Would it be fine if I just stretch in the morning as a workout?

Amanda T.
Definitely! Whatever makes you feel like you’re moving your body. I would recommend maybe doing a simple 10 minute workout later just because it’s good for the body. But stretching in the morning is amazing! I would also recommend yoga in the mornings, it’s amazing.
You can also stretch and maybe do a few crunches, jumping jacks and squats. It’s simple and you’re getting your body moving

Shelley X.
I would recommend doing some kind of warm up or yoga first. Stretching cold muscles could cause damage so you could either do dynamic stretches to make sure them muscles are getting warmed up while being stretched then do static stretched. If you're primary objective is to accomplish weight loss or get in shape… you'll be best in adding in other workouts as well to get your heart rate up.

Terry E.
I've never really been big on working out until now (my body is completely out of shape) but I don't see stretching as a workout but more of a warm-up before a workout to prevent injury to your actual workout. You'll burn more fat if you workout BEFORE your first meal of the day because your body would be burning FAT instead of the CALORIES you get from a meal. Hope this info helps! 😃

Marie Z.
I always consider a good stretch for a workout. Not only does it burn more calories than you think, but it is also a good way to prepare your body for the day.

Khadija N.
I prefer you stretch before workout….it won't really burn fats and get your blood move at each end of your body faster…you don't have to workout so long…7 minutes of workout is enough…and don't forget to stretch before and after working out

Khushi E.
Yes. The workout doesn't have to be an intese workout. Something as simple as stretching or walking around your neighborhood is fine.