How long should you exercise per day?

Eamonn Y.
Well it depends if you are a beginner I would say 2 – 3 minutes but if you're at the goal a long time I would say around about 10 – 20 minutes
Socorro N.
I like to do exercise because this make me feel better and dynamic. I am doing exercises 15-20 minutes approximately per day, in the morning.
Rebecca B.
You can exercise as long as your body can allow. It all depends on your goals and how fast you want to achieve them. Personally, i do like 7 minutes of workout then in the future i plan to move higher.
Nicklas Y.
Myślę że 10 minut to minimum które można wykonać codziennie. Jeśli masz ochotę możesz dłużej jeśli twoje ciało tak podpowiada ale jeśli nie 10 minut jest idealne na rozruch.
Carrie O.
At least 20-30 minutes…i although I don’t disagree to do 10 minutes.. especially if you haven’t in a while and it helps to get back on a routine… as anything is better then nothing!
Debra O.
I believe that it depends on what you are capable to do. Wether you can to 10 minutes, 30 or an hour as long as you do something.
Karen Q.
You should exercise for 1-2 hours per day, but not all of this has to be planned exercise. Most comes from simply walking around during the day.
Mimi U.
60 minutes of exercise per day is what i aspire to achieve, but as of right now when i choose to work out it’s usually 40 minutes of cardio type exercise with weight lifting. i follow a series of youtube workout videos and complete them in my room on my yoga mat. i only work on my arms and full body, but i’d like to add in more specific workouts for my abs and legs as well.
Janet T.
Before installing Fabulous, I used to exercise twice a week since i haded P.E at school but now as keeping a healthy habit and keeping myself up I am exercising 5 times a week you see my improvement. 😁🤣
Shima N.
20 minutes is enough but I usually do resistant training which lasts for an hour and thirty minutes but the days where I have no motivation or I’m feeling very sluggish my exercise only lasts up to a minute
Freddy Z.
Start very small. Just 1 minut a day (try the free 1 minute exercising from fabulous). This will have a great impact on your health and won't overwhel you at the same time. Then you can increase time little by little, week by week, 'til you find the right time that can fit perfectly between your mental health and the time you can dedicate to exercising.
Roan W.
It depends on how mutch time your willing to put in personally I'll do 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just remember mindset is everything
Ana Q.
One should exercise for as long as your body lets you and as long as you want. Sometimes you didn't have great sleep, and 10 minutes of activity are enough to energize yourself but not to get tired. Sometimes it's easy to go outside and ride bike, walk, or play soccer with your friends for hours. Whatever the situation, it's important to stay active!
Corey E.
If you’re just starting off, start small like 10 minutes. Usually it’s 30 minutes but as you get use to your workout, you can increase your time.
Mathias Y.
Exercise, for however long you can; not how long you want to, but how long you can, that day. Set the time length higher the next day. If you exercise for an hour the first day, exercise for an hour and 30 minutes the next day. Add a new routine to your workout each day. You did squats today. Do squats, and sit ups, the next day. Even if it’s 10 push ups one day, because you were short on time, do it. Don’t give up. Don’t over work yourself, but don’t under achieve yourself either.
Adriana I.
As long as you can. As long as it feels good. Find something that feels good, it’s fun and fits easily in your schedule. I do jumping jacks with my students during PE and run the mile with them. That’s it.
Lucille U.
I think you should start very very small, as in a 1 minute or even 30 seconds and then gradually increase the time you spend exercising. Then research how much is healthy to exercise per day and stop increasing the time you spend doing that when you hit the healthiest period.
Romy C.
I think the general rule is about 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day but one can work up to this if they're not ready
Aisha N.
Based on my fitness junkies friends’ opinions and some personal trainers, if you workout every day 20-30 mins is a good amount. However, if you workout 3-4 days a week, an hour is supposed to be enough.

In any case, do things at your own pace, and don’t worry too much about the shoulds and shouldn’ts, everything will naturally fall into place and you will naturally start spending more time working out once you ease your body into the process – when working out transitions from a painful to an enjoyable experience.

Arnold O.
Sixty minutes a day of activity is generally recommended, but this does not mean you need to exercise intensely during the entire period.
