How do you find the motivation to get up early for something?

Onyx L.
Waking up in the US school system feels miserable because you have to get up early, sometimes before the sun even rises or people head out for work. But as I'm walking to the bus stop, I feel the morning air, it's so crisp and light, it feels like im taking a nice shower. But uhhh, I play video games, one of which is called valorant. I solely play it's competitive mode and it requires a lot of focus because the game last from 30-50 minutes in most cases and makes them mentally exhausting. And to make sure I perform my best I need to sleep well. A content creator set up a system with his coaching live streams at 9:30 A.M. to encourage people like me in this small community of gamers to wake up early and use the benefits his system offers as an insenstive to fix our sleep schedules. Before that I slept horribly and I don't know how I would have gotten out of that without that system for a video game I take maybe too seriously.

Thibault P.
By planning and getting the things together the night before having a set morning routine and a night routine before the early wake up time

Naomi L.
To kotivate myself to wake up early, I’ll prepare for the morning the night before. I’ll usually make some waffle or pancake batter, or think about what I’m gonna eat for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so that’s what motivates ME. You have to find something that you like about mornings. And if you have nothing incorporate something you enjoy into your morning routine. Like listening to a podcast, working out, or texting your friends and/or family. Find something to look forward to in the morning and focus solely on the good parts. Also, just try to make your whole morning enjoyable. Try to pinpoint the thing that discourages you from waking up, and eliminate it from your life. You got this, remember, baby steps.