What do you do when you just don’t feel like working out/exercising?

Jane N.
A short yoga session. One that focuses on stretching and peace. There’s usually some form of strength involved. I consider it a treat rather than exercise. #sarahbethyoga
Oliver X.
I decide on something easy to do. Like a short walk or stretch. I honestly struggle with keeping my exercise consistent as well. The best advice I can give you is to be sure to schedule rest days and take it easy on days that you’re low on willpower. There are some nice motivation infographics on Fabulous and I always tell myself: if you don’t try something (no matter how small) now, you’re going to be in the same place u started a few months from now. Good luck on your journey!
Anna X.
I count to three and then jump out of my bed/couch. The less I think about what I don't feel like doing, the better. I usually play some music while I'm preparing to get myself in workout mood and then just hop on track. The good feeling after a workout is what keeps me doing it over and over again.
Capucine Z.
I just put on some music and do whatever comes to mind. I loop a song or repeat a playlist and repeat one set of exercises over and over again. If you cannot do intense exercises for long then switch it up by doing some light exercises like stretching.
Monsy Y.
I still get prepared even tho I feel like dreadful and then I start out slow put some hype music. My personal fav is pitbull. And soon I’m getting active and feel better.
Katherine A.
Depends on the reason. If I'm going through something personal, I let myself rest. If I know I'm just being lazy, I talk to myself that I should do it because the streak that I have will go back to zero. I just keep thinking that I already started it, so I need to push through it until it becomes a habit and the question of whether I want to do it or not will not come up anymore.
Heileen P.
It really depends on the day. I lift weights and after I finish my workout I put a mark on my calendar which makes me feel good, but if that day I don't feel like doing exercise I do 3 sets instead of 4, or instead of lifting weights I do cardio or dance. Some days I really feel like not doing it because I'm too tired or have too much to study, so I take that day to rest my body and the next day I do my workout as always, because the important thing isn't doing it perfect, but keep trying every day
Abi J.
I usually do mental except uses. They definitely seem less daunting to me, and if I keep them up it can help me do my physical excercises as well!
Michael N.
I would listen to my body and think about its reasons. If I had an extremely hard time then it's time to rest otherwise if I hadn't found a good reason then my body starts to feel energetic.