How to make the pauses in my routine during illness the least possible impacting on my will to continue in it?

Ma Line Z.
I would still do the activity but only symbolically, like put your running shoes on and you workout clothes but then don’t work out. If this is not a good idea because you are just to sick, I would focus whole heartedly on your illness. After all the point of all these habits is to improve yourself. You can’t do that without your body, which is why most of the early habits start out helping your body.
I grew up living wildly. There is a line from a Phish song(they are band) where they say:”I never understood what my body was for, which is why I always leaving laying out on the floor.
The shape of curiosity
We’re different faces, different forms”
This was immature because this experimenting was in the long term bad for my body. You most take care of your body, especially when sick. The healthier your body, the easier it is to start working on having a healthy mind or soul. Like it or not we live in a physical world so you must take care of your physical self.
When sick I often think of my favorite quote from “Hippocrates”(turns out Hippocrates was not one person)
“Before healing you begin healing your patient, ask if he is willing to give up that which made him sick.”
Good luck with your illness. Rest is key. Most medicines treat symptoms which is fine but does not replace the need for rest.

Herwig U.
I would suggest 2 things. First, if you can’t complete your routine as it currently is, could you simplify it? Even if it is very small, what is it that you can still do even though you are ill?
Second, try to keep in mind the long term goals that you are trying to achieve through your routine. This might help to maintain your motivation.