How do you combat laziness?

Whitney N.
I go for a walk. Make myself a cup off thee. Read a book. Call somebody. Drink water. Draw. Puzzle. Dance to my happy songs
Samantha E.
What I dk, is I go on YouTube and look at other people excersize results for example, and. And then I get motivated and want to start working out so I can get my dream body
Rudolph O.
I take little bites of my tasks. I don’t have to do the entire task at once start to finish. All I have to do is start, then continue Chi I by chunk. This can happen over hours or days. I also start my tasks early so I have time to break them up.
Carter X.
I combat it by moving around. Even if I don't have anything to do. I just walk in circles and shadowbox until I get the motivation to do something.
Ted N.
Build small reward schemes for doing tasks helps to be more enticed to do those tasks. Making sure you’re getting enough sleep and sunlight will help to stay more alert and less lazy. If you can work out the clear goals in what you are doing then it can make you more motivated to do so. If you gain more love for yourself then you’re more enticed to helpfully nudge you into doing more positive things rather than being lazy.
Andre T.
To combat laziness, I either force myself to get up and moving which gives me the energy I need to keep going, or I take a day off if a break is really what I need.
Tildy Z.
I set my alarm, get up early, get dressed like I’m going somewhere, have breakfast and just work until someone else in my family gets up, then I either keep working or do other things like get active or exercise plan the day.
Fatima N.
You just keep trying. If you are naturally lazy (like me) you will find it doesn’t come naturally to be efficient and productive. You will struggle. And have downfalls. But just keep trying. Eventually we will defeat our nature and break our patterns. And once we’ve done that we might be even more productive than a naturally willing and driven person. Because we have fought for that. And we know it’s value! Just keep trying!
Vickie U.
Oh man, that is a great question. Honestly, I'm not the best at that, but I try to use it or work around it. Like for the daily workouts, I tell myself that once I finish it, then I can do something I'd actually like to do. Something else that keeps me going is doing the habits with other people, it encourages me to work harder and try to get better and also keeps me actually doing it. Finally, music. Music can set whatever mood you'd like it to so find or make yourself a good playlist and that could go a long way. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day! <3
Ortwin U.
First I must admit that I am not always a fighter and sometimes surrender to laziness despite knowing that I am not doing the right thing. I believe that laziness is in the mind. When laziness comes around it tends to make me feel depressed, sad, sleepy and 'energyless' and at the end of the day when I accomplished nothing I would feel useless and guilty. So what I do is observe the laziness when it comes around, then in my mind I quit the laziness and pull myself together to start acting. I do my best with a result-oriented mindset. I become my own boss and try not to stop until it's all done. Though I know that at the end of the day I will be exhausted, but I ill restart the next day because it is up to me to live the 'today' gifted to me or abandon it somehow by surrendering to laziness. Exercising daily also helps. It fills me with renewed energy. After my physical session I am boosted for the day or at least till 3pm. It boosts both my body and my mind. Last and not least, my daily prayer is my booster. By connecting with the lord throughout the day and in every single act of mine, I conquer my fatigue, my negativity, my pain and any such feelings which create laziness or a lazy attitude within me. The lord shows me what is the right attitude to adopt in order to live a fruitful day with love, passion and power.
Frank Michael T.
Find a good motivation, like looking foward to have your fave breakfast when you wake up, listening to your fav playlists while cleaning or working out (even for 5min), and spicying things up like that!
Amanda A.
My personal strategy for doing this is to make a to do list every day: write out a list of tasks that you have to get done that day, and then rank the top three most important ones that you absolutely have to get done for that day. It’s okay if you don’t finish the rest of the tasks besides those three, what’s important is that if you have a list of what you need to do you’re more likely to be motivated to do it. Another thing I like to do is write notes on sticky notes reminding me that I have to finish a task, and put them around places where I’ll see them. Lastly, imagine the amazing feeling that you get whenever you accomplish something 🙂
Nellie Z.
Think of everything you need to do. All the things you would like to achieve for yourself and that will keep you motivated.
Elsa Q.
hi, I have the same problem lol! but I think what gets me through the day is my motivation. when I start something, I just have to finish it, you know. if that isn't the case for you, I recommend thinking about your future, like saying if I continue doing this, what will I look like in five years? good or bad? hope this helps!! Jesus loves you!! 🌼🦋
Milan E.
Generally i am a lazy person because of these digital devices. I combat with laziness very rarely . Actually i dont know how to do it. Need a help.
Jacqueline E.
I try not the make it overwhelming what I need to do. It's easier to motivate myself to do 10min of yoga than 30min, it's easier to convince myself to make an easier breakfast (that's tasty) than one that's more time consuming. Starting super small. Then when it's no longer hard to motivate myself (like after a month) increase to 15min yoga etc
Ella N.
By creating habits and stick to them. You're motivation can't fight endlessly your laziness, you need to get used to do the activities you want to accomplish. Start by creating small habits like this app suggest
Wade A.
I combat with laziness by telling myself if i get it done now, I dont have to do it later. Another thing I do is tell myself the benifits of getting this done.
Norma F.
I try to remind myself that doing this small task now is a reward for myself later. I won't have to carry the weight of getting it done throughout the day. If the task seems too large, I take a few moments to break it down into smaller tasks on paper and try to tackle 1-3 steps a day.
Eliot E.
90% of the time I just let it win. But when I get really bored I take a few breaths and find determination to get up and do something.
Mallika N.
That really depends. You could write a to do list or look at your routines and think about why you want to do these things, what benefit they bring you. You could start by doing some smaller tasks so you are motivated by small wins. You can set up incentives that you can look forward to when you achieve a certain milestone. You can also hold yourself accountable by teaming up with someone who will encourage you and make it harder to cop out.
Anika F.
Find what inspires you. Find your motives as to why you want to combat your laziness. Do You Want to Build a Better you? Do you want other people to see you differently? Or do you want to prove yourself the wonderful life that you can have. I think before you embark on a journey of Fitness it's important to recognize your motives and once you do, I think you'll find it much easier to combat your laziness.
Nicole E.
There’s a lot to unpack in the concept of laziness. For me, there’s being lazy and then there’s being overwhelmed, burnt out, scared, or tired. I think I am only truly lazy when I opt not to do something simply because there’s a faster or easier option. So I want to speak to that narrower definition of laziness. When does laziness need to be combatted? When taking shortcuts will hurt me down the road. So the best way to combat harmful laziness- the kind that hurts me later because I cut corners or didn’t fully engage in a task or process- is to recognize it when it’s happening and to start with the end in mind. If I realize that I am not giving something my full attention (whether it’s while it’s happening or later when I am facing the consequences later) I determine to give it my full attention at the next opportunity. I again will say that true harmful laziness is, in my opinion, rare; I think there’s usually another deeper reason I am not fully engaged or committed, and identifying that reason and working on the deeper issue is the way to go.
Maia N.
Sometimes, I don’t. Most of the time, I get back on track and motivate myself by thinking of the amazing outcome of not being lazy.
Sheryl N.
I first accept that I’m being sluggish And try not to beat myself up over it. Being lazy is usually a sign of something else. It could be disinterest or depression or malnutrition. Or just but you don’t want to do something and that’s OK. Then I try to move any amount. Stretching is the best. Even if you’re laying down and you are stretching the movement will help you.
Giada Y.
Think that the only thing you can control is the present moment. Just count down from 3 and without thinking about what has to be done, just start doing it!