How do you get yourself out of the house when you’re already exhausted?

Ruben I.
I’m quite lazy so I only really leave the house when I have to- either for work or some important errands- that’s why I try to add exercise onto something that I know I have to do
Peter O.
Just make sure your ready to go out. Take small steps by getting to the front door, then stand at the front door for a few minutes then once the fresh air gets in your lungs and energises you, your ready to go. Alot of the time its tbe stale air in your house that makes you exhausted and not wanting to leave.
Erin Z.
I don't push myself if I'm too tired, physically or mentally. It might mean I'm not sleeping enough, eating right, or I'm pushing myself too hard. If I want to get out of the house for exercise, chores, errands or whatever, I make it the first thing I do in the morning. I don't even shower or eat. I just race right out, get it done with so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day.
Benjamin Z.
I just get out, when the wind blows your face it will feels nice and refreshing. I always get up with a positive mindset, that today going to be a good day until it’s prove me wrong but hey tomorrow it’s on the way so why be depressed? Every day it’s a new opportunity 🙂 Cheer up friend! You’ll be fine!
Dolores F.
I have trouble with this one as well from time to time but I also have a group of friends that hold me accountable for it. We have to send each other pictures of ourselves going on a walk or doing something active
Tyler O.
I'll admit it's easier said than done!
I think of why I need to get out of the house. What'll go wrong if I stay in. I ll probably lazy around while my tasks are left unattended if I dont go out.
Haroldo Q.
I wish I had a good answer to that question. I struggled with getting to the gym today but I asked my husband and son to meet me at the gym and I had no choice but to go. I am glad that I did because I felt great afterwards. I think that baby steps to just force yourself to get there is half the battle. Once you are there you might have more energy that you think.
Cleide Z.
I am an accountant and my job is mentally fatiguing which makes me physically exhausted. I tried working out in the evenings and if I did get up and do something it usually wasn’t long enough for the endorphins to kick in and get a really good workout. So I switched my hours to work a little later so that I have time in the morning to workout without having to get up before the roosters. Working out in the morning serves so many different purposes: I feel sharper mentally and better focused, plus I have already had a win for the day by crossing that off my list. Basically, you need to evaluate when you feel the most energized, especially in the beginning, and workout during that time. Allow yourself to relax and decompress in the evenings. Although I think once you get the first two weeks to month of working out finished you won’t feel as depleted in the evenings or all day for that matter.
Layla Z.
I like stem to upbeat music in a he am I stick to the same schedule. You also try to be aware of when I’m getting run down and rest more on those days. I also walk for the ten minutes with my dogs as soon as I’m ready.

If I’m really tired I try to have everything planned and set out the night before.

I also remember that tired isn’t the worst way to start the day and purposely pray thankful prayers.

Lily T.
You cannot be 100% all the time. Some days you will feel 200% others 40%. Listen to yourself and show up everyday consistently in different ways, bigger and smaller ways. Be kind to yourself, practice self care regularly. You cannot pour warm tea from an empty teapot 🙂 trust yourself and go for it with all you have
Aicha T.
Plan ahead and prepare everything you need to do the task at hand, this should make it a little easier to get up and get out of the house
Mathilde O.
It sounds like a non-answer but: either don’t be exhausted, or don’t leave the house.
Part of establishing these good habits is properly preparing for them— the drinking water habit requires setting out the glass in advance, for instance. Working out is the same— you need to prepare your body by getting enough sleep.

If your body is telling you it needs more rest, give it more rest.

One caveat is if you feel tired all the time— this could point to a psychological issue (depression) or physical health issue (sleep apnea or other disordered sleeping). I really encourage you to talk to a doctor about that if so. I had undiagnosed sleep apnea for years, and now that I have treatment for it, it’s like night and day (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Charly P.
If u r really exhausted take time to relax and no need to push ur body if u need to rest.But if u just lazy u must say it is for my best so l will push myself to go for sport or just for a walk outside after u will feel relaxed and energized!
Ilhan U.
My son loves to go to the park, so I usually make time to be with him at the time. I get my walk around the park while he plays
Louella S.
I run to and from get there is always easier and then I have no choice but to run home after even though I am usually exhausted. Once you are on your way it is never as hard as you though..
Victoire S.
I struggle with this myself, but I tell myself that I will feel better for getting out into the fresh air and that the only way I'm going to stop myself from feeling exhausted is to get some energy into my bones, rather than hiding away. I find this works for me and I take a deep breath as I leave the house and count that as my first one of the day
Valentina U.
Honestly I just turn my brain off and get in the car. I play a power song on the way to the gym and just promise to check in at the front desk. If I want I can leave right after. 99 percent of the time I stay and do some kind of exercise. But on the occasion I am so tired I do leave immediately after checking in I don’t sweat it.