Do you have the same routines for weekdays and the weekend?

Silviane N.
Sort of. Weekends I do sleep an extra hour and go to religious services. So my time of some routines changes around that. I normally walk and meditate as a break at the office but I don’t do that on weekends as I’m usually out and about during the day already walking.
Elias Z.
Some routines are the same, but in weekends I try to avoid the ‘deep work’ sessions 🙂 and love to go out for dinner, so not much very healthy cooking 😅.
Reginald U.
I tend to be more lax on my weekends. I do try however to wake at the same time each day, but I may have a nap not too long afterwards!
Kelly F.
No, I really don’t. The weekend vibe is different than the weekday vibe. Simply, there’s a lot less stress in the weekend than in the week.
Os Rio Q.
Yes, I try to be consistent as if I don't follow my routine on regular basis, I become lazy and then it's difficult for me to go back to the healthy routine.
Jens Uwe J.
I wish I could use the same routine for everyday of the week. My family’s schedule is erratic and I’m forced to adjust. I may try to incorporate a routine that is for everyday instead of modifying based on weekday.
Storm Y.
I have saturday completely free from routine. Sunday morning and day also without any. Friday evenings is also a day I tend to leave out the routine.
Agathe N.
No. I have school on the weekdays, so it’s a lot more structured. I use the weekends to rest and recuperate while mentally preparing myself for school. I also exercise, do homework, and cook good meals more on weekends.
Ma Lyne Y.
I have the same routine everyday and I believe everyone should. Routines are meant to be regular. If you take a break any day of the week, your routine will get disturbed. Following a healthy routine everyday, you will see a change in yourself. I have and its awesome
P Ricles B.
No I don't. The weekdays are my days where I am strict with myself, diet, gym etc. The weekend I let myself relax, go out, drink, and do whatever I fancy. Then back to the strict routine Monday.
Lauren O.
I try to stick with the same routine for weekends, but definitely adapting it and balancing it, so it’s relaxing but still energizing, keeping me at my best to enjoy my weekend.
Yehudi Q.
Yes, this helps maintain my habit regime and gets the most out of the weekend. The habits are positive steps and shouldn't be ignored just because it's a weekend.
Josefine Z.
My weekend and weekday routine are very similar but usually on the weeekend I would have time in the morning to do a longer workout or maybe a nice walk or jog. Other than that they are basically the same
Anania O.
Weekends are a little different then the week since my kids and husband are home. We are either out doing something fun or at home playing activities Planning for the week. Sunday's are our scrubbing day were we deep clean. Everything for the week
Grace P.
mostly yes, because my routine dedicate to my health and things like going to bed on time
but I'm not obligated with my list, it's rather recommendations than strict to do list, so if im to tired or have a day off outside it's okay to miss a thing from my every day schedule
Louis O.
Last weekend I did not follow the routine the same as I did in the week because of the extra activity and waking up late (I studied the previous night). However although it was not followed the same I did do all the tasks , just a little later.
Carole E.
My morning routine is somewhat similar, it just plays out a little slower over the weekend. Otherwise, weekday and weekend routines are two different beasts; sometimes routines go out the window over the weekend and I enjoy it that way.
Victoria B.
Nope, I don’t have routines for my weekdays and weekend. I just go with the flow with what I am feeling.

And that means, that sometimes I can be overly lazy and not do anything productive for a day. And, this affect my whole system because I am such a lazy person

Juergen Y.
I do have the same routines for every day of the week. Sometimes I have to do if you were exercises like on Sunday morning or other mornings when I have early appointments, but I do at least try to do some of them.
Lloyd A.
The basic stuff, yes! But then every Sunday I tend to have an extra "apartment cleaning" routine and usually every Saturday I have my "beauty hour" – grooming, etc. 🙂
Traudel G.
It's really not about whether it's a weekday or not. Rather it's about whether My performance meets My objective.

My commitment to myself is to do x amount of exercise per week with a little wiggle room that enables me to take a day off, balanced with some anti procrastination measure.

I've learned the hard way that procreation can seriously defeat my purpose. So, I require myself to accomplish at least half of my weekly goal by Wednesday & the other half by Saturday. Sunday is my bonus and/or catch up day. If I did well I can take Sunday off. If not I can catch up and/or start banking extra steps, for example, for the next week.

It's all about setting myself up for success and everyday of the week is games for that! – at least having all 7 days available to address my goal increases my odds.

To that end I will go over my daily average (often at the beginning of the week) in anticipation of the fact something might come up that will make achieving my goal difficult ( and hence stressful – I don t want to stress about achieving my goal!). That way if things get in the way,I have 1000(s) of extra steps, in "the bank" and making up the rest to meet my weekly average won't be too hard.

One of my biggest pearl of wisdom about goal achievement gained over the experience of losing 130 lbs is that I had to change my entire athletic mind set about competition. 1) I am competing only against myself ; 2) I do better when I do that increasing the challenge in minute increments; 3) I need to do so with total compassion (which is nothing like pitying myself when I fail & finding excuses to quit). My new wise rule on incrementing the challenge is that I can do it only if it's comfortable. I measure comfortable in terms of nothing hurts and whether I can engage in the same level of challenge the next day. If I can't I'll go back down to the previous level of difficulty I was successful with everyday over the previous week and will stay there for an entire week before I probe a small increment again. If I discover I can actually handle that increament, from all of that training and practice I stick to that small increment for the next week – the temptation of doing even more tends to create more chaos than anything. I'm after steady progress towards a lifestyle change. So, practicing at what seems a low level compared to where I wish I were is still practicing the most important part of this endeavour – I.e., establishing a habit. If it turns out that last small increment was still really easy, then good, it guarantees I'll be trained enough to I increase the challenge again next week without stressing about it. As a result, my sports routine though quite intense now (compared to when I started 6 yrs ago) is my stress releif – Amazingly!

Naja Z.
On Saturdays, wake up a bit later and I try to squeeze in more exercises since I have more time to spare. On Sundays, I skip exercising cos I go to church early. I consider it a celebration day 🙂