Hey there fellow self improver! Could you tell me what exercise you manage to keep within 20 minutes every morning? I seem to always go overboard and spend too much time. Thank you so much for your answer.

Jesse N.
Im a dancer, and I always love dancing workouts. Firstly I start off with some yoga stretching (like
5 min) then the workout or just dance XD and then some muscle strengthening and for the end some breathing exercises with little movement
Marilyn O.
I do some simple weight lifts at home and some body movement activities. And then a simple sun salutation yoga routine. I do a lot of physical work in my job so I don't feel the need to do long workouts but I also hate working out so I'm predisposed to working out as little as possible
Advika N.
Start with streching, 10 mins cardio , work on the perticular parts like and or legs (switch every day but focous on only 1 part each day) or you can even switch it with some dance and last but not the least strech or 2 minutes and take few deep breaths to finish it off . This is a very basic and bigginer friendly and also a very time saving routine that i found out and one that i do everyday . Hope you'll like it =)
Gabrysia O.
Hi, to be honest i usually don't have much time so I just do around 20 push-ups and squats. I think if you have a problem with spending too much time on it, you could install an app with exercises. I have one and it has exercises for 5, 10, 20 minutes so you can choose how much time you want to spend. Or if you want to do your own exercises you can just set an alarm for yourself and finish when it rings.
I hope it helped!
Have a good day 😁

Ps. Sorry for any grammar mistakes in my English.