How much time do you spare for exercise?

Julieta Q.
I spare around 10 to 45 min of exercise everyday depending on the time I have and how full my day is. So whether I have school or not for example or if I have appointments or not. But I think that one of the best things to do is to start a program like the ones by Chloe Ting that are free and who have video of results of people who did them to motivate you and having an organized plan in front of you will make it easier for you to workout since you don’t have to look for a workout but just find the program who reaches your goals for example botty or abs or belly or arms or legs

I hope this helps
P.s i know I went a little of topic. Sorry. But anyway good luck with the workouts ❤️

Sydney N.
I spare approximately 20-30 minutes or so. Of course, there’s mornings where you’re just not up for that, and that’s okay. But personally, it’s so much nicer to take that block of time and give yourself the time to move slowly, if needed, than to rush through it.
Lily N.
It depends, minimal is 10 min, but today I'm going for a long walk (about 30 minutes) and I already had my stretch and dance time for about 15 min
Harold Z.
It really depends on the day. During my cross country and track seasons I have an hour and a half practice every weekday. Then usually a slow easy run one of the weekend days. During the winter though I usually spend about an hour working out if I can. But sometimes I have a busy day and can’t dedicate as much time. But if you are just starting out you can start small. Or maybe having two smaller workouts works better for you. But generally I try to get in around an hour of exercise every day.