Should you exercise every day?

Abi J.
In most circumstances yes, although there may be occasions when you are too ill. Adjust the exercise to your commitments, if you are away with work you might need to find a shorter routine you can do in your hotel room. On holiday there maybe more fun ways to exercise like swimming, canoeing, climbing etc. I like to do the 7 minute workout everyday as a minimum and ideally a 30 minute run after.

Renee U.
I think you should be doing something active everyday, it doesn't have to be specifically exercise. If you're active for work for example you might not need to exercise so it might differ day to day.

Sage E.
If you have the energy but it’s advised to alternate between low intensity workouts (stretching etc) and strenuous exercise, or using a split programme in the gym

Ethan U.
If you feel like you're in a place to do that sure! However, you need to vary the kind of workouts you pursue as well as give yourself a break every now and then. For example, I like to go back and forth between cardio and weights everyday. It gives time for my muscles to heal while also lowering my bmi.
When my week is up, I allow myself one day to rest entirely. Allow yourself to heal, then get back to the gym.

Rasmus Z.
No, I don’t think you should exercise everyday! Unless you’re a body builder 😂, if not than don’t exercise everyday, because you need rest. Now if you want to exercise everyday have a least one or two days off!

Lutfi A.
No. I tolerate skipping a day of exercise when I really need to do something or when I simply don't wan to. But I just let myself do that once or twice a month. I don't want to get off track when it comes to skipping exercise.

Natasha C.
While it may be nice to think that we're invincible, it is important to take breaks every so often to allow our body to recover. Just as we meditate to relax our mind our body must also relax. Take the weekend off, or spend a friday night with some friends. You've worked hard all week and deserve a break <3

Aaron U.
Yes you should exercise everyday because it can come with so many benefits. Such as losing weight, building muscle, and strengthening organ system especially the heart

Martin E.
Yes, exercising every day is great for you! I know it has improved my mood and I feel healthier too. Now that doesn’t mean you have to work out to your limits everyday but some form of activity such as stretching and walking are great for recovery days. Something that doesn’t push you to hard but gets your blood flowing.

Zoey J.
It honestly depends on your definition of excercise. I don't think anyone should do weightlifting on the same body parts every day or high intensity full body workouts. But staying active and low impact excercise seem safe for daily use. It is important to listen to your body to know when you are not ready to work out again. As the saying goes play hurt not injured.

Mathilde C.
Yes, Exercise is very important part of your routine so everyone should do it regularly. Exercise makes you fit, healthy and more active. It gives a perfect start to your morning and you feel more confident.

Guy U.
Yes, it’s important to move your body everyday. You’ll feel better for it. But it doesn’t have to be formal exercise at the gym. Walk, dance, stretch – it’s all good.

Luna E.
I think yes, cause your body and your brain need that, the burst of energy you take from it will help you be more energized and focused on your tasks throughout the day. Do it regularly and keep it simple. Some push-ups and Abdominal crunches can make the job done ⚡ have a wonderful day 💪

Amy O.
It’s entirely up to you! It depends on how long and how intense you exercise. I try to do stretching every night and morning just to make sure I am keeping my body moving as I would say it’s important to do some kind of movement, even if it’s just walking around the house, carrying heavy shopping bags, yoga etc. everybody day But remember it’s okay to have days where you just can’t be bothered. Recovery days are extremely beneficial as well and even elite athletes require them to get the most out of their training!

Carl U.
Exercising even if only for 1 minutes sure does make me feel better so I would recommend do at least 1 minute of exercise daily

Zoe J.
I feel like it depends the exercise. If your doing a hard exercise take a day off every 5 days. But if it's easier take a day off every 7 days.

Faizan N.
Well , in a nutshell. YES.

Doctors advise 30 minutes of activity a day for 5 days, but more if you are trying to loose weight or maintain weight loss.

However daily morning exercise is known to "boost up" your day and get the "zing" going for you.

That does not mean that you have to start off with a 30 minutes a day gym routine.

Start small and build up .

But being regular is the key.

David M.
Yes, you should exercise everyday because it is very important to your brain and body and leads to things like improved confidence, more energy, better appetite, and better sleep.

Tran U.
Yes i try to do exercise every day. Some days i am busy in the morning i will try to compensate by evening exercise. In the evening i will do walking, some work out or meditation.

Jessica T.
Yes! Exercise every day. However, lots of people think that exercise has to be a long, strenuous workout. Even 5-7 minutes of moving your body every day can keep you active and engaged in exercise. Also, when I don't feel like exercising, I try working in a few quick exercises throughout the day. For example, when I am stuck on a challenging piece of my work, I try thinking about it while doing a three minute walk sit. Or I walk up and down the halls while thinking about my next steps. A little bit every day is the way to go!

Rog Rio Q.
Yes, I liked the feeling the that I got while I was exercising because it made me feel like I am responsible and able to be in control of my life in a positive way. Also it's a great way to start the day

In S S.
I try my best to workout everyday but some people don’t need too, I workout to wake myself up, I do mini workouts three times a day, if you feel like you need that’s go ahead, but just remembers it’s OKAY to take breaks 🙂

Najee O.
That all depends on what your aiming for, I usually do one day HIIT, One day Ling Distance, and one Day just Being. I like to do targeted Keto as a vegan, check out Thomas Delauer

Nino Q.
I personally never was an active kid. I tried some small sports here and there, but none ever stuck. As I was advancing in school, I began to feel incomplete. Most of the other students had clubs or sports or even hobbies they participated in. But I felt all I was running on was schoolwork. That’s when I joined my middle school softball team. It gave me a reason to exercise and something to look forward to at the end of the day. Fast forwarding to now (a sophomore in high school), I finally had enough confidence in my strength to join a baseball team. I wanted another challenge, since I have definitely learned that challenges give me a new sense of purpose. However, soon after I signed up, everything else happened. I was home all the time, just like before I joined softball. I fell out of my habits, my sleep schedule was off, and I wasn’t exercising. I blamed not having access, since I would‘ve been doing weight training twice a week but I don’t even own a dumbbell at home. A reason I downloaded this app was to stop making excuses. Exercise makes me feel strong enough to not only accomplish physical obstacles, but even mental ones. So to answer the original question: I found out that if I exercise everyday, I achieve so much more.

Julien I.
No! It's good to give your body some rest, either once a week or do on off exercises, every other day or every two days. Ultimately you know what's best for you and your body, but make sure you take care of it when it needs. It's okay to take a break.

Derek Z.
Yes! I think you should do something that gets you into your body every day, whether it’s a long workout session, or just setting a timer and stretching for a few minutes or walking around the block!

Elisa E.
I do and I feel great for doing so. Even my rest days are active. I may not do the gym work, but I'll do yoga, go for a long walk or something like that.

Jamie T.
Yes, it's proven that exercising daily prevents most of the illnesses associated with the highest death rates. Daily exercises also promotes production of brain chemicals associated with improved mood.

Gary X.
Yes, be mindful of your mood and physical condition. Try to adjust your routine according to that. Mayne sometimes you need to just do some yoga or tai chi, and sometimes you need to run and lift weights. Just whatever feels natural for the moment. If you don't feel like it – stretching, breathing and slow movement is better than nothing, and you will feel much better afterwards.

Frederikke C.

But don't be intimidated. Exercise comes in many forms. The simplest to me is walking. I like to start each day with a morning walk of at least one mile. This helps clear my head and literally and figuratively gets me moving forward.

Give it a shot and see how you feel. The earlier the better.