How much time do you spend each morning on exercise?

L O T.
I try to get cardio online exercise in my morning routine about 30mins, 3 times a week and walking 30 mins 2 times a week any other time.
Juliete E.
I spend 7 minutes exercising, either doing a sun salutations Yoga session or a restorative Yoga session if I'm feeling achy which includes a minute of lying there peacefully. I find it's working really well for me whilst working from home but I do worry how I will fit it in when I have to physically go into the office again!!
Luna O.
Less than 30 minutes. When I started, I knew I didn't have time in my mornings for exercise so I'd have to get up earlier to do it. I limited myself to less than 10 minutes to start. When I realized it'd be healthier for me to have more effective warm-up & cool down sections, I added less than 15 min to the routine. They key is to find a balance between health & time & for me, I have.
Tim U.
I spend about 20 minutes every morning exercising. And about another 10 in the afternoon doing physical therapy exercises.
Micah E.
I went around the block today, so not enough. I would like to dedicate 25 min to focuses weights and calisthenics, preferably from 515 til 540.
Trevor R.
I have to admit I have built in exercise partners. I have 3 Labrador Retrievers. Before I do anything else in the morning (besides drinking water 🙂) I take each of them for a 10 minute walk…so I get about 30 mins. Good luck on your journey!
Ramzi X.
I spend no more than 15 minutes. I am not trying to be an athlete during the morning workout but rather an active person. The 10-15 minutes workout is enough to make me break a sweat, become fully awake, and energize me for the day
Kelsey P.
Not enough 😅 however I try to make sure that I accomplish something in the morning (like vacuuming, sweeping, dishes, etc.) That way I feel accomplished through out the day. That gives me the motivation I need to go on my walk/run on my lunch break
Carla N.
At least 3 to 7 mins worth of exercise. I am a bit lazy so I tend to keep it at minimum as much as possible to hack myself. Just that much, but by doing so, I could keep myself exercising everyday.
Lance P.
8 minutes on a rowing machine. I find that is short enough to keep me motivated, and doesn't interfere with my yhoughts that I am too busy. But it is long enough to break out a sweat and feel tired, but energized after.
Denise O.
I was a very actief person before I got my son whom is now 1.5 years of age.
I when 5x a week for 1 hour or more tot the gym weight training. Then after 4 months after the birth of my son I when 2x a week. For 9 months then covid came and I stopped completely. After some time I begin to follow a zumba class 2x times a week for a month and that stopped now I begin again trying every day for 15-45 min body weight en yoga.
Frank Michael E.
My husband had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago so we started walking in the morning after his 9am meeting. I’m an online teacher so I’m trying to figure out how to keep this routine when I start back to work. It may be an evening walk then. And I’d like to start yoga in the mornings before work.
Jocelaine C.
Currently, as I am building the habit I spend 5-10 minutes. However, I also make sure to take my dog on a 30+ min stroll in the morning to get moving, even if it's not a vigorous exercise.
Ol Via N.
Depending my mood, if I am not feeling like working out I only do 10 to 15 minutes if I am in the mood I do 25 to 40 minutes
Ana Y.
First of all, I'm the laziest of them all. But one day, I was diagnosed with PCOs and my gynecologist was like, you gotta work out! So I was still lazy! I in the world would I do that especially during this quarantine?!
I found a dance workout on YouTube and started to workout with just 5 minutes on my first day! I extended that to 10 minutes, next day!
And to me that's the key, start with baby steps.
Kathleen X.
Right now I follow a short dance tutorial about 6-7 minutes. It's a part of a series and as you go the videos get longer so I tell myself just one video is all I have to do today and in a month I will be doing about 30 min videos
Kayla S.
It depends on how I feel that morning. Usually I go for a half mile run which takes me around 5 minutes. But sometimes I feel like running longer on weekends. If I wake up feeling tired and Ive overslept, I don't want to skip exercise, so I do 8 minutes of exercise like planks, pushups, toe touches, some yoga
Marilou T.
Depends on our exercise. We are currently doing some arm and shoulder exercises that can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes.
Derrick Y.
As I'm trying to build up my reservoir of perseverance, I am starting small with only 10-20 minutes of exercise, including stretching, first thing when I wake up in the morning.