What is a small Exercise Win for you? The smallest part of a task that makes you feel you’ve DONE it!

Mae F.
What a great question! I love it because I try to appreciate even the smallest progress forward, especially when it's rough going. For me, my Smallest Exercise Win would be if I went out of my way to MOVE somehow beyond the movements I need for my busy day. Some days this means I parked farther away from an entrance and walked for a minute; some days I pushed myself to do 1 or 2 yoga poses at the end of an exhausting day (like today!!) But honestly, some days, if I just took 30 seconds to stand up straight and stretch mindfully, that counts as a win!

Melvin T.
I use a program called MommaStrong, and by doing what she calls a “5-minute hack” as part of my routine in the morning, I can check it off as done for the day — and often I also do a “Daily 15” minute session as part of my evening routine, which then is a “bonus”!

Marion Y.
I feel like I’ve DONE IT when I start sweating while I’m working out and then continue to keep up the sweat by pushing a little harder than I thought I could. If you ain’t sweating you ain’t trying.

Baldomero N.
For me it is the starting or when I drive myself to gym or when I take my yoga mat out because the start for me symbolizes the urge to go on or to start something new

Fernando P.
Starting, or more specifically saying yes and committing to the intention and following through. I am very good at talking myself out of things or procrastinating, so it feels good to win against that feeling of unwillingness. It feels good to be able to say "I did it!" rather than wallowing in guilt and endless self flagellation.

Noe Y.
Walking! If I don’t make it to the gym or if I eat like awful, as long as I walk around my neighborhood at least one time I feel like I won that day. It’s small but it’s something that doesn’t take me out of my way or ask a lot of me, I just have to get outside and walk. 2 times around my block is like 2miles so it’s a good amount of movement for me to feel good about.

Frederik W.
I'd say feel better is a small exercise win for me. Its about enjoying the process of doing that small amount of exercise.
I really enjoy doing a small 5 min bodyweight workout or yoga.

Bianka O.
The best advice I got regarding exercise was to pick a time block you would like to exercise. In my case I chose a half hour first thing in the morning. The advice then said that you should always do something in that time block even if it’s only for a smaller amount of time. So I would only exercise for 10 minutes if that was all the time I had. Committing to that time block worked and I eventually worked up to 20-25 minutes and hope to achieve the half hour soon. So do something even if it’s only a small block of time

Arne C.
Hi, I am 82 years old……a young 82 year old lady, but 82, none the less, who has experienced pain in my back since childhood! Of course, I probably caused much of it, as I was one of those kids that could not walk, I had to run! One falls a lot when that happens! I also inherited a less than wonderful skeletal system. Over the years, surgeries helped, however the hips began to claim notice, then the neck and now my knees! I did have Total Hip Replacements, since then no more major surgeries.
While I did exercise in the pool 3 times a week, during the summer, I really did little regular active exercise….except for daily walking my little Shih Tzu for one- half to a full hour, depending on the weather! Too hot was not for a pooch and her mom!
From the beginning of my sort of change in my life because of Fabulous, G-d bless all involved with this incredible app, I have done my stretching at least five days a week and actually for the last two months, I have eaten breakfast, I Don't remember when the last time that I ate a regular daily breakfast! Maybe when I got married almost 62 years ago and left my Mommy! What she didn't know COULD hurt me!
The benefits are so great! I am much more flexible than I have been for the last 50 years or so. I experience much less pain and I am happier. I have known that I have Chronic Kidney Disorder and Failure for over 8 years. I have had a GFR of 21% (for those who don't know what this is, without giving the long name, that you may forget in two minutes, I did, too! It means that it gives the rate of filtering the kidneys are processing out of the body as urine.) At 15%, one is looking at Dialysis, three times a week for 3 or more hours each and/or looking for a new Kidney! This past week, I am pleased to announce, that my latest GFR was 39%. A person can live quite well with 1/3 of one kidney. I give most of the credit to the fact that I am living a healthier way of life and to Fabulous for being there for me.
The system works! Keep trying it!

Ubirani Q.
Normally, getting ready to go is the hardest part, but as soon as I'm out doing a climb on my bike is probably my "I've done it moment"

Lya E.
Every morning I take the make me fabulous exercise of abs. For my wife this is the indicator that I invest in my appearance. While I perform the routine I touch my belly from time to time to feel the hard muscles below the fat cover and thats my fuel to keep going

Jerry C.
Waking up and after drinking water, exercising. If I do that then it's done and I don't have to worry about it the whole day. I wake up I do between 10-20 minutes of exercise because I do not have a lot of time but at least I do it and that for me is enough. Is use an app called 30 days for strength training and an app called down dog for yoga, it depends how my body feels or how tired I am from work and I will do one each day. As soon as I finish It feel like yes! I did it today and now my day can start with NY usual chores or other activities.

Lauren Z.
I try to focus on compound workouts. Those that focus the whole body, a little effort will do for a start but a small exercise will only take you so far. I prefer planks and push ups starting slow and taking it up one second, one rep at a time