How do you get yourself motivated to go to the gym in the morning/after work?

Owen E.
Hello. Where I live there is no gym. I workout at home at 4 am. Just do not think about it. I like it more at home because you can do what feels good for you. I do not think that it is so much about motivation. It is more about just doing it and ignoring the lazyness and most importantly, being aware of the benefits that you get for a small sacrifice. Good luck
Sans O C.
I usually had someone to help me and tag along with me not like a trainer but a friend and I have an alarm for when I go and if I dont feel like it I put my phone down and breathe for 2 minutes and tell myself to go and keep pushing and I go with a friend
Id Lio C.
I usually work out at home so I just put my mat right beside my bed and say to myself that I should workout now if I want to accomplish my goals, that works for me. If you want to go to the gym I recommend going with someone else so you two get inspired by the other