What type of exercise do you do in the morning? How is everything working out for you? C:

Dione Q.
I usually do a short walk in the morning for my morning exercise. It’s easy to integrate into my morning routine and it feels incredibly therapeutic to me. I’ve always known the benefit of walking and being outdoors but the fabulous letters have reminded me of their impact on my mental and physical well being. I hope to be able to integrate a longer morning workout in the future but I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far!
Katie A.
I do super light stretching. Probably about 3 mins max but who’s keeping track? Not me and not you. Thanks for being so flexible, or I probably wouldn’t have tried at all. I stretch my hands up as high as they go and then try to touch my toes and then do various side touches and I take ten deep breaths in every direction.
L Onie Q.
I do one minute one. I viscerally hate exercise, but do it for the value of routine. As in forcing myself to do something I don’t like
Natalie J.
I go to the gym. I do weights 3x a week, and cardio 5-7 times a week. I meet with a trainer twice a month to switch up my weights routine.
Alzira A.
My favorite morning exercise is gardening. Fresh air, beautiful plantings, warm sun, all a part of the reward for my efforts and purpose.
Isobel P.
So far, I’m creating the habit of sleeping in my gym clothes, putting my shoes on and getting out the door. Eventually this will progress to going to the local gym. But for now, I just walk around the block my apartment building is on, then come home and do physiotherapy exercises to strengthen muscles weaknesses.
Marceau A.
I usually do QiGong and/or Yoga. It depends how much time I have and how I feel in the moment. Sometimes I’ll just do one and the other in the evening.
Marcelo S.
Push ups and sit-ups; as many as I can do within one set. I like doing it, it gives me a nice pump and gets my heart pumping in the morning.
Rayan C.
I do a version of the seven minute workout. I have just enough time to do this in the morning. Seven minutes may not seem like a lot, but it has definitely made a difference. I have less fat, and I am stronger than when I began. The workout will not transform the body; seven minutes a day is not enough to do that. But it’s a good healthy start to the day.
Carter T.
I’m not a morning person and I struggle with exercise in the morning, however I’ve recently been enjoying getting up early enough to take a walk to work. Headphones on, I like to listen to a podcast while I walk. Film reviews. Motivation interviews or even an audio drama. The time flies and I arrive to work in a fantastic mood and ready to get straight into it as soon as my shift begins.
Mille F.
It depends. Right now I am working my way through a running and strength program. It is a combo of treadmill and outdoor run as well as strength
Ira W.
I sit in the suana until I start sweating, walk on the treadmill for 10 to 15 mins then, workout full body, and finish with stretching.
Anton N.
I have started calisthenics a few months ago, so my routine is purely body weight. When I wake up, I go do some pull-ups, followed by Parallette Push-ups. The some pistol squats and body weight dips. I complete the workout with parallette l-sit holds. This short workout <45 minutes, engages the entire body. Remember to do all this with perfect form.
Now, to your second question:
Life is okay, can not really complain. Business is growing steadily, but of course not all is good. Financial management (personally) has to improve and need to start paying off my student loan debt. But once again, can not really complain. Fabulous helps with ingraining useful habits, so stick to those!

Cheers mate!

Cecilie C.
I’ve started to do yoga in the morning. I’ve always been struggling to do yoga in the evening, but I discovered that morning yoga feels much better and it makes me feel achieved already in the beginning of the day. Although I’ve been doing yoga everyday for about a week now, I think that I’ll stick to it, because I feel better even if it’s sometimes hard to get out of bed
Caroline N.
I walk up the hill outside my front door. To go up and loop back around home takes only 10mins and is very challenging (and steep!). If I have given myself enough time, I do it twice for a 20min. walk I feel extra proud of.
Clara E.
I dance. I'm in student dance troupe, so it's nice to be able to get up before my kids and run through choreography. This way I get myself moving and know that I'm ready for rehearsals.
Holly F.
For me I tie my exercise routine with getting off work. Because if I come home before exercising then usually it’s impossible to get myself to do much. So right after work or go straight to my yoga studio and I do a yoga class five days a week try to do also one on Sunday. I can’t exercise in the morning, I’ve tried before I know it’s supposed to be the best, but my brain is always just so foggy for the first couple of hours and then I have to go to work, it makes the actual act of exercising much less rewarding, so I just do it at the time it feels best to me which means I’m able to actually do it every single day and stick to it!
