How do you stop your dog from jumping on you when you’re exercising?

Bernadete Q.
I don’t have a dog but from what little I know maybe giving them a bully stick or bone or something to distract them might help.

Richard X.
To be honest, it seems like your dog loves you a lot and that’s a good thing but try to distract them for a little while and it won’t be for long especially if you have a workout challenge for 10-15 minutes you can give them a new toy or a treat or a bone to chew on. This way you can exercise and still keep an eye on your pet without them jumping on you!

Ellinor F.
I do exercise away of my dog and alone in my bed, when I am alone with some music which make me feel better y can feel the progress

Randall F.
Put your dog in an area where you can’t be interrupted for the duration of your workout. Then if she behaved give them a treat.

Marc B.
Well the quickest and easiest option would be to put them in another room just while you exercise. How do you keep your dog away from you when you're making love?
You could also try saving a special treat like a bone, something that will keep him busy a while and teach him to associate your exercise with his special treat and vice versa. Obviously you'll need to be patient with this kinda pavlovian conditioning but I'm sure you've done it with house, lead(leash) training and more.
Perhaps take him(or her, sorry I have 3 males) for a jog before feeding him and he may naturally leave the you alone (unless you have a spaniel) and nap during your exercise.

Elias E.
A good solution to this issue is to excersize while your dog eats. If you prefer to excersize a different time, you could go to another room, or let your dog outside.

Veneranda N.
So I crate train my pup but if you don't like crates you and also bed train him. Say the phrase go to bed and then lead him over to their bed/spot. Once they lay down give them a treat. This takes about 2 weeks with puppies a few days to a week with older dogs. Be sure to get small training treats or your pupster will get chubby.

Adelheid E.
Well you can put your dog away in another room. Or go outside without him. But why dont you excise with him? Use him as a tool to exercise. Run with him outside for example.

Shane N.
I put her in the bedroom with bed, food and water. That stuff is usually there anyways. I do my workout then out she comes.

Earl P.
Gotta train him, best is to help him understand that it's not his space when you're exercising, positive reinforcement with treats when he doesn't disturb you during exercise should do the trick, should be able to get it in 1week

Walentina O.
Backyard, or give him/her something to chew on or just simply close the dog into a separate room for your workout. You can also take the dog on a good long walk/run to tire them out as a warm up

Melissa C.
Lol…. I have gates that control where my dogs can go in the house. When I’m exercising they are in the kitchen. Orvis sells nice doggie gates.