Darren O.
somewhere between 10 mins and 1 hr is good but it depends on what you are doing and trying to accomplish. for less demanding stuff doing it longer will be more effective but if it is more demanding doing less is more
Waleed Q.
I honestly think u should do 45 min above because believe me if u do like a like gym workout like u need alot of time and if u dont take a lit of time the results are going to be slow except if ur doing like an abb work out then 5 to 15 min max
Ricardo J.
I believe 8minutes a day is enough but it's nice to always push yourself to do more if you have goals you want to achieve in a given period. The time will pass, you might as well just give it your all.
Mary E.
30 of concentrated exercise per day is a good goal. You can also find little ways to move more throughout the day, like parking further away and always taking the stairs!
Amy O.
I think I should exercise for about 30 minutes to one hour each day to get my body moving and take a break from all the little stressors.
Crystal A.
Anything above the amount of 10 minutes I think. Best one of all is to go for a short jog. 15 mins. It helps me and uplifts my mood
Mareike Z.
Personally I exercise around twice a day, I do a workout either at night or first thing in the morning depending on how I feel, and then I try to go on a walk during the day. I have always walked as my parents are both avid walkers, but I only started working out a few weeks ago. I am hoping to start doing workouts twice a day instead of once though. If you are new to exercise then start of steady and maybe only do one form of exercise a day. I hope this helped.
Sasha F.
When I have time, I exercise as much as I can! I usually don't have time because of all my homework, but i try my best to exercise at least 10 mins a day 🙂 Try it too! Small steps lead to big things ❤
Bianca Z.
I exercise in the morning for 30-40min with 3 cardio workouts and a 15min pilate workout. In the afternoon I exercise for an hour for my abs and booty.
Emilly N.
by morning i'm not used to exercise right after wake up but i love going to uma by morning when i'm not at college, the days i'm busy hub morning i like to go afternoon and do some 60min weightlifting training
Evangelista I.
i start with small morning yoga ☺️ i feel really better than before but i think its not enough exercise time for everyone. you know its different for some one who was active before or someone who was less active even than me . But the right in this
Jasmine Y.
Oatmeal. Me and my 1 year old eat oatmeal everyday. She’ll eat other breakfast food but oatmeal is just quick and easy. And it’s healthy. I like to add fruit sometimes.
Th Odore Y.
As long as you want. People have always told me at least 30 minutes but I find that I can’t focus for that long and that I have too many things to do so sometimes I go less than 30 minutes. All in all however long you want to workout for is good as long as you are moving.
Mariette H.
It depends of the body and lifestyle you have. If you are skinny you are not going to do the same exercise as someone who's not. If you are sedentary as well, you won't do the same exercise as someone so does exercise. So maybe research more about what exercises can do based on your life and body and then you won't burn out (as I did months ago).
Molly Y.
Fabulous suggests 8 minutes of exercise, but I say it should be multiple 5, that way it’s easier to remember and make a habit of.
Marian P.
I usually exercise for at least 10 minutes and day. But it depends on how much spare time you have. If you're new to exercising start very small. Like 5 minutes a day. Then gradually increase it to a favourable duration. But remember don't overdo it!
Ken S.
Ten minutes four times a day may be likely to fit into your schedule while an alternate plan is to walk or jump yer jacks for one half hour solidly each day. Give yourself a day off after fifty days. Good luck.
Sheila X.
You should at least exercise 15 minutes to 1 hour a day, but if you feel lazy or unmotivated, you can try to exercise at least 1-5 minutes. But remember, it also depends if you have health problems that you are having at the moment, remember to check with your doctor so you don’t overdo it
Eamonn Y.
Well it depends if you are just beginning I would say around about 2-3 minutes but if your at this goal a long time I would say 10-20 minutes
Siena I.
i usually do the 1 minute get moving little program here but then i walk a lot during the day i also strech and dance and sometimes i also have pe at school so there's no prescice answer!
River G.
If you don’t have much time, you can try a 5 minute workout. If you can do 5-10 minutes almost everyday. You can also go on runs or walks around your neighborhood
Zardilaque E.
Dending on where you are starting from, practice breathing steady paced exercise for around 5mins then set reminders for a time each day then progress from 5mins onwards
Kate N.