Willie O.
I do strength training from the Aaptiv app before work. They have lots of workouts that range in whatever time you have available and your level of fitness. You have a coach guiding you throughout the workout and motivating you too. All you need are headphones and you can choose to workout at home or at the gym. I prefer at home since I don’t have to feel rushed or lose motivation to make to a gym. Hope this helps.
Toni F.
I take a brisk walk through my neighborhood. In the afternoon or evening, I use hand weights when making tea or dinner.
Thea E.
I do five minutes of HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) exercise in the morning. Every one in a while, when I have enough time, I do an additional five minutes of stretching exercise afterwards. 🙂
Ruby Z.
For me it helps to keep the same routine so I usually go for the standard 7min. Unfortunately, at least for me, this exercise type doesn’t comply with the premise “make something that you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like a burden” but the routine it brings surpasses that.
Lucie Z.
It depends on how much time I have! On mornings where I don’t have anywhere to be, I do a little bit of yoga to stretch out my body and make me stronger. On days where I have to move a little bit faster, I turn on some music and dance around as I’m getting ready for the day!
Everett U.
I do yoga every morning. I love this as a morning exercise that can really set me up for the rest of the day. When it gets nicer outside I'll also do a morning walk which gives me the same benefits
Rodolfo A.
I jog whilst preparing my breakfast and other stuff. Sort of jog on the spot or with little travel. When I'm not using my arms, I rise them above my head similar to Jack's.
Therese A.
Ideally I go to the gym and lift weights in the morning, but if this is not possible or I can’t make it until the evening, I do the 7 min workout. It’s been working out really well for me, though on the weekends it’s been hard to maintain my rituals.
Teresa C.
I try to focus on a different part of my body each day to keep it interesting. For example, Monday I might do cardio, Tuesday abs, Wednesday lower body etc. I also just started using an app called Workout Trainer by Skimble. It’s free and has heaps of fun workouts for any fitness level, and tells you how to do each exercise. 🙂
Abel Y.
I do a lot of walking and lifting in my day to day job, plus sit at a desk from time to time, I do stretching in between.Plus, I walk flights of stairs. On the weekends, I like to get up early and go for a run outside and then hit the gym. I also joined a yoga/dance class twice a week for six weeks. I like to try something new every year. I also belong to a running group.
Wade F.
With my three dogs exercise is a must. Between long walks and short ones, hikes and fetch, we all get lots of exercise! We go on our first walk right when I wake up.
Sander W.
I have 6 different workouts for each week, two for pushing exercises, two for pulling and two for legs. I go to bed by 10pm and wake up at 6pm and hit the gym or go to the park, then I go to work
Alan F.
for now, im doing a super short workout through the 7M workout app. It’s working out really well. Feels so good once I’m done!! Working on building that habit.
Terra N.
Use stationary bike and so far very pleased with my progress. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all responsible for making this possible.
S L Na C.
I do the 7-min workout. I used to think that I needed To go to the gym, but I can do the 7-min workout in my carpeted bedroom. I use my bed for the chair dips and chair steps. It’s my 2nd day and I already feel super sore just like when I’m starting a new workout that is engaging unused muscles. I’m happy with it so far. And most importantly it doesn’t required a car ride or an hour running around
Lisa U.
Unfortunately I don’t exercise in the morning. Despite introducing healthy habits like drinking water the first thing in the morning or eating healthy breakfast, I struggle to wake up so I don’t have time to exercise before work. I try to exercise yoga at least twice a week but I have read that this type of activity does not count towards exercise as it doesn’t raise heart beat so I’m a bit lost with this habit.
Sahin O.
I am trying not to be too hard on me as it’s just the beginning, I am performing the sun salutation and the 7 minutes workout waking up the morning! Then I go 1 h in the gym with the personal trainer in the afternoon!I o
Eric S.
