What is your choice of excercise?

Oscar Y.
I love dancing it’s mentally and physically stimulating. So I always prefer a workout with either my fav music or dance workouts online like Zumba or cardio.
Dean N.
I swap a few different movements depending on my current goals. Currently, I’m stretching every morning and adding some longer strength training sessions on Mon, Wed., & Fri. first thing in the morning as well. These sessions focus on fully body, basic functional movements such as squats and correctional exercises for a shoulder issue I’m healing from.
D Lia N.
I work out everyday with this app called fit on. It has differnet types of exercises such as yoga, HIIT, strength training and so on and i love it. I really recommand it to others
Katarina Q.
Even though its super bad for my knees, I love running first thing in the morning. It forces you to have a cold shower and eat a good breakfast, giving you an energy boost.