It’s an individual choice — I walk a least 250 steps about half the hours I’m awake plus I walk 30-45 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 10 minutes after lunch and again in the evening. I use 5-8 # weights for upper body workouts and bands for upper & lower work 5-7 days a week. I haven’t exercised consistently for years so this is my beginner routine. I also take 2 mild exercise classes a week — I follow every walk or exercise session with 2 eight-ounce glasses of water.
Samir T.
You should exercise at least 15-30 minutes a day. Exercise is really good for your body. Even if you walk for 10-15 minutes it will aid in digestion and boosting your mood.
Emma E.
I used to workout for at least 1 hour three days a week. But now that I'm feeling less motivated I have a new plan. I'll give myself a simpler goal to reach: 10 minutes of workout every day. That's very easy to do and it's good to get me going. Then it's easier to add more time if I'm feeling like it or just leave it there if I'm too busy or tired. This way I can feel good about myself and about reaching a goal without the guilt of the 1-hour workout
Connie F.
Honestly i would say just listen to your body, dont put pressure on yourself to go crazy with a high intensity workout if your body doesnt feel fueled. If anything you can always take 10 min out of your day to meditate or try some yoga in your room.
Elizabeth J.
if you have a day where you're gonna be moving around a lot and walking from building to building or taking a lot of stairs, then 10-20 minutes is a good amount. this way, you're still getting in the habit of doing exercise. if you have a day, however, that is going to consist mostly of sitting or driving or being at home, then you should try to get your total time to 30-60 minutes. for example, to break the day up, you could do a 15-30 minute walk at one point, and a 15-30 minute workout later.
Ally C.
Try exercise for 60mins per day, if you struggle with that, try and exercise for 10mins and exercise for longer and longer everyday.
Anton X.
I exercise 10 to 15 minutes per day. But, I am a student and during exams I have to skip exercise for many days ( 15 to 20 days)
Crotty X.
I normally exercise about 10-30 mins per day following a video, but I also don't just sit around during the rest of the day. I go to the pool almost every day too, which is very good exercise. This means I spend about an hour every day exercising!
Alex N.
As much as your body is able to handle! It’s always great to set goals for distance or time, but listening to your body is the key to exercise.
Meredith G.
It really depends on how you feel. If your tired then you shouldn't exercise as much but on a normal day maybe like 20 or 30 minutes . It really depends on what your doing though.
Izzy E.
If you are new to exercising, take it easy and do as much as you can without overwhelming yourself. Gradually, you will be able to exercise longer and longer.
Eric E.
Short Answer: 20-30min
Long Answer: Start with 5 min of exercise daily. Pick exercises that interest you and use that 5 min to explore how they feel in your body. As you explore new exercises, pair them with previous ones you like and increase your workout time incrementally moving towards the goal of 20 min
Dulce N.
You should exercise at least 10 minutes a day but if you are sore do light yoga or everyday walking to accompany a short exercise in a different area if you are consistent you will get strong and less pain
Mathue I.
Personally I put in between an hour and three hours daily at the gym. I’m sure to diversify which parts I work in order to not strain since three hours is usually considered rather lengthy. Cardio is key. I think 45 minutes to an hour should be a given amongst all walks of life.
Ella J.
However long you can! Sometimes I’m only in the mood for a 5 minute workout or walk, but as long as it’s something then it’s great. Ideally tho I try to get 25-30 mins a day
Georgia U.
i think 25 minutes of moderate exercise (such us fast walking or cycling) is recommended daily. i would suggest having 1-2 days of heavier training or simply doing some sport.
Salma N.
Ummm, I didn’t understand your question, is it supposed to be how many times to exercise per day or how much is the period of time for exercising, I’ll answer both. You should exercise at least twice per day and the period of time should be from 7-15 minutes.

Thank you for your questions

Mercan N.
I am a water polo player and I train professionally. I train 3 hours a day. But if you are not used to do exercise daily, I suggest you at least 30 minutes a day and a healthy diet to keep up with your exercise programe
Ella J.
I believe that there is no good answer to this question because the answer is different for everyone. Some people don’t need much exercise, and some do. Do whatever makes you feel good. 🙂
Patrick B.
