How do you motivate yourself to work out after you forget to work out the previous day?

Kelly U.
That is exactly what happened to me today. I motivate myself by just making myself remember very often the goal in mind. And I try to remember that if I don't push myself, no one will. In my case, I want to someday get the physique of Marianela Nuñez, a ballerina of the Royal Opera House, so I try to remember that if I don't do excersise today, I'll most likely won't do it tomorrow and I'll never reach my goal. That sad thought at the very least makes me feel bad of not doing excersise, which then translates into me starting the routine.

Oscar Y.
I have a dream board with the picture of the body type I want and I also remember how good and energized I feel after working out

Scarlett F.
Doing an easy or short workout makes me feel motivated, as if I'm starting over again, but usually I will end up having to do extra work the next day as a result. That can be good, because I feel like I'm catching up.

Malou Z.
Don’t beat yourself up-and lay out your clothes so they are ready for you next time. Also this app’s encouraging little noises are helpful.

Rosa W.
It starts with capturing the way you feel after you work out. Tired? Yep. Sore? Sometimes. Accomplished? Always.

Capture how you feel at the end of the day after a workout. Did you have more energy through the day? Did you get more done? Did you eat better? How did you sleep that night?

Keeping the results in mind helps keep me motivated to go out. There are days where my legs physically can't run, but hopping on the elliptical works for me.

Perry N.
I put my gym clothes out on the side whilst I feel guilty for not working out, and I start small again so that if I feel unmotivated I can tell myself "it's just 10 minutes"

Patric Z.
I usually wake up at 5 am as my dog has to do his thing and after that we go to the park and we play I always get more energy when I play with my dog and I have to put that energy somewhere so I workout sometimes a boost of motivation can be found in simple things maybe sunrise motivates someone to get things done

Lambert Z.
I find using the fabulous app is helpful – because it comes up every day. And if I’m running late, I’ll do a briefer one – like the 7 min workout instead of going to the gym. Or a shorter run. Anything so I’m still exercising.

Tiago Q.
I focus on my long term goal. I do not beat myself up for it because life happens. I remind myself that this is a lifestyle change. If I miss a day, I tell myself that I will make up for it the next day. I make sure that I do a little bit more the next day.

Nikolaj Z.
I try and remind myself of how I felt on the day I did excercise vs the day I didn’t excercise. Most of the time, I had a much better day when I found time to work out. That motivated me to workout again, knowing it will probably lead to more good feelings. I also have it planned the night before and on a list to check off the next morning

Friedo F.
Who cares what happened yesterday! What counts is today.

Jeffery Z.
I remind myself that I've only allowed additional time for my body to recover and that I can hit the gym that much harder when I make it in. Muscles don't deteriorate over just a couple days, and neither does fat magically appear over night. That's the motivation; failure is acceptable, but it takes more than a couple days to call it defeat.

Felix Y.
I usually work out every day. I sometimes don't when I am lazy or tired, especially the weekend and very occasionally during a difficult week. I always workout before going to work, so it is easy for me to restart exercising after a few lazy days when the week starts again!

Dener E.
You focus on your long term goals. What will you gain if you get up and do your workout? How proud of yourself will you be tomorrow when you realise that despite your boredom and lack of motivation you followed through? Also think about how the first days are crucial for forming that new habit and how once it becomes that, a habit, it will become far easier for you. It is also vital not to "punish" yourself for not working out one day. It's OK everyone has these type of days, as long as you get back on track, it definitely won't matter in the future.

Kassandra O.
I remind myself how good I am feeling and the strength I am enjoying. I dint want to start over so get busy and get after it. I’m always glad I did!

Wanda T.
Well you have to start from somewhere so I promise myself to workout every day and if I forget to do it I would start over from the beginning

Linda O.
I try to think of something small and simple that I wouldn't mind doing. I can dance to three songs, do a couple sun salutes.

Isaac T.
Tell yourself that one mistake does not define you. That just because you forgot once doesn't mean you should give up on your goals entirely. External motivators help as long as they don't derail you.

Justine F.
I have a schedule that I follow, so I don't "forget." If I don't work out, then I tell myself it must be a priority the next day even if it is for a less intense session.