How do you motivate yourself in the morning when you are feeling “blah”?

Tiffany O.
I find that opening the blinds to let light in and starting a favorite music mix is helpful to wake my mind up in the morning.
Gauthier Z.
I like to get some uptempo music going. Once I can get the music going, then I start moving. That usually gets me up and going.
Nicole Z.
I tell myself that theres no other option than to just get out of bed right away. It literally takes me a second. I never snooze any alarmclocks, nor do I laze around after getting out. The second I wake up I know that it’s a new day and it is in my hands to make it productive and be happy obout it.
Xenia Q.
I just try to remind myself my goals and remember that there's no point in stopping now. If I got this far why would I want to ruin it? Remember no pain no gain so don't stop and push yourself (not to hard tho) becouse there are always ups and downs.
Isla N.
Well, you need to tell yourself that you are amazing and that you are doing this because you want a change and that always motivates me! Keep going you can do it and you WILL succeed
Beverley U.
It's difficult, but I usually think about one thing that sounds enjoyable weather it's making a food I enjoy, completing a challenging task that shows results or a phone call with someone who is motivating. If that doesnt work and I'm feeling sad I'll do something creative and expressive like making a song, writing or sculpting .
Beatriz Y.
I keep the promise that I will try my best. Maybe I can’t exercise in the morning, but then I will do so as soon as I can.
Concei O C.
Watch an episode of a comedy show to get into a better headspace. It may sound like a waste of time but the greater waste of time would be going through your day in a bad mood and doing everything inefficiently.
Meghan F.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have those mornings? If we could wake up and be ready to do all the things we need to do.

The best thing I did to help with motivation is create a routine. I get up every morning and workout. I also have visual cues in my bedroom. I’ll put out my exercise clothes the night before.

If I still don’t want to get out of bed, I remember my why. Why I am going to the gym? My why is my kids and being the best version of myself for them.

Ask yourself how you’ll feel if you don’t do what you need to. If I don’t workout now, I know I’ll be cranky all day.

Even all these things don’t help me feel it some days. It’s those days when you don’t feel motivated that matter most. Do it anyway. Show up anyway. You’ll feel better once you do.

Andrea B.
Loading it up with simple tasks you enjoy. I like brewing coffee and reading news. Making routine stuff into a task makes you feel you have accomplished more and allows you to tackle more difficult deeper work after
Erika T.
It happens to me alot , what you need to do is to think about the rest of your day , if you start your morning with a lazy attitude , you will be opening the doors to a day without any meaning , why wasting that time of your life when you can complete alot of tasks and you will eventually give yourself a time to celebrate and relax in the evening , also , you can download an app called "be eleven" That gives you daily motivational quotes , you are capable of doing alot , believe in yourself🌸!
Chen K.
I think of my morning routine as taking time to treat myself. I pick exercises I like, play music I like, and eat foods I enjoy. I always make sure I enjoy my morning routine, so that it doesn't feel like work. I do HIIT when I feel super energized, and simple stretches when I'm tired. You don't need extra motivation for something you truly enjoy.
Nancy N.
Hmmmm, I think I try to find the energy and the motivation in my self. I will stare at the ceiling for 5 and then I will push my self and say “let’s do this, you can go back to bed tonight”
Tristan N.
The only thing motivating me to even get out bed in the morning is a desire for a better life than the one I live now. I have goals that I need to accomplish and failure is not an option. The only way I can live the life I want is by doing the hard stuff now.
Kristina C.
I find some time to meditate and to relax. After that I remember myself what I really want to achieve and try to follow that during the day.
B Rbara E.
I still have to find more things that motivate me, but usually a listen to some songs that I know it will make me move and dance and feel happy. If I dance and I’m feeling happy, I know I’ll be motivated to do things for the rest of the day
Aubrey P.
Just trust the process, don't overthink, create a discreet that motivates you do it. That way you won't think, I shut down internet until I'm done with my motivations, plane mode also helps, and at the end You know deep down yourself you wanna do it. If not, don't it, but don't say you want it and then don't do it. I tried it many times and failed until now I decided to be honest with myself.
Katelyn C.
I go to bed with my blinds open so that when I wake up the sunlight helps me to get up and feel energized. It helps that I don’t live in a neighborhood so there’s no fear of people peeking in. I make sure to set my alarm far enough away from bed that I have to get out of bed to shut it off. This helps me to get on my feet and get my mind active.
Ashley A.
well, it really just depends upon me because i am doing this for myself. so i motivate myself by thinking about the benefits i could get when i wake up and get moving.
Howard U.
There's definitely been more of those mornings for me as opposed to the productive ones. One thing different is I prepare for it the night before. Keep my wate bottle filled, layout the yoga mat and decide my gym clothes. I also sleep with the mentality that tomorrow morning I'm gonna achieve all my set goals.

If I still feel 'blah', i understand that its ok and focus on the easier tasks instead of the whole routine.

Lise T.
I used an attitude journal. Debra Searles is really motivational and makes me think about what I want out of the day. You don’t have to use it every day but for those you need it on, it gives you focus