It depends on the type of exercise. The more intense the shorter it should be, otherwise cortisol is created within your body which will break your muscles down. This is the opposite of what we want. Fast walking is a good form of exercise to take us in the right direction. Perhaps 30 minutes minimum per day. But probably best to adopt the steps approach building to an objective that builds your body in all respects
Thea Y.
For me it depends on what your goal is that you want yo reach with exercising. For me who wants to get healthy then +-30 min. For me to get stronger +- 2 to 3 hours.
Joyce P.
I'm not so sure about that. I got back to exercising just when I started this, and when I started to do my regular 30 mins workout, I couldn't do it any more. So I started to do 5 mins exercises again, I will increase the intensity if I can do it easily so yeah
Tobias P.
They recommend exercising for at least 20 minutes a day! I don’t have enough time in my morning to exercise for 20 minutes unless I wake up even earlier. I’m wondering if I could break those 20minutes up over the day🤷🏻‍♀️ But for now if I exercise at 7 minutes every day, I will be pleased!
Dylan B.
At least half an hour a day. I personally prefer 5 min stretching 10min excercise followed by 5 min sun salutation 5 min yoga and 5 min meditation
Katessa S.
I would start with about 30 minutes of light exercise. I don't recommend starting with anything too extreme. I personally did 15 minutes of stretching first and then for the remaining 15 minutes I chose to do simple exercises. E.g: Jumping Jacks, Lunges, Planks, Squats and Knee Kicks to name a few. A personal quote I like to keep in mind is " Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes". So if you're expecting something to change then the change should start with you. These new habits this app is helping us form may seem small and silly, but for me personally it has already improved my morning in only 4 short days. So please keep going! Good Luck 🤞
Seaneen N.
I think it really depends on the exercise, and your levels of health and ability. I think 30 minutes of walking every day can be a great habit to build up your cardio and improve your mental well-being.
Jonathan Z.
It all depends how long you have been exercising. If your new to it, start small at 15 minutes and gradually work up to an hour!
Daniela X.
I think the best thing would be an hour training at least 3 times a week if you want to improve your body! It would also be ok for beginners, while if you don’t have time the minimum would be 20 min almost everyday~ If you want to put everything into exercise then 30-60 min everyday
Dina Q.
I feel like it depends on what you do throughout your day. I do a lot of running back and forth so I only have 2 hours of day dedicated to workout routines
Aina F.
I myself have no clue. Some say it depends on age and some say on weight. So, I try to just jump and do a few exercises in after getting up to be able to make it a habit. Otherwise, sometimes, maybe three times a week, I indulge in a high intensity workout composed of usually 10-20 minutes or a little more.
And I walk around 5 days a week for 30 minutes.
I think it's enough to make sleep well and feel rejuvenated.
Aman F.
What ever feels right, remember to enjoy it and do it as long as you can enjoy it. Don't make it too much tiering, thats how you loss you habit start small like 5-10 mins then buildup from there. One step at a time, don't leap Coz you will fall.
Silje C.
Cardio and a muscle group which 60 mins to 30 mins sounds good. On bad days still try to do 30 mins so that you don't get into the habit of only doing 10-15 min workouts. But a workout is better than no workout so if you're super busy 10-15 mins is absolutely okay.
Gracie Z.
On somedays (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) exercise about 2 hours if not more. On other days i try to get in the 7 minute workout but i usually end up exercising for about an hour if not more.
Brianna O.
Since embarking on my exercise journey towards the end of 2021, I began exercising for 20-30mins 3-4 times per week.

I am currently 2 months into my exercise routine and have increased my total exercise time to 40-60mins 6 times a week. Sometimes if I am having a good day, I would throw in an extra 20mins of fun dance cardio to increase my stamina.

My fitness journey so far has yielded me much fruit as well as enlightened me to about my inner self

Eckehard X.
Start with 10-15 minutes until you your body adjust to the new routine then you can increase the duration and challenge yourself with longer durations
T O T.
My rule of thumb is that anything is better than nothing. And the key is to make it easy and convenient. This establishes a habit. I do 7 burpees in the morning. Sometimes, I walk around the block. This, I know, is enough, for I know I am playing the long game, and there is plenty of time to improve it once it is established. But first we must show up. If all you can do is some wall push ups, and maybe walking back and forth to some music, that is just fine. I hope this helps! Godspeed.
Tiago G.
