How do you get motivated to exercise?

Guy Z.
Usually by going with a friend but if I’m on my own it’s normally trying to remember how good I felt the last time I did it
Aim E B.
A technique that works well for me is visualising an improved version of myself in action. In example – I’m playing volleyball with my friends once a week and to motivate me to additional exercises I’m imaging how I could have played if I jumped higher or had more power in my arms. Then I’m comparing this imaginary level of fitness with my current one and I’m trying to close the gap.
Joseph J.
I remember how great I felt after working out the last time when I need motivation. If that doesn’t work I will go online and image search “Workout/Fitness Before and After” and/or “Weight loss Before and After”. One picture will usually stand out to me and I will go to the site and read their story. Realizing this is a journey, and it is only ONE hour out of my day, I grab my workout bag and I’m ready to go!
Clara U.
I did not. Motivation is not what you need. You need to build persistence, discipline. Motivation come and goes. Routine is more less stable. Push yourself untill it is easier and easier. Untill one day you will see your resistance melting.