What do you do to exercise?

Anna A.
Everyday in the morning I Google a phrase "15 minute morning wake up yoga" , "10minute morning yoga" " 10 minute morning exercise" and I just play o e of the results. Usually the first or second one, I already have my favourite ones. Even if I dont like all the exercises I just keep moving until it finishes. Sometimes I end up doing something completely different, but the fact that there's someone else doing some exercise for those 10-15 minutes keeps me moving.

Charline E.
I use a home workout app and do the exercises it recommends to me. Sometimes if I have time, I use a yoga app to stretch after my workout.

Wyatt U.
I do 2 sets of 10 jumping squats and 10 wall push up. I really focus on activating the muscles needed, like the cuads, the hips and the back

Johanne Z.
I use one of the 7 min apps and do a couple different ones focusing on certain areas. Then I will go on the bike for 5 mins and the elliptical for 5 as well then I jog up three flights of stairs and I am done