink my water and take the time to find a gentle 10-25 min movement exercise (even if it’s a slow stroll to the mailbox), I have a much better day. I really feel the impact now if I skip a day!

Nadya P.
Maybe trying some quick yoga or stretching might be beneficial! I think often we think if we’re not sweating and breathless we didn’t get a good workout it but body mindfulness and breathing is so important to our bodies function and movement

Sinaida U.
Even I do my workouts in the evening. So it was kinda hard for me to figure out how to exercise in the morning. I really loving stretching as it makes me very relaxed so I just do a little stretch every morning as a part of my exercise and trust me, it does the job. I don't really like breaking a sweat in the morning so this works great for me. You can also just a dance a little bit to your favorite music, go for a walk or jump rope. Do anything that you feel comfortable and happy with. It's not about how hard you go, it's just there to help you activate your body and motivate you for the day. Just move your body in any way you like and it will be fine. Do what you love! Have a fabulous life dear!

Jessi G.
I’m the same. I just do a stretch, 20 squats, 20 high knees and 20 push ups and call it done. It’s just to help me get moving and awake.

Brianna E.
I do the same. I had to move the habit of exercising to my evening routine, because I see no point in exercising necessarily in the morning. I have more time in the evening and I won't be late for work because of some absurd habit that someone else chose for me. My only advice for you is to keep working out in the afternoon. There's nothing wrong with this

Steven Y.
Well, for me it was particularly hard to get back to working out in the mornings, but I found that sleeping early is the best strategy, at least it works for me.
The first days I did have my gym clothes ready and checked the routine for the next day so I get exited about working out.
Also setting the alarm at least 1 hour before leaving to the gym works in case I snooze it.

Segismundo S.
I start my mornings with 15 minutes of yoga. Slow and controlled excersise is mentally beneficial as well as physically. And all I have to do us roll from my bed to my mat!

Monique O.
I used to do my workouts in the evenings, but too often I would have long meetings or just be beat at the end of the day. So I blocked my calendar foe 1 hr each morning (8-9), before Iog on for work to get uninterrupted time to work out. It has allowed me to be more consistent and gives me great energy for the rest of the day. If you have time later in the day, you can work out again if your goal is to have a longer workout. Just 30 min in the morning sets the tone foe my day. I never thought I would be a morning workout person before Covid. Hope that helps.

Rosa Z.
My nights are often exhausting because of my 5 month old. A lot of the time I'm too tired in the mornings for a real work out, but I'm able to go lay my son down in his room on a play mat where he is quite content as long as I am there. So I lay down next to him and I do some gentle stretching. Sometimes I use him as an arm exercise by lifting him up above me which he really enjoys.

Chelsea Q.
Yoga would be a great way to get the blood flowing gently in the morning if you plan to workout more vigorously in the afternoon. I wish I had time to do both every day!

D Lia P.
Jumping jacks while smiling has immediate effects on your energy levels and overall mood, can recommend for a morning workout after getting up

Polda A.
I have the same issue. But I found that just dancing and singing to music is enough to get my body moving but also puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Isabella T.
Dance to your favorite song play a sport or jump rope something that doesn’t feel like exercise but will actually give you some

Evelina N.
Just wake up drink some water probably and do like a quick stretch I don’t know that’s what I do before going to school. Hope it helps 🙂

Nonya N.
A simple sun salutation from yoga is a classic morning ritual that doesn't take long (& won't make you work up a sweat) but engages your whole body. It will help wake you up and keep you focused on your body & your breathing – so physical exercise & mindfulness benefits. You can do a single sequence in just a minute or two, or do more if you have time, concentrating on your breathing and your form.

Tatiana M.
Great that you're getting your workout done. But as to do "something fabulous" in the morning try stretching or the 7minute workout, just 10mins will start the day with an extra energy. Remember it's all about the tiny changes that will become new habits.

Emily P.
I find myself very tired 😴 in the morning and it's difficult getting moving that early because my joints ache and throb.

Lori O.
I personally love starting the day with a stretch or some yoga. If you aren’t a fan of those activities, maybe a quick strength training session or HIIT session would work?

Franklin T.
Every morning I do push-ups and sit-ups. I started with 3 sets of 5 reps to get started. I find it very quick to do and there is little barrier or preparation needed to do them. I’m now up to 3 x 15 push-ups and sit-ups. It’s a start 🙂

Masha N.
You can type on YouTube: exercises for morning and choose something short for 10-15min. I know by my example that is hard to push myself in the mornings for waking up earlier and doing some gym, but it’s a true discovery for the day that comes! Some moving in the morning will fill you with energy and knowledge that you had already done something good for yourself in the very beginning of the day. Thanks Fabulous for everything ❤️

Sasha Y.
Start the day by stretching while you're still lying in bed. It gets the blood pumping,and if you're getting old like me, it helps loosen you up before you have to get out of bed.😂

Melody Z.
Something bodyweight! Maybe 3 rounds of

10 squats
10 lunges
10 push ups (from the knees if you need modification)

And some stretching!

Annleegolf F.
I love dancing in the morning while I'm in the shower getting ready and making breakfast. I also love doing counter push-ups. Just lean against the counter in plank and do push-ups. It's easy but gets the blood flowing. You can also do walking lunges to the kitchen in the morning. Get creative and have fun!