Push ups. Planks. Aide planks. Medicine ball side to side (abs). After doing morning exercises everyday for the last 6 months, to wake me up. I then took a month long break because I got tired of the routine. I have started back today. It is still hard. But I know it's good for me. The break was good. I want to do the exercises till its my birthday in July. Then maybe I might want a break?! Wait and see.
Raquel P.
My usual go to morning exercise is yoga. I subscribe to an app and that makes it easy. This morning I indoor biked. Looking to incorporate more cardio. Everything’s going okay. Loving Fabulous, and creating positive change in my life. Excited.
Linus F.
I am currently doing two separate form of exercise, 7 min exercise which is recommended and other is Indian Pranayams. I am finding both very useful for me both exercises are energy which helps me in my office tasks.
Florence P.
Four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) I will do 40 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of cardio. Two days a week (Wednesday, Saturday) I will do an hour of strength training. One day a week, (Sunday) I will do as much yoga as I want. This helps me feel energized and healthy. But start small, like cardio 2 times week, and strength training 3 times a week.
Tilde P.
I do yoga in the morning, specifically Earth Salutations. This helps unties any knots and stretches my body after a good night's sleep.
Ramon O.
I usually run for a while and walk from the point I stop running to my house. I have a plan on Nike Run Club for 3 days per a week.

I would like to incorporate some strength training with the resistance band but I have little time in the morning for exercising, it seem like too much time wasted setting up my gym mat and setting up training videos.

I have a skipping rope but that also hasn’t been used in a while because I don’t have enough space in the yard for skipping.

I am considering skipping or training with the resistance band on the days when I don’t have to run. I will start with five minutes and see how it goes.

Edward P.
I go for a walk every morning. Walking is good but I am having leg muscle pain. I am still continuing to build the habit.
Mikkel Y.
I usually do simple exercises…seven minutes of Tai chi, a simple yoga or stretching routine. Just enough to help me wake up, not enough to cause me to have to deal with achey muscles. I'm only two weeks into my routine, but it's going well
Nanna C.
I have a FitBit and on my watch there’s a 7-8 min Warm Up, a mix of active stretching and light strength building. Think leg swings and planks, squats and walk outs. It’s a bit spry for very first thing, so I mix that with yoga twists and sun salutations.
Fanny O.
Hi, I actually don’t do exercise in the morning at movement. Have kids to get out to school and work to go to so don’t have time. Had hoped to get up earlier and to do yoga in the morning but I prefer
My sleep
Marshall R.
I exercise for 10 minutes in the morning the first five are with small weights ( I am working up to bigger ones) and I do 4 exercises 3 sets of 10-12 then then when I am done all that use the next 5 minutes to do 3 sets of 5 push ups and then 3 sets of 5 leg lifts then 3 sets of 5 squats and 3 sets of 5 lunges. Then I am done!
Katrina Y.
It differs from day to day. I usually start with stretching, moving every muscle in my body. This helps reduce soreness in my body. I add weights every other day. On other days, I dance to my old school jams. After exercises, I jump in the shower and dress for work.
Wera O.
I got an app called Yoga Flow by Gaiam and love it, I do yoga at home in the AM. They have classes as long as 90 minutes and as short as 5 minutes so I can squeeze it in no matter how much time I have.
Harry B.
Depends on everyday situation but mostly philates or weights for 30 to 40 minutes, or intense cardio for 10-15 minutes if i don’t have enough time. During weekends i go for 1 hour of stretching or yoga
Apol Nio Y.
I do a MommaStrong 5-Minute Hack every morning, then when I can I also do a MommaStrong Daily 15 in the evening. It may not sound like much but I'm able to keep the streak and it does make a difference; I can tell when I've missed several D15s.
Lina F.
For the last month I've been doing morning excercises with box VR – I found it fun to "gamify" my excercises, BUT this app is more a game than a serious workout, it's a great way to just start moving, not necessarily to build muscle or lose calories so im trying to add a "real life" excercise session as well 🙂
Bianka T.
Ejercicio funcional en dónde todos los días trabajo una parte diferente del cuerpo. Para mí es divertido porque todos los días mi entrenador me sorprende con ejercicios y retos nuevos para mí cuerpo y mente.
Judith C.
