I truly struggle with getting out of bed in the morning. I just recently started to work from home, so I’m not required to be anywhere at a certain time. What are some tricks or motivators you use to start the morning?

J Rgen R.
Put an alarm on your phone and put your phone a place that you don’t reach , so when the alarm rings you will get of the bed and stop it .
Denise U.
Honestly, I tempt myself to get out of bed with a delicious, healthy, high protein breakfast. For example, a banana and peanut butter smoothie, a veggie omelet, or a bowl of oatmeal with a bit of pure maple syrup and almonds. Just make sure it's something you really love and is realistic to prepare and you will want to go get it. If you are really tired in the morning maybe have a high protein nutrition shake. Bonus points if you drink water beforehand. Then once you are nourished do some exercise that you like to do to wake up further such as dancing
to great music or taking a walk.
Dragan F.
I have a similar problem, when I have to work long hours during the night. I suggest using some of the stoic lines such as "it is in my nature to get up and work," or if you are not of that inclination, just think of your future Self
Katherine G.
I found I made a morning routine that I enjoyed getting up for. Also put my phone somewhere in my room where I actually have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off. I also just get straight in the shower, I tell myself to do just that 1 thing when I wake up, and then that usually wakes me up to do the next couple steps in my morning routine.
And just remember baby steps I find it helps to just make one small change at a time.
Barry X.
Totally hear you on this. I drive for uber so the lack of structure can sometimes be a challenge.

I use an app called Woodland Alarm Clock. It wakes you up to the sound of birds. I love it. It gets louder gradually and sounds incredibly natural. I set it for the exact same time every day (9am is good for me). This will put your body in a rhythm.

Maybe check with your doctor to see if you struggle with depression or, if you aren't getting good quality sleep. There are medications and therapies for that. I had undiagnosed ADHD and since getting on medication I'm doing a lot better.

Sleep with a weighted blanket and use essential oils like lavender to help you sleep. In the morning, I find frankincense energizing and use it as part of my morning routine.

Before you go to bed, set up your office area to work. Whatever you need. I like to sit on an exercise ball, and again, that essential oils…they help me get in the mood to write or get boring computer work done. Maybe you have a bluetooth speaker you use or find your favorite pen. Whatever.

Also. Put on your shoes. Don't wear your pajamas all day. Sounds nice but I find it sabotages my productivity.

Guy U.
I have the same problem, I'm not really a morningperson. First I set my alarm with the sleep cycle app. It shows how much sleep you had, and if I see it is enough, I get better out of bed (and they have a nice alarmsystem so that you will wake up). Second, what really helps is light. You're body needs some melatoin (It's a hormon that regulates the sleep-wake system). So what I do, is when I wake up I sit in the sunlight for about 5 minutes. (If it is still dark at your place you also have lamps that will protect the same light). And least of all, I do power yoga in the morning. First it was really hard, but after a week I felt more energized. I hope some of the tips will help you! Goodluck!
K Q.
Put your alarm clock far away from your bed so you have to get up. Slowly work up a routine to prevent yourself from getting back into bed – turn off your alarm and immediately start breakfast, make tea, begin your workout or check work email in a space that is not your bedroom. GET DRESSED! I can't stress enough how this will change your mindset.
Kristin Z.
I set an intention the night before what I am excited about the next day. That energy gets me up more easily. It also helps to put your alarm into a different room so you physically have to get up to turn it off.
Elizabeth N.
Placing your alarm clock across the room for your bed forces you to get up and turn it off. Make a rule that once your feet hit the floor you can no longer lay back down. Start the day off with reflection and self-care to ease yourself into the day. When you work from home you should still have a set schedule that you need to adhere to. That of course is difficult to self regulate. I had the exact same trouble when I work from home. But important to separating home time from work time. Very few people, I think can do this effectively. Having an office or designated space for work helps. Or go to a coffee shop or other spot to work.
Daphn Y.
Even if you're not leaving home for work, when you make up in the morning, get up, make your bed, change your clothes/get dressed as if you were going to work, it makes a huge difference when you do this on productivity, instead of working in pajamas or lounge wear
Kaitlin A.
Keep your alarm far so you have to get up from your bed and do some exercises, yoga or take a walk anything that energize you
Guillermo N.
I would say the most important thing is to always remember why you are waking up early. Do you really need to wake up early? Or is it a social pressure?

For me for instance I wake up early to be able to read the morning news in order to make advantage of it and trade stocks accordingly during the morning. Some times I miss the morning wake up, but the days that I feel like I don't want to wake up I just remind myself that I am doing to trade stocks. That if I don't wake up I won't be able to trade.

Maybe your reason is to make more time in the evening to do other things you want to do, so remind yourself of that every morning. That you are waking up so that you will get this and that, etc.

Nelson F.
I also work from home! To get out of bed early I found out that letting my curtains open during the night will make the sun enter my room early in the morning and I wake up naturally and gradually. Also the night before I decide what I will do in the morning. And it's very important to choose something that you really like, for example playing a video game, exercise, etc.. anything that can motivate you to get out of bed. It's REALLY rewarding to wake up early. You will have so much time to do everything you like and more.
Людмила N.
My pick me up includes 2 things: first thing in the morning I drink water the moment I wake up, then staying in bed I stroke my hands over my face, hands and legs.