How do you deal with days that are not routine?

Hanna U.
Sometimes I have to do a little less for each of my habits, such as a shorter exercise (a few minutes of plank etc) but it's good to still put in the effort to accomplish each habit
Top F.
Those hurt, the worst is when I complete the tasks but forget to check in. It seems unfair to lose the streak but I suppose checking in is also supposed to be a habit. It hurts at first but then I remind myself this is not the end of the world. I had a worse day, but tomorrow I get to get back to it. It helps to give yourself a hug and acknowlege the effort put in so far.
Alice Z.
Falling out of routine is something that's really difficult for me. The way I like to handle it is by looking forward to the next opportunity to jump back into my routine as opposed to dwelling on things I have missed.
Marion F.
Honestly not at all. I just waste a lot of time. I wake up then turn on my pc and watch yt or play video games. If one of my friends is online i talk with them but mostly i just want the day to be over. I have nothing or no motivation to do smt