Do you listen to music when you exercise, if so what kind?

Alex J.
I like the DFTD and Glitterbox podcast … minimal talk from the DJ… the BPM is just right for treadmill and bikework and the groove is flowing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Becky P.
Yes! The best type of music to listen to is music that motivates you to get moving upbeat music is the best to listen to pop music as well!
L O G.
I listen to K-Pop when I work out, because it makes me feel energized and I will run longer. I love K-Pop, so it makes me happy and I don't think of how tired I am. My favorite songs to run to are Angel or Devil by TXT, New Rules by TXT, or Blood, Sweat, and Tears by BTS.
Marie U.
Yes! I like to listen to music that gets me pumped for the workout so I tend to listen to my favorite songs or songs which have an inspirational meaning behind them but with a good beat
Glen W.
I usually listen to podcasts. I have a couple that I reserve only for workouts, so it's a nice treat and a good motivator to work out!
Eva P.
I listen to music when exercising. Something up beat and energetic, to keep my motivation up. Because I try to find something that fits me best, I often listen to more metal/rock music.
Inguelore A.
The genre depends on the exercise. For running I tend to listen to songs with a similar pace to the one I aim to run (eg 170 rpm).
Calvino Z.
My favorite exercise is yoga and dance. I don’t put on my own music because I’ll go to a class or do a video. Yoga has more calming music while dance has more upbeat music like pop, hip hop, etc. In the past when I’ve done workouts like running or going to the gym I also liked hip hop or dance music to get me going.
Dylan L.
Yes I always listen to motivational music when I'm in the gym or exercising. I live my life through music so as soon as I hear something upbeat and happy and has a good rhythm I can't help but move and it makes it much more enjoyable. Beyonce, fall out boy, chase and status among others are always great to exercise to!
Valentin T.
I like 70's Disco, like ABBA, The BeeGees, Andy Gibb, Blondie and early 80's rock and hair bands – anything with a good, strong beat that keeps me moving.