About 30 minutos in the morning walk or run to wake up better and lose weight. And about 1h in the afternoon to strengthening muscles.
Raul P.
im not really sure of the answer, since im taking baby steps right now; for me personally i would say around 1-10 minutes
Loretta W.
This is a very interesting and debated question. If it's for health reasons really what you should be looking at is keeping your body moving throughout the day. Researchers studied the oldest people living in Japan and how they manage to live such long healthy lives and they discovered they are keeping themselves active all throughout the day and that keeps all the systems going in the body. Whether if it's walking, jogging, gardening, painting, stretching etc the more you can move your body the better it will be for you on the long run.
Harry J.
I think the recommended time is at least 30 minutes to an hour, but if you cureently don't excercise at all, start with 5-10 minutes
Laura G.
I try to do a 10min yoga stretch every morning. Any exercise every other day varies depending on how I feel, plans for the day, etc. So my rule is 3 x 30min sessions a week. I fit that in wherever I can and don't beat myself up about sticking to a rigid schedule.
Glen P.
30minutes of cardio a day is recommended by the American heart association. I think the perfect ratio, albeit very challenging… Is 45minutes indoor, and 45minutes outdoor exercise…that can include but is not limited to weight lifting, cardio, and just plan fun things like gardening or jumping on the trampoline with kids..
Layla X.
How long u feel like exercising. I often exercise for a couple og hours because its my favorite thing to do! But if its one day im just tired and dont want to, i exercise just until i dont ferl like it anymore..
Lester F.
at least 25 minutes. it gives you time to repeat motions that with strengthen your body as well as time to focus on doing them correctly. it is enough to get you body motivated to continue
Monja U.
Depends on how much time I have. Lifting weights 30 minutes. Long walk 1hr and 30 minutes. 20 minutes on the treadmill. Swimming
Ashanti N.
I would say an hour per day because you can do quite a lot of things in an hour and you are really warmed up i think exercising an hour per day Is better than just an half hour
Maryam Z.
It depends on your physical situation and your workout background . If you’re then start with 7 to 8 minutes per day and gradually increase it week by week. Never try professional exercises all of sudden and stay hydrated.
Casey X.
I think the standard rule is 60 minutes, but that can be hard so I usually just do 30.
I recommend starting off small if you’re just getting into it – 10 minutes one day and then increase when you feel ready. Eventually, you’ll make it to 30-60 minutes.
Hope this helps!
Abigail W.
How much you should exercise per day is for everybody different. If you want to gain muscles than you should exercise more than if you only want to lose fat. Whatever you choose to do, it’s very important to build it up slowly. First you exercise with easy programs and don’t do heavy workouts. You should exercise the length that your body needs and as long as you feel good. Of course you can always push yourself harder, but don’t over exercise. So, everything from a short five minutes stretch to a 2 hours walk is good.
Zahra B.
10 minutes it doesn’t take much time out of your general day to day life but it is also the best amount of time to have to be able to fully reflect on yourself! Instead of doing a long exercise routine a short one can still give you that feeling of accomplishment and you won’t be too tired afterwards!!🥰
Sara R.
you can exercise your body any way you feel comfortable and happy doing whether that is pilates, cardio, strength training, or just a walk in your neighborhood. when you exercise for anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour it is just enough time to be able to push yourself and create healthy habits. when you put social interaction over mental health it can be hard to fit in exercising, and can sometimes be stressful if you are following a program. your mental health should be put over any social interactions or situations, no matter what it is. using this app is one helpful resource to balance your life and mental health, and when you have time to work on your mental health, exercising can be much easier to fit in.
Mariya Z.
Well it all differs from person to person. For a person aiming to lose weight it is good to start of with an hour of exercise and gradually increasing time whereas for people who only want to maintain fitness it could be either doing half an hour of rigorous workout or one hour of slow paced workout
Kimberley J.
I think this depends on your current abilities as we as you goals. I try to average an hour a day at the pool but because of scheduling that doesn’t always happen. I’ve been going for just over 9 months and started off with 1 hour 3 times a week going to the aquasize class and have increased sessions. I’ve even started swimming laps you need to find something you enjoy.
Kaylee O.
I feel like do what is best for you. If you have a busy schedule you might not have time for a hour long trip to the gym. Honestly just doing as much as you can on a consistent basis is the best plan
Mikkel C.
