If I have to wait until later in the day to work out, but I still do it, do you think I can still check the box on my morning routine?

Alice I.
I think yes, the real motive is to make of the little habits part of our life, even if it’s in the morning or the afternoon or the night… the real purpose is to be mentally focused in completing your habits… 😊

Dana O.
Depends. Is this a one off? Do you more often complete it in the morning, or later? Figure out what works best for your schedule and move your exercise to the appropriate time of day.

Emily P.
I still check mine as long as I know I am going to do it. If I check it and don't do it I don't check the next days one.

H Lder P.
Yes. I did this this week. As long as you're honest about getting your time in, it's totally fine. Not everyone is enough morning person to get into morning exercise. I would, however, look at maybe a short stretching or meditation session in the morning to help you get into the right mindset.

Chelsea Z.
Yes. That’s what I do sometimes. As long as you do it that day, it’s better then nothing. Maybe if working out works better for you in the evening, you might wanna move work out to your evening routine.

Ag N.
I say yes because I like to allow flexibility in my day if I have the freedom to do so… go with the flow. What matters for me is that it gets done more than what time it gets done. It depends on whether the individual achieves more under structure or prefers adaptability.

Laura R.
I think it’s okay to check off exercise as part of your morning routine if you leave it until later in the day. I have a small baby who wakes before me so I usually wait until his nap time to complete this part of my morning routine. I think the most important thing is to exercise daily and give yourself credit for doing this. It keeps me motivated to see it checked off on my list.

Gabriella Q.
Absolutely. Its great that you workout! What I do is skip the habit in the morning and then go back and check it after its completed to keep the integrity of checking the boxes. Once you are done either that specific oart of the journey you can be more flexible like make an afternoon routine and move exercise into there.

Michael X.
I think there are multiple equally good answers. If you exercise late and check the morning habit box then you should ideally exercise again in the morning on the following day. And that would appear reasonable and flexible to randomness that is part of everyday life. If you find that you frequently exercise late and check the morning box then it's time to look at your environment and change that to enable morning exercise. If the environment can't be changed much then maybe reduce the exercise so it can fit into your morning or simply move the habit into your afternoon. In short, a little bit of flexibility is OK. If you need a lot of flexibility then it's time to adjust your plan.

Muzaffer X.
Absolutely! I think that it’s less a matter of when you do them and more so a matter of making sure you’re consistent with your goals each day. For instance, I don’t always keep water next to my bed, so it’s easy for me to forget my morning glass of water. If I at least make sure that I keep up with my water intake throughout the day, I consider my goal fulfilled.

Landon P.
Sure! As long as you are conscious about it, it shouldn't matter. If you see it tends to become a habit though, maybe consider moving the workout aspect to an afternoon or evening routine.

Leon U.
I think that's alright really, I do it too. If you have a certain schedule, as long as you stick to it by building new habits, I'm guessing it's okay 🙂

Stacy E.
Yes, because the point isn’t you’re still accomplishing your goals. Forcing yourself to do something that’s you might not have time for, or that stresses you out, might just make you less motivated to follow through on your goals. What’s important is that you’re doing something to help yourself and make your life better.

Johanna S.
What do you consider your morning routine to last till? What was in the way of you exercising in the morning? For me if I have to wait till later that normally means I have to be up early to go somewhere and I have enough time to eat and usually I would be eating on the way, then my routine isn't finished until I actually get to where I need to be. If that's not the case and you have to wait because you didn't get up early enough, why cant you add in six mins of exercise? Walk around the house, dont take everything downstairs at once make yourself have to go up and down those stairs multiple times, that can count as exercise even if it isn't your usual. Think outside the box

Kristina N.
Yes. And no. If the goal is to exercise during the day in general, yes. If the goal is to exercise in the morning, no. Also, it’s better for the consistency to commit to the activity repeated at same time daily. Our bodies need systems.

Fox N.
Yup! I think so. But if you usually don’t work out in the morning, do the following:

1. Choose a routine (or both, but I recommend you exercise in the afternoon) and press on the “+” icon.

2. Add the Excercise habit.

3. If you want to, set when you want to be reminded to do your Evening/Afternoon routine.

Good luck! 🌟

Kathryn J.
Yes! Absolutely as long if you get that that exercise in every day might be different but if you can keep your habits going you’re golden!

Dale O.
As a part of your morning routine, you are encouraged to do a little work out at that time. Don't worry, though! It can be a little dancing or just a walking commute. Only check out the box if you are certain you'll work out and not forget.

Deanna P.
I would suggest to move it to a new routine, one set later in the day, so you can complete your morning routine and then complete some kind of Exercise Routine later in the day. However, it might work for you better, especially if you sometimes do exercise in the morning, to keep it in your morning routine and tick it off like you said. Remember, Fabulous is set up to help you establish good habits, so if you find something that works well, then go for it. It is much better to experiment and find what really works for you, because that is how you will establish habits. Hope this helps 🙂

Amber S.
No. I would move this goal/habit to another part of the day in which you can complete it. If you can’t exercise or commit to exercising every morning, checking it off as though you do would be counter productive, in my opinion

Emma T.
I think that’s fine! The routine is meant to be tailored to YOUR needs, and if working out later in the day works for you, then do it! I’m very schedule-oriented- rather, I take scheduling very seriously. Something I wish someone would have told me (or something I wish I would have believed long ago) is that it doesn’t matter WHEN you do it as long as you get it done.

Lsio Y.
Yes the idea is to get it in every day. Though I would move the ritual to afternoon or evening whichever you consistently do.