I dance for 10 minutes, that fits the best in my planning. I like dancing, so it is no problem at all, and it feels good!
Lisa Q.
I have been doing the 0 to 10K running program and also the Torch30 program through HASfit. It has been going quite well. I find if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning it won’t happen at all.
Villads W.
I stretch first thing in the morning, then walk my dog for 30 minutes! Then I come in and have bulletproof coffee and do elliptical & lift light weights 30 minutes one day/yoga for 30 minutes the next alternating days~resting on Sunday!
Janice P.
I do 100x Jump and jacks when I take my dogs out to do their business:-). Works well in the week but weekends are sometimes a bit difficult especially if we sleep in and dont wake up the same time as in the week….then I'm less motivated. I do exercise in the afternoons – 3 times a week, that is why I dont do a lot in the morning. Keeping my shoes close to my bed help also.
Waldin Lia C.
I have been doing some yoga and working on my flexibility. It has really helped me with my energy level and mood which is great since I work 12 hour days on my feet. I really want to become more consistent and advance my flexibility.
Silvano A.
Just let it be known I am a teen, however I love to do yoga in the morning because it is a smooth and steady way to wake up the body and the mind whilst stretching out and having a nice time.
Martha E.
I go for short walks in the morning every Monday to Saturday. On weekdays I have a long commute and I walk between 3 buses across town-my total walking time would be 15-20 minutes. On Saturdays I walk around my neighborhood and buy the paper. I don’t exercise on Sunday so I am curious as to how this will work out. I thought I might do Pilates rather than walk. I hope you are going great! Cheers, Linda
Marie W.
I like to walk in the morning-especially outside. I feel more energized and centered when I spend time outdoors. Plus I usually have better commitment in the morning. Makes my whole day better. Staying with habits has been complicated as we have traveled and been on vacation over the last week.
Lisa E.
I have psoriatic arthritis and allergic to all the meds that treat it. Therefore, I am super stiff in the morning. But, I can do planks, stretches, abdominal exercises, work with kettle bells, bands, Swiss ball and spend a short time on the rowing machine. I love the Sun Salutations to wrap it all up.
Then in the afternoon when I can get around better, I walk some solid and loose sand on the beach. Medically, for safety, I'm not allowed to walk more than 5500 steps a day. But, I figure walking on loose sand is a whole lot tougher than road? 😉
Victoria T.
Lately I’ve been giving myself challenges to figure out what I like and what I don’t like. I’m currently doing “The Rock” workout plan (like Dwayne The Rock Johnson). Yeah, THAT guy and HIS workout. It’s honestly been super fun and has motivated me to workout. It’s also helped me learn new workouts so whenever I come to a workout plan that works for me, I can add what I’ve learned to those plans.
Clyde F.
I do yoga for 5 minutes every morning. I'm working back up to 10-15. It really makes a difference in my day if I have stretched and completed my yoga routine in the morning. For other exercise, I do 3 sessions at night after my toddlers are asleep. I alternate between the Fabulous 7 minute HIIT and a 10 minute kettlebell full body routine. Eventually I want to get back to the gym and attend regular Les Mill's Body Pump classes. They are AMAZING.
Clara B.
Just the super basic for now. Stretch. 10 pushups. 20 crunches. 20 squats. I have trouble with trying to change too much at a time and then get frustrated and change nothing. This app is helping me focus on the little things, one by one, and helping me appreciate the little victories. So far so good!
Violeta E.
I do a quick yoga sun salutations routine, or a 15 min HIIT workout. Sometimes just squats and pushups if I'm running short on time. I find I have to be organized the night before to be successful, plus get enough sleep!
Susie S.
I have been using an exercise app called Sworkit which has been helpful. I think a combination of cardio and yoga is a good mix and helps to keep it interesting so I don’t get bored.
Jann F.
I’m just starting out, so I do 10 push-ups. It sounds like nothing, but I’ve always lacked in upper body strength and after two weeks of this, I’ve been able to double my efforts to 20! Eventually I plan to start running, but until then I will encourage myself with small victories.
Ma L E.