I think 30 minutes a day is perfect because you want 150 minutes or exercise a week or 50 minutes of a strenuous workout. I personally am not the biggest fan of a strenuous workout so I try to walk 30 mins each day. I just like how leisurely it is and it helps me clear my head and I I like walking with friends or talking in the phone with someone.
Caitlyn O.
i exercise for an hour so my body has some serotonin and feels energised and so i can sleep better at night. highly recommend an hour if you are able to! :))
Tammy G.
Exercise is very important, so it's recommended that you exercise for half an hour and an hour and a half. Have A Fun Exercise!
Sudharsana C.
Workout every part of the body equally like performing a chore. So 45 minutes of good workout will make you better. I will tell you the reason why. Working out longer makes you engaged and gives a sense of fulfillment at the end of it. So do it
Janet O.
Ci sono giorni come il lunedì e il giovedì e sabato che mi alleno per un'ora e 10 Min, gli altri giorni invece ho iniziato a ballare in maniera molto amatoriale , in camera mia
Afi U.
15 – 30 mins is good. Aim for at least 10 mins first, move slowly and steady, no need to push hard here. The goal is to get moving even for a bit. Then watch as your endorphin starts to kick in, you will exercise longer without you realizing it. And even enjoying it!
Bridget J.
In the morning, I exercise by doing light yoga for 5 minutes, but it all counts on how much exercise you feel comfortable with.
Claire N.
I try to exercise 10 mins of cardio and 20 walk or easier work out every day. Then at least 10 min stretching. Take break days where your hard exercises are a little easier!
Valentim C.
8 mins is just fine but you can always go for a little longer and remember to put no pressure on yourself while exercising, you exercise to make yourself feel more energised not drained.
Monica Y.
Enough for you to be satisfied, sometimes you don’t reach that time because you have a busy day or you just have big expectations but that’s alright the important thing is to keep going
Aiden P.
Ultimately, it is best to get at least 30 to 40 minutes of exercise in each day to benefit heart health. If this seems difficult, it could be split up into maybe a walk in the morning and a walk in the evening. Maybe a bike ride or yoga. It doesn't have to be the classic gym trip although that is great too. Just get your body moving. I started this morning out with an 8 minute stretch.
Parker E.
Well it depends on what your after, if you want to lose weight/build muscle I'd say 30min-1hour, if you just trying to be active 15-30 minutes should be fine
Shreya F.
Khushi T.
I excercise as to what i feel. If i feel energetic i excercise for about 30-40 mins. If i feel sluggish or lazy then i workout for about 10-15 mins. On an average i excercise for 20 mins daily.
Sherri P.
I do at least 10 minutes per day of some kind of physical activity. If you're doing something that gets you out of breath for the whole of 10 minutes, that's more than enough when starting. That being said more is better 🙂
Erwin U.
I think you shouldn’t work your body up to much but want to get a good amount in . I think excercise 3-5 times a week 15-30 min per day.
Nico N.
I do some push-ups (15) in the morning. I have an active lifestyle but would be better with regular and constant workouts.
Cody O.
Hi thank you so asking but it really differs in people but if it was for me i was say about 30 to 45 minutes. hope this helps 🙂
Laikyn Y.
You should exercise at least 1 hour a day although I prefer more one is good enough you also have to think about your fitness level and stuff……. I like to do like to do a little more than 1 hour a day…… wow idk what what to say I hope you found this helpful.
Brooklyn C.
Start very small. Just 1 minut a day (try the free 1 minute exercising from fabulous). This will have a great impact on your health and won't overwhel you at the same time. Then you can increase time little by little, week by week, 'til you find the right time that can fit perfectly between your mental health and the time you can dedicate to exercising. Good luck!
Ana Lle Y.
I should be exercising for an hour a day. I want to focus on weight training and be able to take my time in the gym focus on each muscle. I would like to start with 30 minutes as long as I’m getting my body moving.
Eva O.
Maybe about 30 minutes at least. It may be hard at the beginning so I suggest start witha about 15 minutes and slowly build up daily.
Bing O.
It depends on what part of the body you’re working on, but I would think at least 30 minutes a day or one hour three times a week would be minimal for expecting improved muscle tone.