What, if anything, makes exercise fun for you?

Sheila Z.
Exercise helps me relive stress i really enjoy a long walk or squats and pushups i also like basket ball weight lifting and mixed martial arts training

Victoria F.
I love the feeling I get after the exercise in the morning. It's an easy way to feel accomplished and lightens my mood for the rest of the day. It also makes me feel like I take more time for myself so while I feel accomplished I simultaneously feel like I took a mini vacation and instead of all the stress of work getting to me right away I get to focus on something else. Me.

Andre O.
Something interactive. I really like to dance, so that stimulates me to exercise. Also exercising with a friend to motivate eachother.

Adrien Z.
Sometimes this happens to me, almost every day I don't have the motivation to do exercise, what I do is go to tik tok or youtube and watch people's weight loss results, this motivates me a lot to do exercise, because I think "Woah if that person can do it I can too", "I'm going to have a glow up if I loose weight" and things like that and it motivates me, I hope this tip helps 🙂

Nina E.
Exercise opens me up to feel alive. I can feel vulnerable when I exercise- It makes me remember my place in this world and how ephemeral life all is. This temporariness of living then helps me put into context how much just 30minutes of vigorous activity is. Infinitesimal .
But the ridiculous ROI on the youth , spark, and flexibility that my future self will get to have? Infinite!

Cody Z.
Music!! Music is Amazing I love it so much and it gives me energy. Also that feeling of satisfaction when you are finished

Frederik A.
I usually start using it less around 7:00-7:30 so I don’t have trouble getting off of it completely before 9:00. I use the wind down button on my iPhone, and it doesn’t notify you about notifications, which personally helps me not check my phone. Hope this helps!

Tyler J.
That’s a good thing I believe because it keeps you motivated and having a fun exercise will make you want to do it more often but there’s one thing you should always stick to, never over do yourself because that will send you into a very tired stage and you will be very tired all the time so you have to also pace yourself and you get the result you want .

Zoraia S.
For me , music is the principal thing that makes exercising fun . It makes me feel empowered or relaxed or happy or focused ( it depends on what music I listen to) . If I can chose what exercise I do it would be better, because I would probably chose something I like and brings me joy. One thing that influences how fun it is it’s if I am alone or not. It’s easier to feel this feelings ( unpowered , focused, relaxed etc.) and to feel that the exercise is fun , when I’m by myself.

Francisco J.
It makes me feel happy to know,that I absolved an exercise. And after that ,I feel good, and that why im in a mood every single day after a workout

Karla A.
I wake up at 7 then workout for about an hour (and don't forget to stretch after) then eat breakfast like oatmeal, tuna sandwich, cereal and milk, pancakes or waffles. Then it's time for my virtua

Elzbieta C.
100% having a friend to workout with that will complete the same exercises as me. If the two of us are doing different workouts in the same space I don’t find it as motivating, but moving through the same exercises together keeps me engaged. Even if it is through zoom it really helps.

Also recently listening to podcasts. If I focus on a story when I workout by myself the time moves quickly.

Zoe T.
I love listening to music while I exercise, a buddy is always good, preferably early in the morning because then it feels like a great start to my day

Nellie J.
Exercise can be fun when I have stimulation from tv or music, or even jogging outside and hearing the birds chirping and people living. I mostly have fun with my exercise when I focus on things that make me feel alive and happy. Sometimes I don't see goals and I just adventure with it! Switch up an old routine!

Guy O.
maybe try some flour exercise? example: stretches, yoga poses, running in place etc. it’s a great way of getting exercise with no equipment hope this helpssss 🙂

Ignaz F.
I have never found exercising "not fun". It's more of not being confident. Wanting to be alone when I work out. When I go for walks in the morning, good music is such a booster. Sometimes I start singing along but get scared as soon as I spot a person.