Usually people think exercising is time demanding and that's true, it is demanding your time at a greater extent but it is for the betterment of you only. Exercises like cycling, treadmills and power yoga is some of my preferences of exercising on a daily morning routines. One should know the use of investing time in himself.
Rosie W.
I don’t really exercise in the morning, more in the afternoon – I enjoy to take some semi-long walks in my neighborhood…
Georgina P.
I like to stretch in the morning since it doesn't exhaust or strain me too much while also helping to wake me up. Everything is working out great. Water and breakfast were already habits of mine but exercise was one I needed help getting back into. I'm also becoming more aware of what im eating for breakfast.
Calvin Q.
I’ve always hated going to the gym, mainly because of all the fuss around packing a bag and then planning my day around it. I recently purchased a peloton bike and it’s been a game changer! I wake up and do 20 min of stretching/yoga, followed by 30 min cycle ride. I get all the activity I need in under an hour, it’s been so working great so far!
Cathleen J.
I usually do exercises that will get my hear rate up like burpees for example. I like to throw in some push ups and crunches as well, sometimes squats.
Nichal P.
I stretch, or sometimes do 10 minutes of yoga. It's hard to make time because I have to leave for work by 6am and I have a one year old. If she's awake and wants to nurse that comes first. I've tried getting up earlier and that has worked occasionally but the exhaustion from being up at 4am overrides any benefit of the exercise.
Ethan Z.
In the mornings, I love to dance. I always put on my fave mix of kpop and dance the choreography – its so energetic and really wakes me up, keeps me energized and happy for the rest of the day!
T Rkan F.
It varies, I go for a walk/jog outside, I will go to the gym on the treadmill and do some weights, or I will do a yoga video. Consistency is the most difficult so mornings work best for me. How are things going for you?
Janet X.
I actually do 2 sets of 15 sit ups and 2sets of 15 squats, since I’m a big girl it takes me like 13 minutes to finish. And it really does gives me that push to wake up lol
Ottfried J.
I love doing yoga in the morning. The variety yoga offers allows me to start with some easier movements & stretches to get my body warmed up before moving into a more advanced practice.
Marinalva Q.
I use the Down Dog app and set it for 7-8 minutes of yoga, based on preference for target areas to stretch and I love it!
Olinto S.
I stretch, then do push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. As the days and weeks pass I raise the amount of reps and sets. But I believe it’s more important to be consistent and do the workout daily then to raise count fast and end up getting lazy and missing a day because of the increased effort.
Astrid Z.
I'm doing the 7-minute one in the app. I occasionally attend a class at my gym, if I find a good exercise I use that instead of one in the 7-min program. When it gets warmer I hope to go running two mornings a week.
Kasper P.
I walk my dog longer than usual, but sometimes I don’t have time. I haven’t exactly made time to exercise in the morning; I need to get up earlier. Then I won’t be so late sometimes, it’ll feel so great to not feel rushed in the morning. I’m working on going to bed earlier, but I’m not doing it every day yet.
Mary P.
Suria Namascar in 3-5 cycles. Makes me feel good and I don’t need to run or jump, so it’s easier to make myself do it and good morning stretching helps my body to wake up.
Calvin C.
O weekdays I usually do a brief warm up then yoga (Sun salutation) then some stretching. On weekends I go straight for a jogging then finish with a yoga flow.
Alexia Q.
I’m doing yoga each day and running three times a week. Using 30 day challenge videos and the Couch to 5k app and I haven’t missed any sessions because I’m enjoying it so much.
Kylie O.
I have been using the stationary bike in the mornings lately, it’s easy and I can listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Thanks for asking!
Alexandre O.
I alternate body weight with interval training. My goal is 2-3 body weight workouts and 2-3 interval trainings each week.
Kunigunde Q.
I started off doing some dancing to some fun playful songs, then I have tried doing a little push up/sit up/plank routine… and then I did some yoga on the wii! I have the Aaptiv app, so was going to use that for a little morning stretch/yoga too… but I kinda like to mix it up a bit too. So I’ll maybe try Aaptiv tomorrow.
Francyelle F.
I try always to do a 7 minute workout or start with a hard yoga lesson. If I plan myself right, I have a spare time to do a running exercise.