Every time I move, my joints crack and I’m only 21 years old! Is this a sign that I don’t exercise enough?

Magno F.
Not really. Exercise is a good habit to pick up. I recommend excersizing 3 times a week and stretching everyday. It doesn't even have to be all that much. Maybe just rolling your neck or touching your toes. Hopefully this helps!
Darryl C.
No not really, it could mean you arthritis. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia& spondylarothapy when I was 25yrs old, back in 2008& I'm still having issues with it& my Drs are not much help anymore.
Joann S.
Yes, but it's a sign of air in joints, mostly annoying but not painful. Particularly noticeable in shoulders and knees possibly, check out some exercises for the joint mobility
Roland X.
I don't know. My guess is that your body is telling yoy where it could use extra stability and possible a change in motion.
Justin P.
This sounds more like a vitamin deficiency to me.
I would have a chat with a GP.
But moving and doing exercise is always a plus. You might want to try swimming first.
Julie P.
Short answer: it can be. Other factors can be weight, diet, and regular activities outside of exercise. My joints cracked quite a bit when I worked in the service industry and was on my feet quite often. Working the muscle groups around those joints that are the most problematic can help, and if you still have issues with them cracking and popping, see your doctor.
Salvador Y.
Cracking joints are not a sign of lack in excercise. Joints do crack ocassionally all the time. Some joints crack more often than others and which ones differ from person to person. There a multitude of reasons for cracking joints and few are to be taken seriously, e.g.: excercising without proper body warm up or disregarding proper stretching routines. Others can, but don't have to be a sign of physical issues, e.g. previous injuries, excessive overuse of joints through past excersice, lack of core muscles and stability or simply bad posture. The best way to counter cracking joints is to work on your range of motion through stretching, to warm up before excercising, to focus on posture and form (rather then repetitions) and to build a strong core, before moving to more difficult excersice. If cracking persists on an excessive basis, prevents you from excercising or if you even feel pain, than having a medical check-up is suggested. Otherwise, start small and gradually improve. You're joints will soon get better.
M Rio T.
No, not for me at least. My joints didn't start cracking until I started my high school sport. Now I crack all the time so I don't think it's tied to too little exercise.
Brayden X.
Building muscle tissue around joints and developing there flexibility by stretching and aerobic exersices can help prevent future injuries and gym instructors can help you find the right exercise for a given joint. Although in this case I would go see a doctor as soon as possible and before it starts to hurt. If it hurts you better rest untill given a proper medical advice and recovery.