How do you prevent yourself from consuming sugar?

Giorgia N.
Initially I would find it hard not to eat sugary food or drinks. So without thinking too much I began lowering my sugar intakes from coffee. I have never really been an avid consumer of sugar itself but I thought to myself “what if I actually stop or reduce taking sugar intakes”. I also thought it would be better for my diet and healthy overall. As I said, I started with coffee, for if before I would put a spoon, I would now begin with putting half a spoon for a few days. Eventually, after few weeks of reducing sugar on coffee I would automatically reduce sugar on other foods as well. Therefore, after some time I no longer put sugar into the coffee, whichever type of coffee. Neither do I put sugar on other foods or consume ones with high sugar levels.
Dante Q.
I tried to remember that I should only eat when I am hungry. I use my wants and goals as drive to eat healthier. Plus, a little sugar never hurts.
Aaron P.
It’s like you don’t have to be really full when eating a meal. When I feel like craving for sugar, I would eat something less sugary like dark chocolate. When I prepare too much food, I usually would ask someone to help me finish eating the rest.